House Oversight Republicans Unveil Report: Joe Susceptible To ‘Influence, Blackmail, Extortion’

( Exclusive) – Republican members of the House Oversight Committee put out a report on Thursday that alleges President Joe Biden abused the political power of the executive branch by being involved in the foreign business dealings of his son, Hunter Biden.

According to the Daily Caller, the report shines a spotlight on Biden’s connection to his younger son’s business ventures in foreign countries like Russia and China, which the president has denied, while also making the claim that the Biden administration has not responded to over a hundred document requests during the current investigation.

The GOP lawmakers are calling into question Biden’s denial of involvement in Hunter’s dealings, stating that he’s now susceptible to “influence, blackmail, or extortion” by malign or foreing entities, which includes the infamous Chinese Communist Party.

“Alongside the accusations, the report notes 150 suspicious activity reports (SAR) on the Biden family’s financial transactions. The committee worked to access the reports, yet the Biden administration changed a longstanding policy, making it much more difficult for the committee to review the family’s SARs,” Bronson Winslow wrote for the Daily Caller.

“Despite numerous formal requests by Committee Republicans to review those SARs, and despite decades of precedent of Treasury making SARs available pursuant to congressional requests, the Biden Administration changed longstanding policy and now refuses to produce Biden family SARs or to make them available for Committee Republican investigators’ in camera review,” the document released by the Republicans on the Oversight Committee revealed.

They go on to say that the president “misused his public positions to further his family’s financial interests,” which then “created the potential for President Biden to be susceptible to influence, blackmail, or extortion by a malign or foreign entity, including the Chinese Communist Party.”

“Committee Republicans’ investigation has uncovered evidence demonstrating deliberate, repeated deception of the American people, abuse of the Executive Branch for personal gain, use of government power to obstruct the investigation and prevent transparency, and potential violations of the United States Constitution’s Foreign Emoluments Clause,” the committee stated.

During a press conference that was held on Thursday, GOP Rep. James Comer said, “This is an investigation of Joe Biden. I think we’ve laid out the evidence as to why we feel it’s important, and we’re going to move forward with that.”

The very troubled younger son of the president has also been under a federal investigation since 2018 for allegedly failing to pay his taxes and for telling a few whoppers on a firearm application.

“In September, Hunter Biden’s former business associates Tony Bobulinski claimed to investigators that FBI agent Timothy Thibault worked to conceal relevant information about the Biden family. Following Bobulinski’s announcement, over 30 Senate Republicans called for U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland to grant special counsel protections and authorities to Weiss as he continued to investigate Hunter Biden,” Winslow went on to write.

Back in October, Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa put in a request that law enforcement officials release specific records that detail “potential criminal conduct” committed by Hunter Biden.

The American people have lost their faith in the justice system. Part of the reason for that is folks like Joe and Hunter Biden engage in a wide variety of illegal and unethical activity and never seem to be held accountable for it. If a regular person in this country did half of the bad stuff these two have done, well, they’d be tossed in prison and the key flushed down the toilet.

We must restore our nation to one of laws and principles. All people are to be equal under the law, regardless of your color, creed, social status, or career position. Part of making America great again is fixing this ugly two-tiered system of justice.

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  1. Someone in DC got the hint? I wonder what finally got their attention. This is a smoke screen from hell. If the gop was serious about our country, they wouldn’t be considering leaving 2 of the worst RINO trash they have in leadership positions. No, the powers that be will put up a good front for we the people and meet at the bar later and pat each other on the back for pulling another one over on the America people. We lose again!

  2. Hunter Biden is the gift that keeps giving and giving. With his secret service protection, it’ll be difficult to take him out unless it’s an inside hit .

    Let the investigation(s) begin with unlimited resources. The Bidens are the true criminals , thanks Obama .

  3. Folks the reality of this is that HUNTER BIDEN has been under investigation since 2017 WHY would it take that long to bring him to trial there is surely enough evidence to charge him, so now we are going to spend millions of taxpayer dollars going over the same evidence that is already available that would indict the entire BIDEN family. I suspect when its all said and done HUNTER will pay a big fine get a slap on the wrist and OLE JOE will walk away free as a bird. By the time the house is finished with their investigation OLE JOES time in office will be over and he will still walk away with all the benefits that go along with a former President. I dont know what its ever going to take to get this country back to decency and justice for all We just passed up the opportunity in Nov. to rid ourselves of some of the corruption and sadly the voters sent some of the same ones back to congress Thankfully we did manage to take back the House hopefully that will stop some of BIDENS policies but only if they have the backbone to take a stand. It seems their entire agenda going forward is one investigation after another and in the end probably nothing will come of any of it . The only thing that is going to change our country is for the American voters to wake up and rid ourselves of the incompetent corrupt irresponsible members of congress and end the political bias of our judicial system. I honestly dont know what it takes to wake people up, They have seen the damage this entire administration has done with the complete support of the DEMOCRACT PARTY and they still sent them back to elected office, ITS PAST TIME TO WAKE UP.

  4. I just hope that Biden will be proved, BEYOND any doubt, to be guilty. If he is, he needs to be introduced to the “Ready Aim Fire” gang. I, for one, can’t begin to describe how Biden should be rated as a POTUS except:

    The most corrupt, biggest hater of Americana and oath breaking piece of human shiff that EVER walked in the finest residence in America.

    We the people are beginning to speak out louder each day and will NEVER be silenced. Time to open a YUGE can of “whoop ass”. Death to socialism and globalism.

  5. And to think the left’s hero Hussein Obama knew Joe Biden was fully aware of these criminal treasonous acts against Americans .

    Perhaps the great one learned the way to become a millionaire from the Biden criminal family too .

    Why work when you can cheat and lie your way thru life ?


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