IT BEGINS: British Commander Calls For Biden Court-Martial (VIDEO)

( Exclusive) – Col. Richard Kemp, CBE, recently sat down with Mark Levin and chatted about the fall of Afghanistan, as Taliban forces continue their takeover of the country, a mess that was caused by the poor decision making of Joe Biden.

According to Gateway Pundit, Col. Kemp stated during an earlier interview with GBNews that, “From the moment President Biden made that decision to withdraw without any regard for the security situation in Afghanistan… this situation was absolutely inevitable.”

Kemp then went on to tell Levin all about the negative effects the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban will have on NATO.

“President Biden has completely destroyed his credibility single-handedly… Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State are strong in Afghanistan. They will operate freely. And they can operate more freely than before 9-11. Jihadists from around the world will train, flock to Afghanistan… There is no one more who is cheering this than Russia and China. They will now see they have pretty much an open field… In my opinion. I don’t say this often, and I don’t say this lightly. And I’ve never said this about anybody else. Any other leader in this position. People are talking about impeaching President Biden. I don’t think President Biden should be impeached. He’s the Commander in Chief of the US Armed Forces who has just essentially surrendered to the Taliban. He shouldn’t be impeached. He should be court-martialed for betraying the United States of America and the United States Armed Forces,” the colonel said.

Col. Kemp isn’t the only person who has come out swinging against Biden for this whole Afghanistan debacle. Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene is already on the warpath, seeking to impeach Biden over this crisis.

Greene recently introduced a series of three impeachment resolutions against Biden, calling for his removal from the office of president due to his botched handling of the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan.

She went on to accuse Biden of “dereliction of duty” after the Taliban took the country over, alleging that he “failed to secure the extraction of thousands of American civilians and Afghan Allies” and then “armed our enemies” by leaving U.S. military equipment behind.

“Greene also introduced resolutions targeting Biden’s handling of the crisis at the southern border and his extension of a ban on residential evictions despite concerns about the move’s legality,” the Fox News report said.

“In seven short months, Joe Biden has caused America to lose the respect of the entire world. The evidence is clear and his actions are so egregious that he must be impeached,” the congresswoman said in a statement.

The bottom line is that this decision has led to a terrorist organization taking over an entire country, one that we spent 20 years in, fighting against our enemies and the enemies of the people of Afghanistan. All of the good men and women who died in this conflict have seemingly sacrificed their lives for nothing.

For that alone, Biden should just go ahead and resign from the presidency.

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  1. Folks i dont spend a lot of time on SOCIAL MEDIA, But what little time i do the DEMOCRATS were all over it trashing Republicans, CONSERVATIVES, and THOSE OF FAITH. But has anyone noticed how silent they have become now that their leader has proven how incompetent and irresponsible he is? ACCOUNTABILITY IS COMING IF THE REPUBLICANS HAVE THE COURAGE. This President needs to resign or be impeached, But his second in command is a loser as well.
    We must remove these crazy people in 2022 and that includes some RINOS as well.

    In 1975, President Ford was left to manage the difficult ending of the Vietnam War. President Ford went to Congress for a relief package to allow American personnel and our allies to evacuate. However, there was ONE US SENATOR who opposed any such support. The result was the embarrassing and hurried evacuation from the roof of the American embassy in Saigon

    This senator reveled in the embarrassment and did everything he could to leverage it politically against Ford. Despite the efforts of this U.S. Senator–President Ford managed to rescue 1,500 South Vietnamese allies prior to the country’s fall. Had President Ford not acted quickly, these people would have been targeted and slaughtered for their support for America . When they arrived in America , President Ford asked Congress for a package to assist these refugees to integrate into American society.

    That SAME troublesome SENATOR TORPEDOED ANY SUPPORT for these shell shocked, anti-communist, Americans and our helpers, the refugees.

    Instead, President Ford had to recruit Christian organizations to offer assistance on a voluntary basis. As he did so, the Senator belittled those efforts. What kind of person would oppose President Ford’s tireless work to do the right and humanitarian thing? Who would want to play politics with the well-being of innocent people who stood by America in the tragic Vietnam War?

    From the book – “When the Center Held.” by Donald Rumsfeld in 2018.(biography)

  3. This colonel like so many of the rest of us cannot contain themselves when they see such utter stupidity and complete lack of respect, regard, and honor for the office that they occupy. They have shown they have no respect for the Constitution, the people they “serve”, their oath of office and the lives they have put on the line in Afghanistan. They do not regard the people they represent as having anything to say about what they do and are offended by them when they protest their actions. They do not honor the lives of all those who have gone before in Washington, in the theaters of war, in diplomatic missions and exploring the world and even space in the name of America and justice for those who cannot obtain it for themselves. They would bring all of that to an end for their vision of a socialist utopia in North America. All people seeking justice, equality and American freedoms above all else must condemn these traitors in the strongest possible terms until they are driven from our Capital where they have installed themselves.

  4. Amazing … two illegitimate, incompetent communists captured the ‘ruling’ party in the USA by cheating, lying, and fraud. Sickening. These two woke-ies, and their stool-pigeon cabinet freaks parade around like a carnival of smoked-up crack heads. Court martial them………..

    And to those here who troll along as if all this chaos is normal, while penning words of support [trying pathetically] to defend this freak show … openly exhibit the depths of STUPID they have achieved.

  5. Now, THAT’S a GREAT idea! . . . And THROW him in FEDERAL PRISON for SEDITION and TREASON as per the U.S. Constitution. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  6. Impeaching Biden lets the rest of the leftist “democrats” Marxist Socialist’s off the hook. Entire administration must be held accountable. Then media needs be put under the hot lights of investigation.

  7. This is the perfect reminder for everyone…..NEVER EVER VOTE FOR ANY DEMONRAT EVER FOR ANY POSITION…the demonrats offer nothing but death and destruction

  8. First Hillary Clinton and her disastrous moves in the middle east and now this.
    We cannot forget the democrats motto “build back better”. As far as I can tell the chaos and disorder at the southern border, Afghanistan chaos, the economy tanking with high inflation and over the top borrowing and spending is leading to a build back better pathway for democrats to create whatever kind of world order they envision.
    So keep getting used to more chaos and disorder leftist style.

    • We should send ALL liberals to Guam. See if Hank Johnson is correct in his assertion that it will tip over!
      Either way they’re all on Guam, and they can build their little utopia, or the island tips and they all drown!
      Win, Win! SO MUCH WINNING!


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