EXPOSED: Anti-Musk Campaign Funded By Soros, Clinton, Obama Assets

( Exclusive) – Billionaire Elon Musk has found the best way to scare the pants off the radical left element in this country when he decided to buy out Twitter and started talking about freedom of speech. You see, the radicals in the progressive movement had been relying on the social media platform’s very obvious pro-Democrat slant to help promote their message.

Oh and to slap virtual duct tape over the mouths of those who might, heaven forbid, offer a different view of the issues than the one they “preached” to the masses on the platform every day.

Almost instantly, social media influencers, which is just a nice label for individuals who use these platforms to tell others how and what to think, banded together in order to create a coalition against Musk.

Like it or not, Elon, you’ve now been drafted into the culture war, a battle for the soul of this country and everything it stands for.

According to WND, there was a letter sent to advertisers, under a letterhead listing “+accountabletech,” “Media Matters,” and “ultraviolet,” that issued a warning for them not to be on the site.

“The letter claims that Musk’s acquisition of Twitter ‘will further toxify our information ecosystem and be a direct threat to public safety, especially among those already most vulnerable and marginalized,'” the report said.

The writers of this letter then issued a demand that Twitter “should continue to uphold” the guidelines that they want, which are also being used by many other social media companies.

“Specifically they cite a ban on accounts by those who use ‘hateful’ speech and conduct, which by their definition encompasses speech that raises questions about the accuracy of the 2020 election, points out that men who are born men don’t suddenly become women just because they say so, and suggests shots are not always the answer to COVID-19,” the WND report revealed.

The Daily Mail then went on to explain Musk’s response to the letter, from “26 activist organizations,” was to start asking questions about where the funding for these organizations came from.

Musk is a very, very wise man. You always need to follow the money if you want to get to the bottom of who is responsible for the pushback and what their true intentions are.

The answers to these questions, according to the report, is “an assortment of ‘dark money groups’ like George Soros’s Open Society Foundation’ NGOs founded by former Clinton and Obama administration staffers; wealthy Democrat donors and their family foundations; labor unions; and the governments of European nations.”

“While those complaining about Musk’s plans for free speech claimed that component would be a ‘threat to public safety,’ and would link their companies to ‘hate, extremism, health misinformation, and conspiracy theorists,’ Musk responded with a public comment about who funds the groups, and explained that ‘Sunlight is the best disinfectant,'” WND continued.

He then provided a list of companies that are behind this scheme, which includes Access Now, Accountable Tech, Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, Center for Countering Digital Hate, Empowering Pacific Islander Communities, Face the Music Collective, Fair Vote UK, Free Press, Friends of the Earth, Gender Equity Policy Institute, Glaad, Global Project against Hate and Extremism and Indivisible Northern Nevada.

Almost all of these groups and organizations have aligned their agendas with the left and liberals who have, in recent years, worked hard to wipe out freedom of speech from social media platforms while promoting and pushing their own agendas as the only agenda available, suppressing any ideas that might come into conflict with their own financial interests.

“Other signers included Kairos, Media Matters, MediaJustice, NARAL Pro-Choice America, National Hispanic Media Coalition, Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, Reproaction, Stop Online Violence again Women, Sparrow Project, UltraViolet, Union of Concerned Scientists, V-Day and Women’s Mark,” the report revealed.

The Daily Mail then went on to note that the list of groups are linked to communist billionaire George Soros, along with Clinton’s associates, Obama’s associates and more. Anyone who has been following politics over the course of the last two decades is familiar with Soros and the fact that he has backed almost every major left-wing movement that we’ve witnessed with his vast bank account.

“Among the influencers behind the movement against Musk were David Brock, of Media Matters, the National Education Association, and the American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations,” the report continued.

“The largest donor was identified as Sida, a Swedish government operation, followed by the Open Society Foundations of Soros, a noted leftist who uses millions of dollars each year to fight and undermine conservative causes,” the report added.

The fact that folks might now have the freedom to speak their minds on Twitter, offering possible alternatives to the progressive worldview that these radical progressives are trying to force down on people, is the absolute stuff of nightmares for these people.

Which is a major telegraph on the left, since now we know exactly how to hit them hard, which is the area of freedom of speech. We need to increase pressure on other social media platforms to be more open with speech so that ideas can have room to breathe and these philosophies can then go to war on the battlefield of ideas, which will pull the country out of cultural stagnation as the truth marches forward.

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  1. Obama,soros and Clinton are evil people who will not stop until America is destroyed. When will people realize that Obama, soros and Clinton have a deep seeded hatred for white christen/Jewish Americans. It’s time for the democrat/socialists party to be exposed and destroyed.

  2. Musk has grabbed the tail of the devil’s servants. God will prevail when His timing is set. Soros has stated he does not believe in God. That is to his detriment. Scriptures makes the facts clear. “The fool has said in his heart, there is no God.” So the devils tail is a fool.


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