Joe Biden Caught In ANOTHER Disgusting Lie

( Exclusive) – The left is full of liars and frauds and Joe Biden is the king of them all. For the entire 40 some years he has been in the Washington DC swamp he has been a liar. In the very early days he plagiarized speeches and disgusted the then-honest media.

Now, today, he’s still as dishonest as he always was.

Ever since the campaign trail, Biden has really ramped up the lies. He’s lied in campaign promises, he’s lied about life stories, he’s lied about his son’s business dealings and his level of knowledge and involvement in them, he’s lied about President Trump, COVID, Afghanistan, and the economy, and he’s lied about the 2020 election.

He’s just one big liar and you can’t trust a thing out of his mouth.

Joe Biden has proven he will lie about literally anything. This week he was caught in yet another lie, this time about a small house fire that happened at his Delaware residence (pictured here) in 2004.

While discussing his supposed “Build Back Better” plan in New Hampshire, Biden told the audience he exaggerated the severity of the 2004 kitchen fire, saying his entire house was burned to the ground, with his wife in it.

“Without this bridge, as I said earlier, it’s a 10-mile detour just to get to the other side,’” he told the crowd. “And I know, having had a house burn down with my wife in it — she got out safely, God willing — that having a significant portion of it burn, I can tell: 10 minutes makes a hell of a difference.” Biden said when discussing the importance of his bogus infrastructure bill that’s essentially a cover for the radical left’s anti-America agenda.

As history proves, Biden has a record of exaggerating and flat out lying when recalling the past.

During his first presidential campaign in 1988, Biden claimed to be in the top half of his class in law school at Syracuse. The reality is that Biden failed a class after being accused of plagiarism and graduated 76th out of 85 students.

That’s just one example of the many, many lies and exaggerations Biden has told over the decades. Just more proof that the left wanted us all to know they stole the election in 2020. There’s just no way someone as dishonest and checked out as Joe Biden could ever possibly earnestly win the nation’s highest elected office without cheating.

Fortunately, the American people see right through the lies. We all know who Joe Biden is and he isn’t fooling anyone. He never has.

His approval ratings are in the toilet, reaching new lows in polls released earlier this month. According to 100% Fed Up, Quinnipiac has tracked his approval ratings since the beginning of his fraudulent reign and they have found that his approval rating has dropped 17% since his sham inauguration.

When his regime began, Biden was at a 53% approval rating, somehow, and now his approval rating is at an abysmal 36%. Ouch.

Americans are sick and tired of Joe Biden. If he isn’t showing the world just how severe his cognitive decline is, he’s telling bold-faced lies.

Although, to be fair, perhaps Biden doesn’t even know he’s lying anymore. After all, he is clearly suffering from severe dementia.

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  1. Obama’s from behind the curtain third term lived via Biden has caused what in medical terms would be a massive organ failure in every aspect of the country. Are we dead yet, or is there a miracle on the way?

  2. We all just heard that Go Brandon had a poly up his a$$, and the doc said it was benign. The Doc was looking in the wrong place … the malignant poly is sitting on the lying pig’s shoulders.

  3. There is no doubt that JOE BIDEN is in serious decline and in his condition he does pose a threat to America and our national security
    The problem we have is he is the leader of the country and until we remove his supporters from the HALL OF CONGRESS we cant do anything about it, I personally do not believe he is the duly elected president of the United States but again we cant prove otherwise, The Democrats have NO INTENTION of searching for the truth and the Republicans have no backbone, The RNC raised millions of dollars to investigate this election and did nothing, Our only hope now rest in our MID-TERM elections we must remove from congress those that are supporting this insane administration and that includes members of both political parties, We cant stay home on election day, If this administration is not stopped we are not going to survive. JOE HAS GOT TO GO, We cant overturn the election but we can remove his support from Congress.

  4. The sad part of this, is that Veggie Joe believes his lies to be true. When a person starts with little white lies, over time the lies get bigger and bigger, to the point that the liar starts believing them to be true. Add on the effects of dementia, well, we all can see where it goes just by watching Biden over the years.
    Common sense Americans, not leftists and many Democrats because they’re just plain stupid, have been on to Biden for years.
    The question I want to ask is; Why the people of Delaware kept voting him into office for all those years? Don’t tell me the citizens of that state are that gullible.
    If they are; I’ve got some property 10 miles north of Cleveland that I could offer for sale to them.

  5. LIARS are “fryers” . . . They are RPROBATES on their way to the “hot place” (and I DON’T mean the BAHAMAS) unless they REPENT – but, will they?!? One Enlightened Patriot.


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