LEAKED: Hillary Clinton Emails Reveal Concerns About ‘Biological Weapons’ Created At Wuhan Lab

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – The entire COVID “pandemic” has been a planned and controlled global experiment in control, submission and governmental tyranny. The virus is real but the truth is it was released from the Wuhan, China lab as a biological weapon.

The worst part is that it is now abundantly clear that those within our own government were fully aware that this was the plan all along and went along with it and even participated in the facilitating of the entire charade.

Leaked State Department emails have exposed the fact that Hillary Clinton knew about the dangers of the CCP’s Wuhan Institute of Virology while she was serving as Secretary of State under President Barack Obama.

Wikileaks has obtained the emails which date back to June 2009, in which Clinton warns France that gain-of-function research at the Wuhan lab could cause “biological weapons proliferation concern.”

The messages were sent to all embassies in member nations just prior to the Australia Group plenary session in Paris from September 21-25, 2009.

The Australia Group is an “informal” international export control forum created to prevent the spread of technologies and research that could contribute to the creation and development of chemical and biological weapons.

Guess they really dropped the ball on the whole Chinese coronavirus thing.

In one email directed to France, then Secretary Clinton said, “We believe it is important to focus on emerging chemical and biological technologies, trends in the trade of CBW-related goods and threats.”

The email continues: “The U.S. believes participants would benefit from hearing about your experiences assisting China in setting up a Biosafety Level-4 (BSL-4) laboratory at the Wuhan Institute of Virology from the export control and intangible technology transfer perspectives.”

“We are particularly interested to know how China plans to vet incoming foreign researchers from countries of biological weapons proliferation concern,” Clinton added.

Clinton further requested Australia Group members hand over any information related to China’s biological and chemical weapons program:

The U.S. believes AG members would be interested in any information you can share related to China and North Korea, specifically information related to:

– China’s Institutes of Biological Products (locations in Beijing and Wuhan), to include overhead imagery analysis, if possible.

– Your perceptions of the CBW proliferation activities by Chinese entities.

– Your perceptions of Chinese government efforts to enforce its export control rules.

At the end of the email, Hillary signed “CLINTON” at the bottom.

It’s interesting and rather telling to note that the Australia Group is made up of 42 nations, not one of them being Communist China. The Five Eyes nations of Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, the United States, and Australia are part of the group but none of them seemed to do much about the Wuhan lab.

What’s even more interesting is that Clinton has never spoken publicly about these emails or her concerns about the Wuhan lab since the entire COVID charade has started.

As a matter of fact, in March 2021, after it had been well established that the virus did, in fact, come from the Wuhan lab, Clinton insisted that it was “racist” to suggest that SARS-CoV-2 was leaked from the notorious CCP lab.

According to these emails, Clinton was well aware of the dangers posed by the risky research and work being done at the Wuhan lab and did nothing to intervene while she was Secretary of State.

She knew there was the possibility of biological weapons emerging from the lab and she did nothing.

Is anyone surprised? We aren’t either.

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  1. actually Chopper i could care less about the 1 term twice impeached loser that you have blind faith in. It does seem that Hillary is living rent free in your cults heads for years now with nothing to show for it so good luck with your cult maybe one day you will see reality(i doubt it) but maybe you never know!!

    • Actual william the little queer who cares what you think and believe. You’re simply an angry little queer man with Trump Derangement Syndrome. As far as cults little queer man, you and your hero Barry oBama are actually two peas in a pod with your hero having the superior intellect .

      I suggest you get help for your Trump Derangement Syndrome because he isn’t leaving this world and your tiny head YET.. that’s fact which NO one can deny little queer man !

      As always little queer man ,thanks for sharing your ignorance and unwanted advice , proves with every key stroke you’re nothing but progressive liberal trash.

  2. I do not have a reply, but an observation. . . .a observation that is looking more sinister each and every day indicating that Obama has achieved his goal. . .government dictated and managed health car.
    The planes cannot fly, the shipping is messed up, the stores cannot get goods delivered. the employers cannot get employees and so much more plus this morning all the farriers are sick with covid so the horse cannot get his shoes change plus this incompetent government says they need to get a handle on this virus because the vaccinated and boosted are getting sick with covid and it is the unvaccinated fault!

    I would think it was funny as well as ironic that the government controlled medical board who will NOT approve a tested with a evidence and successful track record of curing covid but the doctors are pushing an untested non-vaccine which is not approved and is experimental instead of medications that DO CURE AND DO PREVENT the virus and Fauci is running around telling us to do and undo precautions of masks that we know are useless for a virus that is so small it travels through them like a four lane highway. He tells us to lock down again and that is the answer, but we have done that over and over again without any difference.

