HERE WE GO! Democrat NJ Senate President Won’t Concede To Republican Truck Driver — Says “12,000 Ballots Recently Found In One County”

( Exclusive) – For anyone who thought the Democratic Party’s shenanigans in the 2020 presidential race last year was over and that our elections would once again return to being fair and free, this next story is going to smack you out of the fantasyland you’re living in and bring you all the way back down to earth, where things aren’t going so hot right now.

According to a brand new report from Gateway Pundit, New Jersey Senate President Steve Sweeney is refusing to concede the race to the Republican truck driver who shocked the whole country by beating him in Tuesday’s election.

The truck driver, Edward Durr, only spent $6,000 on the race and managed to defeat the incumbent. And as you can clearly see, that was not at all part of the original plan the Democrats had for this race, which is why they are now working hard to steal it back from Durr.

A report from left-wing Politico is saying that Sweeney is refusing to concede the race.

“The results from Tuesday’s election continue to come in, for instance there were 12,000 ballots recently found in one county,” Sweeney went on to say in an email sent to POLITICO. “While I am currently trailing in the race, we want to make sure every vote is counted. Our voters deserve that, and we will wait for the final results.”

“Sweeney, who as Senate president is the state’s second-most powerful elected official, was down more than 2,000 votes to Durr, a truck driver who says he spent less than $10,000 on the race,” the report said.

It’s all happening again, folks. This is why so many Americans have joined the fight to preserve election integrity. If we allow the Democratic Party to get away with cheating once, they will do everything in their power to cheat every time so they can permanently stay in power.

This would allow them to overwhelm the current governmental system, crash it, and rebuild it according to Marx’s design. We cannot allow that to happen. We must pressure our leaders at the state and local level to investigate any and all accusations of voter fraud, and if there is any discovered, legislation must be created to stop it from happening again.

Another report from GP reveals some details about this modern-day political David versus Goliath story. Apparently, Durr had been driving a commercial truck for a furniture company for 25 years and has zero political experience. He had a very slim budget to work with in the election, spending mere pennies, and somehow defeating Sweeney.

“The most impressive part of it all – He spent just $153 on his entire campaign! About half of that total was spent on business cards and fliers and the rest was spent on Dunkin Donuts for his campaign staff and volunteers – Now THAT’S efficient,” the report says.

“Sweeney, the powerful democrat incumbent, is the longest-tenured senate president in NJ history and was considered a strong candidate for the governor’s seat in 2025, but that was before a newcomer with no political experience created a perfect storm that seems to have taken him down. Durr was largely written off as having no chance against the political ‘kingpin’ and his bid for a seventh term. His upset deals a heavy blow to Sweeney’s hopes of becoming the head of the Garden State in the next election cycle,” the report says.

“Durr was in shock on Wednesday as the results kept rolling in. His campaign was essentially an afterthought when he announced he was running and most people outside of South Jersey had never heard of him, but that did not stop him. Durr laced up his shoes, put on some jeans, and hit the doors in his community one by one,” the report continues.

Even after the race, Durr was still in shock about the whole thing.

“It was the perfect storm that took place. It wasn’t just one thing but a multitude of everything,” he said, going on to add, “I joked with people and I said, I’m going to shock the world. I’m going to beat this man.”

“I was saying it, but really kind of joking. Because what chance did a person like me really stand against this man? He is literally the second most powerful person in the state of New Jersey,” he continued.

“We kept saying: ‘What if? What if? What if?’ It got a little more real each hour. I was shocked by the numbers they sent me,” he concluded.

Durr has described himself as being a “constitutionalist” and a “blue collar worker.”

He’s not doing this to be famous or to amass power for himself, but, he says, simply to provide better representation for the people in his area.

Refreshing, right?

We already know 56 voting machines were shut down in the state and that mysterious ballots suddenly started leaking in for the gubernatorial race. Seems like the Democrats are up to their old tricks again.

Let’s hope the left does not get away with any attempts to steal this victory.

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  1. This the day of the computer so why does it take days and late hours to count. I remember without computer and when computers were first used the voting still was done by bed time, 1am or 12 am. Voting date was really voting day, not forever voting days. How come the computers of today can’t finish the voting until late in the morning but only days later.

  2. The auditing should be done immediately and look at the votes that came in late. That pushing a button doesn’t work after so much pushing. That’s why I don’t like using that push buttons for anything. Use paper and put the paper into the machine and let the machine record the votes. If the voting doesn’t end by a reasonable time take the paper votes and count them and look at the paper to make sure it was only voted once and signatures match, etc. etc.

  3. FOLKS this just proves the point we cant give up or give in to the loons on the left we can still take our country back we just have to get involved and support candidates that believe as we do. It is easy to become discouraged thats what the left wants us to do, But we must continue to fight all across the country. Our MID-TERM ELECTIONS are more important this election cycle than ever before, The only want to stop BIDEN and the Progressive/ Socialist agenda is to take away their support all across the nation that includes County, State,City and Federal elections, The Democrats of today are nothing like the Democrats of yesterday they are completely out of touch with the American people and they must be removed from office. longevity
    in office is NO REASON to reelect someone Thats the problem most if not all have been in power too long already and its time to remove them, They have forgotten who they represent, We dont serve them they serve at our will and its time to send them home and that includes both Political Parties. It is and always will be America and the American people first . Our political leaders dont seem to understand that, We must remind them by sending them home. We need TERM LIMITS, But our elected officials will NEVER VOTE themselves out of a job so we must do it for them by not reelecting them.

  4. The Democrats can only win by Cheating. They are so hated by the Majority of Americans and Joe and Friends including psaki are absolute LIARS delux. So disliked. They needs to all go now.

    • Cheating folks out of their money and property is their specialty you know … how else can they survive ?

  5. How convenient! the demonrats always see to “find” missing ballots when they are needed. should be investigated and hopefully the guilty parties will be prosecuted for election tampering and fraud.


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