Georgia State Rep: “I Think We Can Ask For Our 16 Electoral College Votes Back And Park’em Here…”

( Exclusive) – The American government has been hijacked by radicals. The 2020 election was rigged and stolen from the American people in several states and now an entire fraudulent regime has been installed.

The only people who will be able to save America now are Americans. It will be through pressure and activism that we bring about the change America so desperately needs.

Now that President Trump is back in the public eye doing rallies again, hopefully it will inspire Americans to rally together and demand election audits state-by-state.

Women for America First held a rally for this purpose on Monday in Alpharetta, Georgia. It was, as you can expect, well-attended and highly successful.

Georgia radio host John Fredericks attended and sat down for an interview with Georgia State Representative Brandon Beach during the event.

Rep. Beach talked about how the Georgia audit process will go once it gets started and what will happen if they find evidence of widespread fraud like many expect.

Beach surmised, “I think it’s going to be so overwhelming in Fulton, I think it’s going to be anywhere from 17 to 34 thousand ballots it’s going to tell the story… Then I think we can ask for our 16 electoral college votes back and park’em here…”

Fredericks asked, “So you have the authority to just basically decertify your 16 electoral votes? Don’t give them to Trump, just park them here?”

Beach then explained, “Bring’em back and park’em in Georgia, and then if Arizona would do that, and if a couple of other states did that and it got below 270, then the 12th Amendment would kick in and Congress would have to act.”

It’s encouraging to hear an elected official discuss the outcome of finding fraud via an audit. So far, it’s been hard to believe that anything will be done but now we see that there are options.

When the fraud is discovered, states need to decertify their electoral votes and keep them until Congress does their job.

Now we have even more reason to suspect fraud in Georgia. The very same SQL software found on voting machines in Michigan and Pennsylvania is likely also on the voting machines in Arizona and Georgia.

The Epoch Times wrote an article earlier this month on an Election System Analysis performed on Fulton County Pennsylvania voting systems by Wake Technology Services, Inc. (“Wake TSI”).

The report they compiled exposed the presence (screen shot here) of Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) on the Dominion Election Management System (EMS) server.

From Wake TSI’s report, “Dominion has installed the Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) on the server. This software is not part of the EAC (Election Assistance Commission) certified configuration and makes the system certification invalid.”

Wake TSI noted that there is “no valid reason” for the software to be installed on the system and that the presence “allows any user with access to change and manipulate the EMS databases without logging [recording] to the Database, EMS, or [operating system] logfiles.”

This very same software has been uncovered by Antrim County, Michigan attorney Matthew DePerno’s team and is likely on the systems in Arizona and Georgia.

The entire 2020 presidential election was corrupt and fraudulent. It’s time for Americans to get serious about demanding audits which will ultimately lead to the decertifying of electoral votes just like Beach explained on Monday.

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Overturn The Election

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  1. You guys have literally no idea of how constitutional law works, do you? Even if fraud WERE found (which there won’t be, because it doesn’t exist), there’s NO provision in constitutional law for “re-instating” a president. You guys have missed your date of the 6th (7th in 2021 because of the Insurrection) of January to bring up anything. You all are simply chasing dreams at this point.

  2. Mike Pence had that constitutional responsibility and opportunity , but he didn’t . He would have saved America and
    Americans a lot of grief if he would have done his job.

    • He DID his job. He sided with his country. Sorry you are a traitor to America and her constitution. We saw how that ended…the 600 arrested so far are finding it a tad bit of problem. Traitors are NOT forgiven and Trump will never be forgiven, forgotten nor will he be ANYTHING but abhorred for his hate of America.

    • Your hero oBama is traitor and hates America . I done see any apologies for his crimes 2stupidanmore.

  3. What a welcome day it will be when dementia joe and his fraudulent, communist party freaks get tossed out in total shame, and humiliation … with every illegal document, and regulation he signed shoved right up jackass joe’s a$$, and nullified.

    • ok 8 months after election so where is the “FRAUD” i keep asking and no one on this site can state any so lets try again so where is the “fraud” lets hear it!!!

    • Awww, sorry that you are now being held responsible for the crimes against your country. 600 Plus more arrests coming….must suck to be a CONservative that wiped feces all over the walls of your Capital….like little apes that have no control over their feelings or brains.


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