Just In: Antrim County Election Fraud Case Reinstated By Judge After County Clerk, Material Witness Tried To Have It Dismissed

Just In: Antrim County Election Fraud Case Reinstated By Judge After County Clerk, Material Witness Tried To Have It Dismissed

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – In late November 2020, a lawsuit was filed by attorney Matthew DePerno on behalf of Antrim County, Michigan resident William Bailey against the county.

Bailey was concerned not only about the thousands of votes that were notoriously flipped from President Trump to Joe Biden in his county, but also the ballots that were re-run through a Dominion machine after a ballot initiative that would have allowed a marijuana establishment in Bailey’s village of Central Lake tied 262-262.

“Michigan’s radical Democrat Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson blamed the incredible vote switch from President Trump to Biden, as well as additional unexplainable errors on Antrim County Clerk Sheryl Guy, saying it was simply a ‘clerical’ error,” 100% Fed Up writes for The Gateway Pundit.

“On November 12, the Antrim Review interviewed Sheryl Guy about the massive vote switch from Trump to Biden that drew national attention to the rural county in northern Michigan. Faced with inaccurate general election results Wednesday morning, the day after the Nov. 3 election, Guy and her staff, as well as several other Antrim County officials and the Antrim County Board of Canvassers, spent the next three very long days attempting to correct them, which they were finally able to do late Friday night, after starting over completely,” they explain further.

“Once we were finally able to determine what had gone wrong, we had to recount all of the results and enter them into the re-calibrated tabulator,” Guy said last week. “It was like a brand-new election to us, but we finally got correct numbers, which the Board of Canvassers was able to certify, at 10 p.m. Friday night.”

Well, Judge Kevin A Elsenheimer of the 13th Circuit Court disagreed.

On Friday, December 4, he granted Bailey and his attorney’s team of IT experts to carry out a forensic study of the 16 Dominion machines involved along with tabulators, thumb drives, software, and the clerk’s “master tabulator.”

So, DePerno put together a team of expert forensic IT specialists who were set to arrive the following day to conduct the inspection.

It was complete within 8 hours.

“With 16 CF cards (similar to SIM cards), 16 thumb drives, and forensic images of the Dominion voting machines in hand, the IT team was escorted to the local Antrim County Airport by two Antrim County Sheriff vehicles, where they boarded their jet plane with evidence in hand,” 100% Fed Up continues.

After a Zoom hearing which included lawyers representing Michigan Secretary of State Benson who had managed to squeeze her way into the case, DePerno was granted permission by Judge Elsenheimer to make the results public.

The report stated: “After the forensic examination of 16 Dominion Voting machines in Antrim, Co. MI, Allied Security Operations Group has concluded that the Dominion Voting machines were assigned a 68.05% error rate. DePerno explained that when ballots are put through the machine, a whopping 68.05% error rate means that 68.05% of the ballots are sent for bulk adjudication, which means they collect the ballots in a folder.”

“The ballots are sent somewhere where people in another location can change the vote,” DePerno explained. “The allowable election error rate established by the Federal Election Commission guidelines is 1 in 250,000 ballots or .0008%.”

Ultimately, he said, “we conclude that The Dominion Voting System should not be used in Michigan. We further conclude that the results of Antrim County should not have been certified.”

In January, Judge Elsenheimer ordered Secretary Benson to hand over all communications with Dominion as well as Facebook, Apple, Amazon, and Google to DePerno.

“Yesterday, we learned from attorney Matt DePerno that Antrim County Clerk Sheryl Guy, who is listed as a material witness in the ongoing election fraud case in Antrim County, dismissed the case without notice,” 100% Fed Up explains.

“Why would Guy dismiss the election fraud case when Michigan Secretary of State Benson and the media have already exonerated her? What would she (or anyone else) have to lose by allowing the lawsuit to play out and allowing the truth to be discovered about what happened in our November elections with the Dominion voting machines?”

This is a very good question.

DePerno told them that he is currently in the discovery phase and does not know why Guy tried to personally dismiss the case.

He discovered her actions from Detroit News reporter Craig Mauger, who called him to find out if he had heard about the developments in the case.

On Thursday, March 4, Judge Elsenheimer issued two separate orders reinstating the case, stating, “The Clerk’s Non-Service dismissal was improper.”

The case that she had tried to dismiss gave attorneys until April 8 to finish their discovery.

A settlement conference is schedule for May 11 and, if necessary, a non-jury trial would be scheduled for June.

