( Exclusive) – It’s no secret there was a lot of unusual activity that took place during the 2020 presidential election, and while it’s certainly true that any and every election has at least a little bit of voter fraud going on, many experts in the field agree that in those particular races, there was not enough done to sway the direction of the Electoral College vote count.

However, as WND points out in its latest report, that doesn’t mean the election wasn’t deliberately rigged. That statement was made by Margot Cleveland who writes for the Federalist. And she is more than qualified to speak on the subject.

Cleveland is also a contributor with National Review Online, the Washington Examiner, Aleteia, and She has also had pieces published by the Wall Street Journal and USA Today.

And if that wasn’t enough for you to trust what she has to say, WND’s report goes on to say, “While at Notre Dame Law School before her graduation she earned the Hoynes Prize – the law school’s highest honor. And she spent nearly 25 years as a permanent law clerk for a federal appellate judge on the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals.”

Cleveland’s comments on this topic come about as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s ridiculously biased committee that has been tasked with “investigating” the riot that took place at the Capitol building on Jan. 6, 2021 is set to make a television appearance in order to promote its own narrative about what happened that day.

And, true to Democratic Party form, they will continue to place the lion’s share of the blame on the shoulders of President Donald Trump.

“The committee members have heard testimony that actual fraudulent votes didn’t amount to enough to change the result,” the report from WND said. “However, Cleveland explains there’s more than that that should be of concern following the 2020 results.”

“Stealing an election by fraud is not the only way to rig an outcome. Elections are rigged when systemic violations of election law occur,” she went on to write. “That there was no widespread fraud in November 2020 doesn’t mean that the election was not rigged to keep Donald Trump out of the White House.”

Cleveland then noted that “The election was rigged with every illegal drop box placed in Democrat-heavy precincts.”

She then said, “The election was rigged when the Pennsylvania legislature unconstitutionally authorized no-excuse absentee voting and when Philadelphia clerks illegally inspected ballots and then told Democrat activists which voters needed to cure their ballots for their votes to count.”

“The election was rigged when Wisconsin election officials ignored the state election code, telling voters they were ‘indefinitely confined’ because of Covid and that nursing homes could ignore Wisconsin’s requirement that special voting deputies oversee elections in residential facilities,” Cleveland wrote in her piece.

She then remarked, “The election was rigged when Georgia rendered the election code’s mandate of signature verifications inoperable and the state court delayed a hearing on Trump’s challenge to the Georgia outcome until after the vote certification, thereby ignoring evidence that more than 35,000 illegal votes were included in the state’s tally — more than enough to require a court to throw out the election.”

Again, this is a woman with credentials a mile long. She clearly knows what she is talking about and everything she says needs to be taken seriously. If we do not address the issues that happened during the previous election, many on the left will take that as a sign that it’s okay to keep going and trying even more outlandish things to steal elections, effectively destroying the voice and the will of the American people when it comes to choosing their leaders and representatives.

“What is known about the 2020 election is that the results almost without doubt were influenced by the $420 million in Mark Zuckerberg money that he handed out to mostly leftist elections officials, who often used it for get-out-the-vote efforts in Democrat strongholds. That money was distributed outside the channels of any regulation that normally applies to political campaign spending,” the report stated.

“Further, the legacy and social media corporations cooperated in suppressing accurate, but very damaging, reporting about Joe Biden, his son Hunter and the family’s international business schemes just days before the election,” it continued.

Several analysts have come to the conclusion that either of those actions alone could have led to election results favoring Biden.

What’s equally disturbing, many local election officials seemingly ignored their states’ laws concerning mail-in voting and absentee ballots, going on to count them for days after the voting was supposed to have been closed.

Cleveland went on to explain, “The Jan. 6 show trial continues this week in the House, with several partisan aims remaining in focus, chief among them conditioning the public to believe the Nov. 3, 2020, election was the most secure in American history. By limiting their focus to select and disproven claims of election fraud, the Democrat-stacked House committee provides a bait-and-switch prime-time presentation designed to convince the country that Trump lied to his supporters when he declared the election was stolen.”

She stated that the rigging was evident, “when the press refused to bare the secret that Hunter Biden provided his dad, the ‘Big Guy,’ a 10 percent kickback from the various millions made in a pay-to-play scandal.”

“When Twitter blocked the New York Post’s reporting on the Hunter Biden laptop and the material uncovered from its hard drive and then when every elite media outlet ignored the story,” Cleveland continued.

“When the same legacy and social media outlets that censored the explosive Joe Biden scandal instead promoted the false claim that the Post’s reporting was Russian disinformation,” she said.

Cleveland then added, “When the lapdog media outlets pantingly ran the Russia disinformation cover story to protect Joe Biden, knowing Attorney General William Barr’s Department of Justice would not leak the truth, but would instead preserve its independence and remain silent while the corrupt press lied to the American public.”

So, no evidence of “fraud?” Well, that could be.

“But the election was still rigged against Trump six ways to Sunday,” she concluded.

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  1. absolutely .
    but you left out most corrupt hateful political this country has ever seen . Maxine waters. .add in Dianne FeinStein .. Debbie Wasserman .. these corrupt lying criminals have been elected year after. year … last 30- 40 years . anyone believing California elections are honest is reason . more then half the state consists of illegals criminals and perverts

  2. Pelosi, Schiff and their ilk obviously think very little of the American public. Pelosi has been getting over on the voters in her district for so long, how could she think anything else. The voters in San Francisco are a disgrace. They look at their city go from one of the most beautiful cities in America to a virtual cesspool and keep voting for those who caused it’s downfall. Schiff’s district is no better.
    As far as their kangaroo court, the only ones that believe any of it put Pelosi and Schiff in office. They should be able to tell that by how miserable their ratings were. There’s no way in the world these deceitful, subversive enemies of the USA are ever going to convince the majority that this election wasn’t the most treasonous crime ever leveled at our country.
    This mid term, they might get the surprise of their lives if they try it again. Pelosi, Schiff and the rest of the anti- American trash will be a thing of the past one way or another. Hopefully, our elected officials will for once in their lives, step up and stop these criminal bastards.


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