J6 Prisoner Scorches House Speaker

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – A January 6th prisoner is now demanding that Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy, a California Republican, release all of the surveillance video of the Capitol incursion that he previously promised to make public. Roughly around four months ago, McCarthy stated that he would release all of the footage after the GOP took control of the House. You know, why is it so darn hard for a politician to keep their word when they make promises? I mean, former President Donald Trump managed to do it. Why not others?

It’s now been a total of five months since the Republicans took over and there’s been zero forward movement on this. What’s the deal?

According to Bob Unruh of WND, Dominic Pezzola, the prisoner mentioned above, called the Gateway Pundit in order to discuss his anger over the situation.

“He still hasn’t let it out. They are just all talk. They don’t care about us,” Pezzola commented during his conversation with TGP.. “If we don’t get up and get off our a***s and grow a set, it’s going to be too late for our way of life. If it doesn’t affect you right now, someday, your children are going to school in between learning about proper pronouns and transgender studies, they are going to be learning about the ancient conservatives that are now extinct that used to roam the plains of the flyover country that had to be eradicated by the left because they were a threat to socialism and communism.”

He added, “How dare [McCarthy] call himself a Republican. You say you work for us? Everyone knows that January 6 was a complete set-up. There are feds, there are informants and there’s Antifa — I mean, there is everything you can imagine in there.”

“Pezzola said the court proceedings for those charged for their actions that day, when President Trump urged his fans to protest peacefully at the Capitol and a few hundred ended up plunging into riot behavior, went on across the street from the Capitol,” Unruh reported.

“Do you think one of those Republicans would even walk across the street to observe the atrocities that were happening in that courtroom? Not one of them gives a s*** about any of us — they don’t,” Pezzola asserted with more than a touch of anger.

The justified rant continued, “They go in there and talk a big game, they are going to, ‘Fight for you,’ ‘They’re going to fight for us.’ Hey, Kevin McCarthy, where the hell is the f***ing footage from January 6 that you’ve been promising everyone? Where is it?”

The GP piece went on to state that constitutional experts have already confirmed the Republican led House does indeed possess the power to ensure J6 defendants receive their right to due process and to potentially set them free.

“Article I Section 8 Clause 17 of the U.S. Constitution is known as the ‘enclave clause,'” attorney David Clements went on to explain. “It establishes Congress’s exclusive power to regulate all matters within the District of Columbia. This would necessarily include all matters related to police power, the option of establishing a city council and position of mayor to run the district’s affairs, and the administration of prisons and the treatment of prisoners.”

“In other words, your elected representatives, now led by a Republican majority, should be lobbied 24/7 for the immediate release of those imprisoned in the DC gulag now. Withholding federal funding, or exercising the ‘power of the purse’ should be leveraged,” Clements added.

The DOJ, under the leadership of President Joe Biden, has prosecuted somewhere close to 1,000 people for offenses related to J6 such as trespassing. The department has revealed that they are wanting to prosecute another thousand individuals as well.

The Pundit then noted, “Pezzola, who joined the Proud Boys 30 days prior to January 6, was acquitted of a seditious conspiracy charge but convicted of other charges, including robbery of government property and assaulting, resisting, or impeding an officer.”

The report divulged, “Judge Timothy J. Kelly, the Trump-appointed magistrate presiding over the Proud Boys seditious conspiracy trial, allowed the government to stack the jury with Antifa supporters. Throughout the 5-month trial, Kelly, whose wife works for DC’s Democratic Mayor Muriel Bowser, also allowed the government to withhold all details about the Confidential Human Sources employed by government agencies to patriot groups during the riot.”

Pezzola declared during the conversation, “We found 50 undercover agents and Confidential Human Sources that were in the crowd that day just around us that day. The judge won’t let it in. Why? Because we start unraveling that web of lies it’s going to lead to the truth that day and none of them want the truth to come out. Every one of these people that lives in DC is entangled in the same web of corruption that has been destroying this country for decades now.”

He then remarked, “This is all about the stolen election and now we are supposed to go in front of the judge and apologize for things we didn’t do. And tell them we were deranged and our thoughts were wrong. This is not how this country is supposed to work. We are supposed to be able to have our own thoughts. Everything that was done was a coverup for what happened in the election, there was a lot of shady s— that happened that should have been investigated. And everyone wanted to turn their noses on it. All these federal judges, all these judges in DC have all been completely corrupted by the Democrat machine in here. It’s unbelievable.”

Pezzola then stated that the evidence he had included a “video of the cops telling us that we can stay [in the Capitol building] as long as we were peaceful, and the judge won’t let us bring it in.”

At the end of the day, the prosecution of many of these individuals is nothing more than an attempted political assault by the Biden administration to scare conservative Americans out of voicing their grievances with the government. They want to silence the opposition and they are using intimidation tactics to do so.

Unfortunately, the silence of Republicans like McCarthy when it comes to fulfilling his promise to release this footage makes him complicit in the act.

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  1. There will be a payback for lying
    How many really read history only to know if people are pushed in a corner to a point where it will blow up
    Yes the demoRats have done that in 1860’s and lost because people pushed back
    This time when the shove comes to a push
    Demo-rats will be wishing they never played with fire
    History DOES REPEAT!!
    Sadly, they think banning history and it’s past
    Boy… are they doomed to their own errors…karma does really bite!
    This time the Trump will come back
    Why…we are tired of all that crappola shoots from the demonrats side

  2. Why don’t you write out words such as “shit” and “fucking”? Are you afraid that you’ll hurt our feelings? We’re adults. We know those words. You don’t have to be coy.

    • And we all know today’s progressive liberal trash cannot be offended because they are simply to stupid Irwin . Now , you gotta use the correct pronoun with these freaks though ,them go crazy if ya don’t.


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