George Soros To Buy Bankrupt Media Company

( Exclusive) – If you weren’t clear on the fact that George Soros is trying to take over the world, here’s yet another sign.

The Soros Fund Management (SFM) along with other investors, are set to purchase Vice Media for around $225 million after the media company filed for bankruptcy on Monday.

Soros has long been a villainous figure in the shadows of American politics. While he’s been more visible than other nefarious entities and figures such a Black Rock and Vanguard, he’s still a mysterious individual to many Americans.

The Austrian billionaire has made it his hobby to meddle in and manipulate the politics of countries all around the world. He’s had his sights set on the US for quite some time and his Open Society Foundations should tell you exactly why.

He’s a globalist and wants a one-world, centralized government.

He’s been buying District Attorneys in the US for years and dumping millions into our elections, all of which benefits those on the left. Now, he’s acquiring a media outlet.

The digital media company was once valued at $5.7 billion, but is now relying on funds from bidders to continue operations until its sale is finalized in the next two to three months, according to a Monday press release.

Given the American people’s propensity for the truth, it’s not exactly surprising that Vice Media is going under. They’re an unashamed leftist organization. A perfect fit for Soros. SFM is the principal asset manager for the Open Society Foundations.

Vice filed for bankruptcy on Monday morning after several years of financial troubles and high turnover among leadership. Fortress Investment Group and Monroe Capital are taking over Vice jointly with SFM, though the deal is not set in stone and the company could go to a higher bidder if one should emerge.

As per Vice, “VICE has taken on a series of high-profile investments at large valuations over the years. These investments allowed the company to expand, but ultimately created a list of companies expecting a return on their investment. This included private equity firm TPG, which gave the company $450 million in 2017 to expand its VICE TV offerings and expand internationally. The company has also taken high-profile investments from A&E Networks, Disney, and Fox.”

“This accelerated court-supervised sale process will strengthen the company and position VICE for long-term growth, thereby safeguarding the kind of authentic journalism and content creation that makes VICE such a trusted brand for young people and such a valued partner to brands, agencies and platforms,” Bruce Dixon and Hozefa Lokhandwala, Vice’s co-chief executives, said in its press release. “We will have new ownership, a simplified capital structure and the ability to operate without the legacy liabilities that have been burdening our business. We look forward to completing the sale process in the next two to three months and charting a healthy and successful next chapter at VICE.”

Vice Media owns Vice News, Vice TV, Refinery29 and Motherboard, but has stated “substantially all” of its international holdings weren’t part of the company’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing.

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  5. Whatever I said is the truth. I saw an interview years ago where he admitted helping the Nazis and the interviewer ask him if he regretted it and he said well if I didn’t do it then someone else would have done it so I don’t regret it.

  6. America needs to deport this horrible man. He was a young Jewish man in Nazi Germany and was part of the confiscation of the Jewish peoples money and valuables for the Nazis, as the Jewish people were being sent to the death camps, where millions were murdered. You can’t get only more evil than that. The Jews in Congress have been taking millions from him for their election funds for years. That says a lot about them.


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