History Made: Huge Preliminary Report Expected Monday In Arizona When True Number Of Ballot Totals Announced

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – Just like that, the historic Arizona audit has completed the hand count of ballots and the paper evaluation of the ballots as of Friday.

The audit, which was long anticipated and viciously opposed by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors along with Democrats and RINOs alike, is now nearly complete and Veterans Memorial Coliseum will be vacated.

The audit workers are now going to be preparing a report to deliver to the Arizona Senate and we can expect the results to be explosive.

Audit Update: Paper examination and counting are finished today. Thank you to all the amazing Arizona volunteers who made this audit possible!


As the Gateway Pundit has reported, the next steps involve a possible preliminary report which will detail the number of certified ballots and expose how many fraudulent ballots were uncovered via the audit.

This could come as early as Monday and would be released to the state Senate.

However, auditors aren’t quite finished with the inspection yet. They still have to review and investigate what audit liaison Ken Bennett has referred to as “anomalies” such as 52 ballots coming from one two-bedroom apartment.

They’ll also be reviewing the forensic images of the ballots and a full detailed report will be forthcoming, however it could be up to 8 more weeks before we see that.

In the meantime, we could know on Monday the true number of legal ballots that were cast in Maricopa County, one of the largest counties in the entire country.

If the results of the audit are drastically different from that of the certified election results, as we are all expecting will be the case, there could be severe consequences for corrupt Secretary of State Katie Hobbs and RINO Governor Doug Ducey.

As former Missouri governor Eric Greitens has pointed out, the election results from the state may need to be decertified. If this should happen, we can expect Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich to get involved and investigate those who had a part in the scam and the subsequent cover-up efforts.

That could include the entire Maricopa County Board of Supervisors as they have done nothing but stand in the way and violate subpoenas the entire time.

The discrepancy between the number of votes reported and the number of votes actually cast has been an issue from the beginning, according to officials, but that’s just the beginning of the issues in the state.

The situation in Arizona has clearly been one that is criminal in nature with the MCBOS and Dominion along with high-power Democrat activists all fighting against the audit in an effort to hide the truth.

Why on earth have they been fighting so hard to contain the truth? It appears that they have known the truth all along and have not wanted the American people to know. These people are criminals and if the results prove it, they deserve to be brought to justice.

Monday could be a historic day in Arizona if a preliminary report is issued. America is on the verge of finally knowing the truth.

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  1. It’s getting really old waiting for the truth to come out! Just get it done and let both sides explain their positions! If criminality is involved, deal with it!!! I’m tired of getting opinion over facts!!! The truth will set you free or jail you……

  2. And none of this even touches on the issue of tampering with the voting machines and tabulating software. There is a reason why the Maricopa Board of Electors refuses to share passwords for those machines. They know that a forensic audit will expose the vote switching algorithms, and cyber intrusion (especially by China).

  3. Prepair for distractions over the coming of days. The truth will prevail. Some will never repent however.

  4. The idiot sticks of the left are out in droves today. We must be truly on the right track and the ELECTION WAS stolen from the American people, AND WE WANT IT RETURNED TO US.

  5. You are trying to distroy America to protect that Orange price of shit. You should be lined up against the wall and shot.

    • Aren’t you thinking of the brown PIECE of $hit and the left’s hero and first G-A-Y president Hussein Obama… a real Piece $hit ?

      That’s a real piece of $hit .

    • What will you say if the audit shows massive fraud? Will you just deflect by saying that the audit was illegitimate, or partisan or unscientific? I’m sure you will. Your protests will be moot, because the audit was done with observers, of both parties present, it’s been recorded on video, and they have rock solid chains of custody for every ballot that they touched. ANY criticism of the audit can be countered by simply going back to the fraudulent ballots (which are undoubtedly segregated by fraud category, and for which rock solid chains of custody exist), and showing them to the world.

    • The real thang will always blame Orange man for losing his welfare and food stamps Bruno.
      That’s the way today’s scum think .

    • Moronic troll … “the real thing” is another child trying to be an adult. Such a shame to waste air on sub-human intelligence like him.

    • ARREST BIDEN II+OBAMA II+KAMALA,TOO for candIDate/voter/election-FRAUD 2020




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