Fauci’s SICK Past Uncovered. WARNING: It’s Gross

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – Well, you probably don’t need another reason to dislike Dr. Anthony Fauci, due to all of the missteps he’s taken during the coronavirus pandemic, not to mention the evidence piling up that he likely funded the same lab that created and allowed the virus out in the public, but we have more you can put on the list.

Apparently, new documentation has surfaced that shows the NIAID, the organization that Fauci runs, spent close to half a million dollars, money from taxpayers, to help pay for experiments carried out on dogs, despite the fact the research had already been done.

According to Gateway Pundit, “The White Coat Waste Project used the Freedom of Information Act to uncover disturbing documents that detailed how Fauci and the NIAID, in an effort to test the effectiveness of drug treatment, intentionally infested healthy beagles with flies that were carrying disease-causing parasites.”

“The records detail how the once-healthy dogs ‘vocalized in pain’ throughout the abuse and suffered for months before being euthanized, some were even bitten to death by the parasites,” the report continues.


Here’s where things get very disturbing. If the dogs endured the tests and the researchers no longer had use for the animals, they killed them.

“Multiple other scientists have admitted that the experiment was completely unnecessary, pointing to the fact that this research had been extensively performed on other animals,” the report added.

So Fauci not only abused these poor animals and then senselessly murdered them, but he also wasted $400,000 in taxpayer dollars along with it. This man is not right in the head, folks. Not at all.

The White Coast Waste Project made an appearance on Fox News to talk about the discoveries they made in their FOIA request:

“Justin Goodman, a WCW Project vice president, told Domenech that the testing was likely a case of “not following the science”, adding that the FDA reportedly has said testing on canines isn’t always compatible to human-drug interactions,” the report said.

“The EPA and the VA have ended dog testing,” he went on to say.

Lara Logan, host of Fox Nation, and a dog owner who had her own pet, Honey, seated on her lap.

“We know these things happen, but should they be happening with taxpayer money? Dr. Fauci is increasingly becoming Dr. Evil. Over and over again, the decisions that he made that have just destroyed millions of lives all over the world are becoming more apparent by day,” Logan said.

“We still don’t know so much about what he’s doing. We don’t know what they’re doing at the NIH with animals. We don’t know what research they’re funding with gain of function,” the host stated.

And this isn’t the first time we’ve found out about some of the unethical and abusive experiments carried out under Fauci’s watch. Back in 2016, WCW revealed that the NIH was actually funding some similar experiments where they bought beagle puppies and strapped capsules of infected flies to their skin (screen shot here).

“The group also exposed how Fauci’s 2021 taxpayer-funded budget for conducting his ‘research’ is $6 billion, and that “roughly half,” and likely more, will be used for experimenting on animals,” the report continued.

Let’s not forget that extremely disturbing experiment where Fauci had his people grafting human fetus cells on living mice.

How is this man allowed to do this stuff? It’s sickening to say the least. Someone who can harm animals like this has no value for life. Imagine how little he really cares about human life?

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  1. They have no time to investigate him. They are still trying to impeach President Trump and remove him from office. But now that the animal experiments are complete it is time to move on to human experiments. I assume Fauci will be the first to volunteer. If not, I, myself will volunteer him. Begin by cutting his vocal cords as I do not think he will go quietly.

  2. Where the hell is PETA on this? They bitch about everything else. Oh that’s right they’re liberals and on the take just like the trash in Washington and California. OK for animals to die in Cailfornia fires because of power companies and liberal governor and mayors, but it’s OK because it’s well, California. All the rats in Washington should feel the pain they cause!


  4. I believe exposure to solderimg irons, at various spots on Fauci’s anatomy, the insertion of hot sewing needles under several fingernails and rapid separation of the raemaining nails as well should suffice for beginning punishment.

  5. Infesting beagles with parasites. This man is obviously not right in his head. We are also told it wasn’t necessary – where is PETA on this. So he teams up with China to develop a strain of virus capable of killing millions of people. Seeing what side of the political isle he belongs to who was the target of this ‘kill millions’ virus intended for.