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  1. I use to have faith in the judicial system but to not even look at the evidence of voter fraud that is out there is shameful and treasonous we all no if one county has shown evidence then there is much more (when have you seen one cockroach and not know there was more)

  2. Those of us that were taught history plainly see “the emperors new clothes” for what they are. Time to restore the Republic and the Constitution along with the voice of We the People before it is too late as was the case with Rome when the Republic became a true (NWO) Democracy. Have we not watched long enough as Nero Jo plays as our city’s burn? “Beware the ides of March”…

  3. If we allow any one crossing the border to vote with out showing any ID> why dont we invite everyone ! Open the border up north and invite canada to come on down to vote. Joe invited several countrys in south Americas people ,lets throw in a invitation out to canada. They can read and write english.

  4. Just again want too thank Mike Pence, William Barr, Judge Kavenaugh, Judge Barrett for their loyalty to the Democrat Party. They have no integrity in up-holding the constitution and I blame them for allowing the Liberals to shred this document that preserves our nation. How is it that all the Liberal lawmakers can take an oath to protect the constitution, then as soon as they can start ripping it up with no recourse??

    • I agree. None of these people even looked at the evidence or the over 500 signed affidavits by not only Republicans but Democrats too. The Supreme Court is not so supreme anymore. They didn’t have the guts to hear the cases and view the evidence. A sad day in America. Barr turned into a just another useless pile of you know what. Trump had enemies everywhere.

  5. It would be nice if our election results were audited similar to how CPA’s audit major corporations. Rest assured it is more than just adding up the account balances and then declaring the financial statement present fairly the balances are correct. Appears recounts just add up what is there without any validation of the proper status of the ballot. God only knows there were enough instances of irregularity in 2020 elections in key democratic cities.

  6. Biden doesn’t belong in the white house and he knows it. The election was stolen and we all know it. So fix it bring out all the proof before the country is destroyed.

  7. This not a case of mail in ballot fraud, this is a corrupt county official whose conduct overturned the will of the voters, and then attempted to further that misconduct by dismissing the case. She should be fined, jailed, and prevented from serving in a government capacity ever again.

  8. And if You are Convicted of Election FRAUD against the People of our Great Country – Firing Squad or Hanging would Be Appropriate…

  9. At the Federal level, Mark Warner and Tim Kaine are part of the criminal mafia.
    The democratic dominated state legislature of Virginia just silenced the legal votes with legalizing illegal voting and the fraud that took place in 2020.

    Virginia democratic bullied legislature passed:

    HB 201 Election same day registration

    voter identification; signed statement by voter in lieu of required for of identification.

    HB 232 Mail voter registration application forms ; distribution to certain public and private institutions.

    HB 220 Absentee voting ;postage prepaid on return envelope


    Voter registration by mail; certain first time voters permitted to vote by absentee ballot.

    Absentee voting; no excuse required

    *******HB235 VOTER REGISTRATION; AUTOMATIC VOTER REGISTRATION VIA DMV *****Guess who is able to get illegally in the country but now thanks to the democratic mafia in Virginia are able to now legally vote ! ! !

    All this passed under the Northam corrupt administration. What did not pass:

    HB 1746 Conduct of elections: required live recording.

    HB1970 Voter identification: identification containing a photograph required

    HB2028 Absentee ballots; witness requirement , printed name and residence address.

    H B 2115 Absentee voting ; definition of postmark, legibility requirement

    HBHB 2267 Local electoral boards and general registrar; disclosure of certain gifts and funding

    SB1422 Voter registration list of decedents transmitted by St. Reg. of Vital Records to Depart of Elections

    SB 1153 Absentee voting in ballots to be sorted and results to be reported by precinct

    Really bad legislature:

    HB2125 Voter registration; pre- registration for persons 16 years of age or older, effective date. THOUSANDS of early registration for learner’s permit from the DMV were used as false ID to vote in 2020

    SB 1997 Absentee voting ; witness signature not required

    In other words there will be nothing but ILLEGAL VOTING IN VIRGINIA.
    We know what they did in 2020 because the corrupt democrats pushed through to silence the votes of the legal citizens.

  10. Now do the same with the Absolute Proof video from Mike Lindell, overturn the election, and return President Trump to the White House to undo what the democrats have done to our country, also also PUNISH all involved in the voter fraud and vote manipulation to the MAX!!

  11. So all we have to do is prove Dominion machines, wherein the error rate was greater than allowed, were in the majority of the places where Biden won, and then audit the actual votes. I say let’s start with the counties that swayed the vote that have already been documented as suspicious.


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