Jan. 6 DC Jail Deputy Warden Burns Twitter Account After Vulgar, Anti-Trump Tweets Exposed

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – A new report has revealed that Kathleen Landerkin, who is currently serving as the Correctional Training Facility Deputy Warden at the Department of Corrections in the District of Columbia and assists in overseeing typical day-to-day operations, inmate transportation, and case management, had been continuing to spout off anti-Trump and anti-Republican sentiments on her Twitter profile until today when she deleted her account.

Why is this significant? Landerkin holds a position of power over inmates in the prison system who were involved in the January 6th siege of the Capitol building.

According to WND, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene tweeted at Landerkin saying, “You are responsible for human rights violations in the DC Jail and torture and abuse of pre-trial defendants.”

Another report from BizPacReview revealed, “On Saturday, Landerkin was revealed as a rabid Democrat partisan with a huge ax to grind by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., who posted screenshots from the since-deleted account, toxic tweets that could potentially shed light on the brutal treatment that has been inflicted on the political prisoners who are trapped in an indefinite state of legal limbo.”

“The Georgia Republican who has championed the rights of the Jan. 6 accused shed light on Landerkin’s ideological underpinnings by tweeting out a short but sweet message from last November, ‘F**k everyone who supports Trump,’ sending the deputy warden into damage control mode,” the report noted.

“Good morning Deputy Warden @awkathyjo,” MTG said in her tweet, “How’s the DC Gulag this morning?”

Alex Bruesewitz, who is the CEO of X Strategies LLC who took some footage of Landerkin’s account before it was deleted, posted up a video on Twitter scrolling through her many anti-Trump posts.

“Greene also tweeted out a link to a National File report that featured multiple tweets from Landerkin, including one posted on September 11, 2020 when she wrote, ‘Trump is doing more damage to this country than foreign terrorists ever have,'” the report said.

Apparently Landerkin is sold on the already debunked Trump-Russia collusion nonsense and seems to think of Democrat Adam Schiff, one of the key individuals who is currently driving the “insurrection” narrative, as some kind of hero figure.

“His corrupt staff and family met with the Russians how many times before the election?” She stated in a post from 2019. “How many times did they lie about meeting with the Russians? How many are in prison? The Trump family is a crime family and the GOP in complicit. You’re destroying the USA. Schiff is a hero.”

Landerkin actually penned a response to Trump directly in which she ranted, “You’re a traitor. You don’t get to determine what’s patriotic. Leave the people engaging in peaceful protest alone. Why the hell are you involved in stirring a sh*t pot for your deplorables? Everyone else knows what a pathetic loser you are. Just resign already!”

Oh, and here’s another vulgar rant in which Landerkin referred to Vice President Mike Pence as a “trained monkey,” going on to predict that “there’s not gonna be 10 million people surrounding the Capital on 1/6/21.”

Here’s even more hatred from this woman, this time seemingly aimed at white men.

The woman then went on to heap praise on former President Barack Obama before launching into a screed in which she called for the Electoral College to be abolished.

All of this nonsense with Landerkin is not going to be very helpful when it comes time next month for radical leftists like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi when they attempt to milk the one-year anniversary of the “insurrection” to try and drum up more hatred for anyone who is a white Republican who dared to vote Trump.

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  1. This poor excuse for a human [email protected]@@@ should be in that max cell and fed rat poison for her sick tweets. I am a U.S. citizen and a vet and I would like to take her and Biden, as Joe would say “out behind the woodshed” and show them what true Americans are. These liberals should live in Russia or China and then they might appreciate the worlds greatest country.

  2. She is a sample of what hatred breads.

    Why are 42 human beings held in confinement for 6 months with no charges filed? What has happened to our America. What has happened to us so called human beings? Does our Constitution no longer exist? Has our Justice Department turned into thugs for those in power? Has our Supreme Court been castrated? Will it take another war between R and D to restore sanity? More bloodshed. More dead soldiers? More wasted time and money. We are hopelessly CORRUPT? Who or what will fix it? In God We Trust….I hope.

  3. This ignorant, mentally ill moron needs more than therapy … elimination. Her gutter rat, Nazi mental condition is a hallmark of the sick freaks who idolize rotten scumbags like Hillary Clinton. Sounds like she could be the wife of the lying mass killer, sick Fauci.

  4. The apparent reality is that these people such as Landerkin and the socialist democrats are mental illness , spiritual and moral case studies.

  5. These tweets are examples of how well the commies have brainwashed their target audience. As a career Washington bureaucrat, this “warden” obviously was convinced Trump and his administration would replace her, as they should have it seems. Only a war will achieve the kind of change this country needs to purge Washington of all the people who believe the exact opposite of the truth. Everything in these tweets is just that, the opposite of the truth and the definition of the current commie coup. These people are beyond reprogramming and the Schiff tweet, wow, she should be punished right along side that fantasy land moron.

  6. No one with that kind of hatred and political bias should be in the position she is in. I certainly pray that once these “innocent until proved guilty” people sue that place and her for everything they can get. She’s what Hillary refers to as a “Deplorable” for sure and that’s putting it mildly!

  7. Calling it an insurrection is so stupid. The only casualty was an unarmed woman killed by a over anxious policeman. That warden is obviously out of our mind as most Democrats are.

    • That warden has a horrific case of TDS . It affects many of today’s progressive liberal filth in out society.


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