    • Fauci needed to torture innocent animals to satisfy his Frankenstein, depopulation, ghoulish ambitions … democrats didn’t qualify as Guinea pigs in this case due to their lack of any functioning brain material. Fauci is one, soulless, SICK POS … where have all the Oswald’s gone?

  6. Those Btards with Turtle McCantdo and 16 other RINOs passed the FAKE Infrastructure Bill which has nothing to do with Infrastructure but more taxes and restrictions on our Constitutional Rights, Everyone of them who voted for this POS bill needs a Hemp Necktie.

    • I said he always looked like the Nazi Dr from all the war movies. Never trusted him from the beginning. There’s abundance of proof and he lied several times under oath yet he’s free. There’s only a few republicans wanting to hold him accountable. Rand Paul is great! We all know if he was Republican he’d be in jail. The story forgot about his AIDS experiment where he killed several foster kids. He also wasn’t remorseful at all. Sick SOB

  7. Beginning to look a lot like Germany in the late 30tys. The Chinese were given tax payers money to open Pandoras box. Now this pseudo doctor is beaming about the Chinese vaccine being certified by our drug agency. I believe it’s about 65 percent effective. Looks like the poison and antidote were made in the same factory. The Chinese vaccine makers under the control of the CCP are supplying many nations with the chit. Win win for China and The Democommie party.

  8. There are a number of things which I might contemplate doing to Fauci, none of them pleasant; however, killing him is not a viable option for the obvious reasons. What to do? Oh, yeah! Screw his life up to the point that he wishes I HAD killed him! There are ways, and then there are WAYS!

  9. This mans a disgrace and should b fully disqualified for anything to do with medicine. He should b behind bars for life. He’s a charlatan!

  10. Why this mans word is still held up as the GOSPEL for this VIRUS is beyond me, I personally think PRESIDENT TRUMP should have sent him packing, Maybe the criminal investigation RAND PAUL sent to the DOJ will get him the investigation he deserves, However since he is obviously a DEMOCRAT we should not hold our breath DEMOCRATS HAVE AN IMMUNITY FROM INVESTIGATIONS OR PROSECUTIONS.

    • The DOJ will never prosecute him. I think Trump wanted to send him packing and he stopped putting him on much towards the end. He said he disagreed several times. If Trump wins in 2024 he’s gone.
      Fauci’s the one who is exasperating this virus for the benefit of the democrats. He and Burke were big contributors for Clinton. I believe the democrats along with China purposely set this free. They couldn’t beat Trump and they can keep using it. They already said it has 7 variants. People who believe his BS are real idiots!

  11. they all need to be treated the way they treated thoughs dogs,especially fauci and i would never call that bastard a doctor.he got his degree out of a box of cracker jacks.

  12. I FIRMLY believe that Dr. Fungus’s intentions are much worse that even this article suggests. I believe that he is out to control ANYBODY not on the same page with a New World Order. “HE”,,,, wants to be the NWO SG.

  13. Fauci has not only done this to dogs but has been doing instrumental in doing it to humans. Many have died since Fauci and the democrats dismissed and black balled the medicines that would have saved lives. Our own democratic party is bringing in to our country covid and other diseases and subjecting citizens to thousands of illegals being dropped into communities without notice carring covid. This is criminal. Then to insult us to a greater extent they tell us we have to submit our children to additional masks in school and possibly face more lock downs and mandate us to have a vaccination for a disease they, the democrats , are imposing on us.

    There are no words for the contempt and distain for the falseness and deceit the democrats have imposed after the massive voter fraud that put a mentally deficient president in office. Biden confessed prior to the election to Obama’s far reaching voter fraud for the up coming election of 2020. Thousands saw his interview and confession. He should be removed from the WH in shame and in hand cuffs.

    • You’ll get no argument from my ass bro,,,, let’s all concentrate on absolutely SQUASHING the democRATic party next midterms and THEN carry out a mass clean-up of “The Hill”. We’ll have more clout/power then. Just like they’re doing it….

    • Hopefully the republicans get in and first agenda should be impeachment of Biden then Harris then Pelosi. All are true impeachment’s.


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