Five Rural Counties In Oregon Vote To Secede From The Democrat-Controlled State And Join Idaho

( Exclusive) – Democrats are ruining the United States of America and freedom-loving Americans are downright sick of it.

The US is truly more divided than it’s ever been, at least since the Civil War. There has been talk about states like Texas seceding from the Union and a resolution has even been passed in the Longhorn State that would eventually put the question on the ballot for voters to decide.

That’s exactly what happened in Oregon a few months ago. Several rural counties kicked off their effort to leave the far-left state and become part of Idaho.

Now their determination to leave Oregon has been made official as these 5 counties have successfully voted to leave the state and join their neighbor. While this isn’t official yet it sure is a strong start and the first instance of a successful vote for secession.

Oregon is a vastly rural state and those that live in the eastern part of the state are tired of being associated and ruled by the far-left politics of the west, where Portland is.

According to The Hill, voters in Malheur, Sherman, Grant, Baker and Lake counties all voted Tuesday to approve measures that would require county officials to take steps to promote moving the Idaho border west to incorporate their counties.

Last year, two other counties’ voters approved similar measures to join Idaho.

These local measures are being backed by a local organization called Move Oregon’s Border for a Greater Idaho. Their objective is to grow Idaho west and south and even as far as some Northern counties in California.

“This election proves that rural Oregon wants out of Oregon. If Oregon really believes in liberal values such as self-determination, the Legislature won’t hold our counties captive against our will,” said conservative activist Mike McCarter, who heads the group. “If we’re allowed to vote for which government officials we want, we should be allowed to vote for which government we want as well.”

Radical liberals in Oregon have been ignoring the rural communities in the state for years. Not only that but their tax dollars are going to support liberal causes that they don’t agree with.

It was only a matter of time before rural and conservative communities around the US began taking action to remove themselves from Democrat strongholds.

Should the vision of Greater Idaho become a reality, we expect their population to boom as conservatives across the country are fleeing blue states where tyranny and socialism are being pushed and personal freedoms and liberties squashed.

The radical left is leaving Americans with no choice, especially since the rigged election. Americans are feeling hopeless and for many in blue states, there doesn’t seem to be any hope.

Democrat-led legislatures are blindly falling in line with the radical left, globalist agenda and clearly have no regard for the rights and freedoms of Americans as granted to us by the US Constitution.

These are scary times we are living in. Good for the people in rural Oregon for taking matters into their own hands.

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  1. The Union is not likely or compelled to accept the idea of ghettoed zones of the Nation. Even the acted on proposal of Sovereign Indian reservations has had mixed results.

  2. It bears remembering, the land that a states inhabitants stand on is not their personal property to reallot simply because they stand on it. It is all US territory, some of which the Federal government has determined cooperatively to recognize as under state governance, with the political privileges, and responsibilities commensurate.
    That also means that folks cannot unilaterally decide to change the arrangement without state and federal consent. That experiment was tried in the 1860s, and it failed.

  3. I live in Florida and now see many California license plates
    I hope they have left there left wing bs in CA., they destroyed their state, hope they don’t try destroying fla.

    • The freakazoids that heard the cattle call to ‘come to Californe’ in the 1960s are the license plate owners you see now in Florida. They took their left wing BS with them when they left for easier pickings.

  4. same counties that backed obama
    and hillary to sell uranium rich counties out to russia and kill the protesters in baker who were try to tell the people what was going on, but they just let the feds and state murder them like they do know by letting the protesters burn down the cities and beat people, I do not want them belonging to Idaho


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