Fully Vaxxed Former CNN Contributor Marc Lamont Hill Suffers Heart Attack

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – Former CNN commentator Marc Lamont Hill recently suffered from a heart attack that ended up getting him hospitalized where they discovered he was suffering from deep vein thrombosis and blood clots in his lungs. This man is only 42-years-old.

According to reports from Gateway Pundit, on Wednesday of this week, Hill went on to slam Orlando Magic player Jonathan Isaac for being so outspoken about his decision not to get the COVID vaccine.

“This sounds smart to people who don’t know things,” Hill went on to say in his comment about Isaac’s decision.

Then, on Wednesday, Marc Lamont Hill, who is fully vaccinated, revealed that he had a heart attack and was suffering from deep vein thrombosis, which resulted in a pulmonary embolism.

“I am home and recovering after a rough week. After my successful Achilles surgery on Friday, I was rushed to the ER on Saturday after suffering a mild heart attack. Turns out that I had DVT (deep vein thrombosis), which caused a pulmonary embolism. Blood clots nearly completely blocked my lungs, preventing blood flow to my heart. The doctors told me that I was VERY lucky not to have died. Fortunately, I received EXCELLENT medical care from the team at Temple University Hospital. The doctors accurately assessed my condition and removed the clots. My body is worn out and sore but I couldn’t feel more grateful to be alive and on the path to full recovery. Please listen to your bodies. If something feels off, GO TO THE DOCTOR. Don’t worry about seeming like a pain or a hypochondriac. JUST GO. Thanks to everyone who helped, or offered to help, during this terrifying time. I’m blessed with amazing friends, wonderful family, and plenty of unmerited grace and mercy.” Hill stated in a post published on his Instagram account (view here).

On Thursday, Hill stated that the idea he developed the blood clots from the COVID vaccine was “ridiculous and completely baseless.”

Hill went on to say that the cause of his deep vein thrombosis and the blood clots in his lungs were from an Achilles rupture. “This is an extremely common outcome for such injuries,” the former CNN commentator said.

And it’s not just “anti-vaxxers” who are stating that the COVID-19 vaccine is dangerous. A recent report that was published by Infowars went into detail about an undercover video that was put out by Project Veritas featuring two Johnson & Johnson officials openly admitting that children should not be given the vaccine due to the potential long-term side effects.

“It’s a kid, you just don’t do that, you know? Not something that’s so unknown in terms of repercussions down the road, you know?” Regional Business Lead Brandon Schadt told a PV journalist.

“It’s a kid, it’s a f***ing kid, you know? They shouldn’t have to get a fucking [COVID] vaccine, you know?” he continued.

Scientist Justin Durrant also said, “it wouldn’t make that much of a difference” in helping to end the pandemic if kids are vaccinated or not.

Durrant went a step further than Schadt and said that no one should take his employer’s vaccine.

“Don’t get the Johnson & Johnson [COVID vaccine], I didn’t tell you though,” he stated.

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  1. Karma is a bitch. And then you have a heart attack. Let’s wait hoy have a stroke next. I don’t want you to die. I rather see you struggling for many years to come where you need to ask for help to wipe your anus.

  2. Pretty low on my list of things I care about…………. though I will be glad to read his obituary and remember all the hateful things he has said about Trump and white people.
    It never dawned on me that I was a racist— until I found out that people who brush their teeth every day—- are racist and cannot do anything about it.
    I brush my teeth— what is left of them— at least twice a day or more.
    I guess my his reasoning— I must be a KKK member.

  3. Glad he had access to medical care. Some people don’t anymore because of the medical conditions that didn’t enable them to wear a mask. No mask, no in-person healthcare. See how that works? He’s not in great shape, but he’s lucky. I hope he realizes that.

  4. Call it karma
    Marc Hill has very good insurance which MANY DO NOT HAVE!!!!!!
    He needs to keep his mouth close before chastising others
    Quit finger pointing
    You will not be alright after this one health breakdown
    Goes like dominoes, one falling after another
    You are NOT in the medical profession
    You are in the LIP SERVICE BUSINESS of spewing junk news according to your opinion, words cannot be retrieved ones it passes those lips

  5. I am a medical person, an RN and I know that the vaccine can cause blood clots, Marc, you are a tv commentator.

    • Oh, but DOCTOR Marc has spoken! We’re not following the science!
      Um, yeah Marc we are. Which is why it’s pretty clear what caused your clots.
      But, you go ahead and keep denying the obvious, until it ends you.

  6. Two comments that Mr. Hill made prove he is an ideologue.

    1) “This is an extremely common outcome for such injuries.” (saying it can happen due to surgery would be appropriate. “Extremely common” is nonsense)
    2) “I’m seeing videos and tweets from anti-vaxers saying that I developed blood clots from the vaccine. This is ridiculous and completely baseless.” (With very little research you can find that blood clots can be a side affect of the vaccine. His comment, “Completely baseless”, shows that he is committed to the progressive talking points.

    I have pretty much always believed the opposite of what ever Mr. hill says. This just proves that he is either dishonest or in denial.

    I can’t imagine that when he is all alone with his thoughts that he has to be wondering if he did the right thing by being vaccinated.

    A COVID VAX!?????

    • The shots were the water shots that are used during the trials of be coming a nurse, doctor, lab tech, etc….
      Hurts cause it has a point to break the skin

  8. Fully Vaxxed Former CNN Contributor 42 year old, Marc Lamont Hill Suffers Heart Attack, Blood Clots, DVT and pulmonary embolism, pretends that it wasn’t from the Covid Vax’s he received. This sounds stupid to people who know things. Jus Sayin…

    • Lying to himself
      What else is he lying to??
      All those near and dear to him?
      Spots did not change much either

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