Gutfeld Ends Colbert’s Smug Run Of Mocking The Burning Of Fox Christmas Tree

( Exclusive) – Stephen Colbert is really just not a funny guy yet somehow he’s been hosting late night television for quite sometime now. Ever since late night shows have gone political, they’ve become virtually unwatchable.

On Wednesday night, Colbert’s opening monologue proved why nobody watches late night TV anymore. He went on and on and on with glee about Fox News’ Christmas tree being burnt down.

In a truly classless act, he made all manner of jokes and mocked Fox News personalities over the 50-foot tree being set on fire in New York City, which could have turned into a very serious situation.

He also made fun of the burning tree on social media where he said, “Flaming Christmas Tree just got its own show on Fox News!”

Greg Gutfeld wasted no time responding to Colbert with a perfectly executed burn. In direct response to Colbert’s tacky post, Gutfeld wrote, “And it’s already beating you in the ratings.”


Colbert incessantly mocked Fox News over the Christmas tree incident on his late night show Wednesday night despite the fact that Fox News dominates ratings and Gutfeld’s show has even, at times, done better than Colbert’s trash talk show.

“The Christmas lights are burning bright especially over at Fox News headquarters, where last night the Fox News Christmas tree was set on fire…thankfully, no one was hurt…Of course, this would never have happened if the tree had a gun,” Colbert said at the beginning of the set to which the audience laughed heartily.

How sad that so many people are so brain-dead they actually think that’s funny.

Colbert continued on, mocking Fox & Friends hosts, specifically for saying “it’s beginning to look like arson.” He then made the world cringe with a parody performance of “It’s Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas.”

“It’s beginning to look a lot like arson, everywhere you go,” he sang. “Take a look at the tree and then, the flames are roaring once again, [Steve] Doocy, stop, drop, roll.”

Gutfeld wasn’t the only one who took issue with Colbert and the left’s joy at seeing the Fox News’ Christmas tree on fire. Former NYC resident Meghan McCain wrote about the left’s response to the news in her Daily Mail column:

It is also interesting to note how so many people seemed to take extra enjoyment from knowing it was the Fox News Christmas tree. Even the New York Times headline said ‘Fox News Christmas Tree Catches Fire in Manhattan,’ like it somehow spontaneously combusted. It reminds me of the ‘mostly peaceful’ protesting headlines and chyrons on cable news while entire buildings were set in flames behind broadcasters last summer.

Thanks to New York’s absurdly liberal catch-and-release policies, the suspect accused of starting the fire proclaimed his innocence and was set free after his arraignment less than 24-hours after the incident. The fire reportedly caused around $500,000 in damages outside the Fox News’ midtown-Manhattan studios.

Many on social media seemed to agree with Gutfeld and McCain and found Colbert’s not-so-funny monologue to be in bad taste and not very amusing:

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