Fired CNN Host Brian Stelter Gets New Job

( Exclusive) – Well, it seems that former CNN pundit Brian Stelter has managed to somehow land on his feet after he was booted from the network, having snagged a position as a fellow at Harvard, which goes to show that even the ivy league has completely lost all of its standards concerning professionalism and integrity.

According to a news story from the New York Post, Stelter shared the scoop about his new job on social media, saying that he would now be a part of the Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy at Harvard’s Kennedy School sometime this fall. So now Stelter will directly be involved in the indoctrination process for future generations of progressives. Oh joy.

“Personal news: I’m joining the @ShorensteinCtr at Harvard Kennedy School,” Stelter posted in a tweet. “This fall I’ll be the Walter Shorenstein Media and Democracy Fellow, convening discussions, some of which will be live-streamed. Grateful to @nancygibbs and her team for the home!”

Stelter “will convene a series of discussions about threats to democracy and the range of potential responses from the news media” at the school, according to Harvard. Oh good grief. Doesn’t the left get it? They are the threat to democracy. Also, we aren’t a democracy. We’re a republic. We don’t believe in mob rule. For some reason, you can’t get that through the heads of folks on the progressive side of the spectrum.

“Stelter, who was ousted last month amid sweeping changes at the cable news network, wrote on social media that some of the discussions will be live-streamed — taking on a similar format as his former CNN show. He also thanked Nancy Gibbs, the director of the center, and a storied former editor in chief of Time magazine, for the opportunity,” the report said.

“Stelter was left flat-footed last month when he was fired by CNN boss Chris Licht, who is in the process of re-centering the network’s programing away from left-leaning punditry and toward middle-of-the-road fact-based reporting,” the NY Post said.

“Stelter’s show ‘Reliable Sources,’ which aired on Sundays at 11 a.m., was meant to offer a critical view of how the media covered big news events and politics. Some critics said it devolved into a show bashing Fox News, the Hunter Biden laptop scandal and former President Donald Trump without taking a critical look at liberal media bias,” the NY Post reported.

It seems the new management at CNN is wanting to overhaul the network, which has been tanking for many years now due to it’s unbelievably left-wing bias, returning the news outlet back to the days when they objectively covered the facts of a story and allowed the viewing public to draw their own conclusions, rather than trying to shove propaganda down their throats.

Let’s hope that maybe, just maybe, that actually happens. We need more objective reporting.

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