EXPERTS: Hunter Biden Could Go To Prison

( Exclusive) – Hunter Biden, the younger son of Joe Biden, could soon be facing a very serious legal challenge, as it seems he failed to register as a foreign agent while he conducted business overseas, which just adds another layer to the saga concerning the corrupt deals he made by selling access to his then-vice president father.

This guy has proven that he’s a total screwup in the very worst of ways. Not only is he drugged out and depraved, he’s corrupt politically speaking and has managed to also be a complete and total idiot to boot.

Joe must be very proud.

According to The Western Journal, though the younger Biden did register as a lobbyist for domestic interests, he never registered under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA).

“Experts said this revelation could ultimately send the president’s son to prison as the federal investigation into his finances reaches a “critical stage,” the New York Post reported,” the Western Journal report noted.

“The recent disclosures of additional foreign contacts has only strengthened what was already a strong case,” George Washington University Law Professor Jonathan Turley went on to say concerning Biden’s situation. “Indeed, in the last few weeks, the compelling basis for a FARA charge has become unassailable and undeniable.”

FARA was first established back in 1938 and mandates that individuals who are in a political relationship with “foreign principals” must disclose their “activities, receipts, and disbursements.”

A “foreign principal” is defined as “government officials, foreign corporations, political organizations, influential private interests and more,” according to a report from the New York Post.

“Failure to register with the U.S. government, foreign agents face up to five years in federal prison and a $250,000 fine. Biden could be charged with this indictment and more,” the report continued.

Hunter could also potentially face tax violations and lying about illegally buying a gun, according to Breitbart.

Craig Engle, an expert on FARA, stated that Biden’s “request for U.S. government assistance … would be a FARA registrable event.”

“Given the nature of the client, given the nature of the work and given his relationship with Joe Biden as demonstrated on his calendar, it makes it likely that FARA is part of an investigation,” Engle explained, according to the Post report.

Turley then stated that President Joe Biden was also involved with Hunter’s business dealings.

“The influence peddling schemes directly reference the President and [Joe Biden] is repeatedly cited as a possible recipient of funds,” Turley went on to add.

Over the courses of the last two years, ever since the 2020 presidential election, Hunter Biden’s personal life, along with his shady business deals, have been in the headlines.

Unfortunately, when the now infamous laptop was first discovered and the information proving that he was guilty of influence peddling along with his dad, who was running for president at the time, the story was buried by social media and leftists outlets to prevent the information from reaching the public and dissuading them from voting for the Democratic Party nominee.

“A $9.1 billion deal between Hunter’s partner CEFC China Energy and Russian oil firm Rosneft fell through in 2018, according to the U.K.’s Daily Mail,” the Western Journal reported. “Hunter was also tied to Sinopec, a CCP-owned gas company that bought 950,000 barrels of American oil from the Biden administration in June.”

It’s also been revealed that Hunter paid for his dad’s household expenses while Joe Biden was serving as vice president, according to several text messages that were found on the laptop.

“Though the president’s second son might receive punishment for abuse of the law, one Republican senator expressed his skepticism of the possible FARA charge’s success,” the report explained.

“Unless the person indicted is a Republican, FARA has historically been a difficult law to prosecute and obtain a conviction for,” Republican Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin said when giving comments to the Post.

“My concern is that DOJ will indict Hunter on watered-down charges, and then enter into a plea agreement that includes sealing the records on the case. That would be a travesty, because it would deny the American people of knowing the truth and full extent of Biden family corruption,” he added.

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  1. They will convolute. Make this as complicated as possible. It is a defense technique. You better believe Ol Joe is crapping his pants, (both literally and figuratively speaking I’ve heard from reliable sources in the security sector). Hey, it’s part of the job. Anyway, guilty as hell but unitl the corrupt federal law enforcement agencies are cleaned up who knows.

  2. Well if Hunter goes to prison so should the ‘big’ guy and Hussein Obama too . All three are involved in these schemes. This makes the Clinton’s foundation look like a real church like charity, which we ALL know isn’t true .

  3. The article states HUNTER BIDEN could go to prison, The question is WILL HE?
    They could offer him a deal if he rolls over on the rest of those envolved. Ever wonder whom the BIG GUY IS?HMM


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