    Why not stop tying doctors hands and allow them to function based on medical science not political science. Allow us to have ivermectin. It is inexpensive and DOES THE JOB without causing bleeding in the brain , heart issues that cause death or blood clots. it just cures and protects and that would be the end of all the problems the democrats have tied themselves into knots creating and convincing us that exist. No more lock downs no more testing ,no more passports, children could go to school and all the other idiot demands of the democrats . The CDC, NIH, the pharmaceuticals and the government are scamming America as they fill their pockets at the cost of the wasting of our lives.

  3. How can an article concerning Hillary’s crimes and derelictions aggravate the low info trolls with Trump Derangement Syndrome ?

    Just ask the little queer man william lavoie .

    • It’s a combination of drugs and ignorance and the all mighty hatred of Donald John Trump that drives this little queer man into convulsions .

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    • Word salad from the little queer man with TRUMP Derangement Syndrome!!!! You do know this article isn’t about Donald John Trump don’t you queer ? DJT must live in your tiny head 24/7 , must be the cult you joined huh little queer man ?

    • We laugh at you! …willy-the-dimwit … The problem concerning facts vs propaganda confuses little willy … he always proposes the same brainwashed theme … on par with sewing circle gossip … the democrat talking points. Incapable of producing any facts, little willy creates the natural childish reaction … “they will believe me now when I YELL LOUDER.” Displaying limited intellectual debate and continuously failing to provide any documented proof behind his daffy remarks gets him an ‘F’ grade here.

      Got that, willy? You are not impressive here. Only the other liberal lightweights here spouting the same low awareness can agree with your hate-filled, ignorant statements. A mind is a sad thing to waste.

    • You and the other likeminded drones mindlessly professing for, and clinging to socialism and Marxism are definitely big reasons why America is in trouble. Easily fooled through fear-based manipulation and propaganda, you are no more than human herd animals.

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  5. The consistency we see in the democratic mind is a willful petulant child’s mind is to have the dim witted rule as a child rebellious mind would want to rule, without reason, without wisdom. They are unwise counsel from beginning to end. I listen to the rational that is given by the red headed voice of the WH, how they will do any thing necessary to get their way in spite of the reality that they are ignoring the loudly spoken will of the majority of the people in this country THAT THEY WERE ELECTED TO SERVE. The infantile thinking that if we will not bend to their ambitions they have the option to change the rules of congress’s functioning to give themselves what they want.

    Surprise ! They are in their positions NOT TO GET THEIR AMBITIONS FULFILLED, but to serve the people of this country. They are like the child who flexes their will and throws a tantrum so others will do what they want. Like a child who wants to change the rules in the middle of a ball game they are loosing so they can win. It is like a male swimmer who changes the rules so they can win as a female swimmer.

    This so called administration made up of Obama retreads changed the election rules on their own volition, out side the laws of the state legislatures so they could win. Is it a win or is it a stolen gain?

    Now they want to change the rules of congress so they can fulfill the wants of a child like will to manipulate the rules. They are people who serve themselves, and the rest of the world needs to buckle under and let them have their way even though their wants have been through out history, total disasters.

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  10. The Tea Party is as worthless as congress and the RINO’s hiding in plain sight – why hasn’t this information not been on the front page of every internet blog and newspaper in America???

    LEAKED: Hillary Clinton Emails Reveal Concerns About ‘Biological Weapons’ Created At Wuhan Lab

    • Interesting that you believe the ‘newspaper’ is telling you the truth.

      Why isn’t Dr. Robert Malone who invented the mRNA technology, which was used to create the Pfizer and Moderna COVID vaccines [not vaccines … gene therapy bioweapons] … he has been speaking out about the dangers of the COVID shot, on the headline news? Why isn’t the AFLD [Americas Frontline Doctors] headline news? Why isn’t Sen Ron Johnson not been on news broadcasts telling people that there is NO NEED for mass vaccinations? Why haven’t the ~thousands of doctors warning about the deadly toxic substances in the poison injection been on headline news in America? On and on …….etc.

    • Hey Lavoie,,,, wanna know what’s even MORE amazing ???? The time y’all spend on this site trying to peddle your ill propaganda. Not doin too well are ya. But thank you for being the “class clown” for all of us. Jokes are always appreciated.

    • Hey little queer man lovoie, how’s your TDS ..I see you’re still afflicted by it ..Good news. Losers like you should suffer.

      Amazing is believing a Clinton is honest and truthful. You are amazing little queer man lovoie. No wonder you belong to Ohomo’s cult of losers .

  11. It all started under 0bunga. The lab was moved to China under 0bunga. Fauchi was there from the very 1st day. The arab spring, isis, it started under 0bunga. blm started under 0bunga. Everything, and everyone is racist started under 0bunga. Anti police rhetoric started under obama. Forcing the lgbdqp on society started under 0bunga. I could go on.

    • Ohomo should be in prison but he’s in Hawaii with babies momma living it up on the taxpayers dime .
      What else would you expect from a freeloader?



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