Fake News Media Praised Houston Man For Waiting Six Hours To Vote In Dem Primary — He’s Been Arrested For Illegal Voting

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – Liberals really don’t like law and order. It’s obvious in almost everything that they do.

Back on March 4th, 2020, the liberal media gushed over 62-year-old Hervis Rogers who stood in line and waited six hours to cast his vote in the 2020 primaries in Texas.

The only problem: Rogers was not legally eligible to vote due to the fact that he was on parole. Oops.

Democrats would prefer we didn’t focus on such things as voter eligibility and election laws. It makes winning so much easier for them. Actually, it makes winning possible. Without breaking laws, Democrats would have an awfully tough time winning any elections at all.

When the story featuring Rogers dropped, the liberal media fawned over him and his dedication to stand in line and wait six hours to vote after having worked all day. They also used it as an opportunity to smear Republicans and white people.

They and Rogers insinuated that the long lines and wait times were planned by Republicans to make minority voters get discouraged and walk away. They claim that lines in white, suburban areas were much shorter while lines in urban areas were too long.

Apparently, they don’t quite grasp the concept that more people live in urban areas rather than suburban and rural areas.

Houston Public Media reported on March 4, 2020 that Rogers “gained national attention through his tenacity at a local polling place, refusing to leave even after others might have: Hervis Rogers was the last man to vote at his Texas Southern University polling place early Wednesday morning, and possibly the last person to cast a ballot in the State of Texas when he did so around 1 a.m.”

The article goes on to applaud Rogers for working two jobs and still standing in line for six hours to vote.

Rogers said the wait was “insane” but that he “wouldn’t feel right” had he not waited and cast his vote.

“I feel like it’s— I voice my opinion, but it don’t feel right if I don’t vote. So I said, ‘I’m going to take a stand and vote. It might make a difference.’”

After already trying two other packed locations, Rogers ended up at Texas Southern University, a historically black college, and said “something came over him” and he decided just to stick it out and vote.

In the end, it turns out Rogers should have turned around and went home. He wasn’t allowed to vote and he knew it. He was still on parole after having been arrested in 1995 and sentenced to 25 years in prison for burglary and intent to commit theft.

As usual, however, liberals love making heroes out of convicts.

According to a report by Your Erie, Rogers has been arrested for illegal voting and was put in jail last Friday.

Last week, he was arrested on two counts of illegal voting, a second-degree felony that carries a possible sentence of 2 to 20 years in prison. His bail was set at $100,000.

Naturally, leftists had a meltdown over Rogers’ arrest and attacked Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton for having the audacity to uphold the law.

Paxton defended the decision, saying, “I prosecute voter fraud everywhere we find it!”

And rightfully so. If you aren’t eligible to vote, don’t go vote. It’s a crime and one that should be prosecuted.

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  1. You can be sure that DNC reps/Kamala Harris will be down to post bail and get this man out so he can vote for Democrats again!!!

  2. chopper so the “justice” the 3 white men in Ohio and Pennsylvania for tRUMP related voter fraud is appropiate to the “justice” the black Texas man is getting?? lets hear you opinion instead of nonsensical rubbish you normally spout. I CHALLENGE YOU TO TO ANSWER WITH A VALID OPINION i doubt you will but lets see if even a deplorable like you can!!!

    • How was pride month Low iq .. did you wear your rainbow panties for husband Andy Morgan Roberts?

    • To me low iq you should be Toothdragger, the queer of all queers . But , if you want to go by idiot it seems more appropriate doesn’t low iq ?

  3. once again chopper you fail to address a question and go to your stand by s more of anti Obama rhetoric and insults just prove just once again how out of touch with reality you are and that you are just a sad little keyboard warrior with no platform other than hate bigotry and racism!!

    • Once again gay boy , why the name change Low iq, you’re only fooling yourself and other losers you know?
      What is reality to queer oBama worshippers like you… more food stamps and welfare ?

  4. Like George Floyd this thug Mervis Roger will have a statue erected for his bravery to lie steal and cheat as any great democrat would .

    • When a communist troll, like this Andrew Morgan Roberts , barks about ‘fake’ news … the magnitude of his ignorance is displayed from a very low intelligence. Commie indoctrination works easily on people like him as well as ‘because’ … they never learned how to think for themselves. Simple minded, petty, lost little sheep.

    • These democrat, commie worshippers aren’t very smart, eh Chopperpilot? Wait till the truth slaps them in the face, and reality shows them how stupid they sound. They’ll be back singing full time in the gay men’s glee club crying in their boyfriend’s lap.

    • The commies like Andrew Morgan Roberts love their hero Obama who is nothing but a fake American supported by the Low iq filth in society. And to read their whines is actually priceless considering their positions on “ reality “ ,which is they hate America and worship the devil himself .

  5. Fake news , haha this website is nothing but 100 percent Fake News
    it’s a complete comedy show written by morons and believed by morons

    • When a communist troll, like this Andrew Morgan Roberts , barks about ‘fake’ news … the magnitude of his ignorance is displayed from a very low intelligence. Commie indoctrination works easily on people like him as well as ‘because’ … they never learned how to think for themselves. Simple minded, petty, lost little sheep.

    • so 2 white men in Pennsylvania and 1 in Ohio commit voter fraud to vote for tRUMP get off scott free and this guy is getting the book thrown at him where is the justice???

    • Low iq speaks the same nonsense over and over again , but what can one expect from some queer oBama worshipper with shit for brains ?


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