Crazy Liz Cheney Terrified Of Trump’s Live Testimony, Says January 6 Committee Won’t Consider Broadcasting It To The American People

( Exclusive) – One of the most ardent anti-Trump Republicans in Congress, Liz Cheney, is about to see the end of her political career due to a loss in the GOP primary this year, but before she leaves office, she’s apparently giddy to get former President Donald Trump to testify before her on the January 6th Committee. With the clash between the two individuals, it seems this would be a bit of sweet revenge for Cheney.

Keep in mind that the committee Cheney sits on is the same one that would not allow any real, legitimate Republicans to join due to being scared they would end up exposing all of the undercover FBI operatives who might have been involved in the incident at the Capitol building, as well as calling on Speaker Nancy Pelosi to offer up an explanation for why she refused to call in the National Guard, but somehow managed to set up a special camera crew to document her day.

According to The Gateway Pundit, Cheney recently told a gaggle of left-wing reporters over the weekend that she would not consider airing Trump’s testimony on live television. That doesn’t seem weird or suspicious or anything, does it? Why would she not want this part of the proceedings to be blasted all over the place? Liberals were dying to turn these hearings into a primetime event, now that they might land the big fish, they suddenly don’t want any coverage?

The folks over at AOL noted, “Raising the stakes on its extraordinary subpoena to Donald Trump, the House committee investigating the Capitol riot indicated Sunday it would not consider letting the former president testify live on television about the direct role that congressional investigators say he played in trying to overturn the 2020 election.”

“The committee is demanding Trump’s testimony under oath next month as well as records relevant to its investigation. To avoid a complicated and protracted legal battle, Trump reportedly had told associates he might consider complying with the subpoena if he could answer questions during live testimony,” AOL continued.

The news publication then added, “But Rep. Liz Cheney, the committee’s vice chair, on Sunday rejected the possibility. She said the committee, which makes its major decisions with unanimous consent, would not allow Trump’s testimony to turn into a ‘food fight’ on TV and she warned that the committee will take action if he does not comply with the subpoena.”

“We are going to proceed in terms of the questioning of the former president under oath,” Cheney, R-Wyo., stated during an appearance on “Meet the Press” on NBC. “It may take multiple days, and it will be done with a level of rigor and discipline and seriousness that it deserves. We are not going to allow — he’s not going to turn this into a circus.”

Again, it’s just weird that the committee suddenly doesn’t want things to become a “circus” when that’s exactly what they were hoping for at the beginning. The radical left has been on a witch hunt against Trump ever since he announced his candidacy the first time around. All because he speaks his mind and stands for putting America first. This point of view represents the majority of average American citizens.

Their fight against Trump, their constant barrage of attacks, aren’t just aimed at him, but at all of us too.

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  1. I suspect DIZZY LIZZY is finished in Politics unless she changes political parties and a new state, I dont believe the good people of WYOMING want anything to do with her, Maybe MSNBC or CNN might give her a job i understand she is going to VIRGINIA TO TEACH sorry CHOPPER. If i were in her class i would request a transfer.

    • She grew up No Va. while Dick was vice potus Lins . She is a full blown liberal piece of trash …period !

  2. Hey Lizzy, clean your office out …you’re done representing the good folks of Wyoming. They want a patriot, not some DC ,queer loving loser . Good Riddance!

    • If folks want actual criminals to testify why not have the left’s hero 0bama take the stand for several days . Surely oBama has knowledge of voter fraud , FBI fraud , insurance fraud, Biden’s crime family, IRS fraud .

    • Please testify Joey 0biden before you die in our “Whitehouse” . Americans need one batch of lies and deceptions..

    • You should change your avatar to 0bamasVagina, it certainly fits you !
      Today’s progressive trash sure love Lizzy , her constituents NOT so much ?

  3. Now she is endorsing the derelicts in the democrat party folks due to her own derelictions.

    Yep, she’s definitely a democrat liberal piece of trash WITHOUT a JOB !

    God Bless America .

  4. As per usual Liz and the other progressive filth ( william lavoie) included call Trump a liar yet they swoon over their hero Obama,the greatest liar known to man

    Weird isn’t it ?

    • Little queer man william lavoie dreams everyday bathing with his hero Brock Hussein Obama.. NO DOUBT folks !

  5. LOL as per usual chopper you cant refute the truth about your cult leaders inability to tell the TRUJT so you go your standard homophobic slurs. Seems all you know is that says all about you that needs to be said AGAIN! Keep trying maybe one day you may trip over the truth.

    • Truth is you’re a sad little queer man with Trump Derangement Syndrome .
      You notice I can spell where you cannot loser ?

    • William Lavoie ,,, Why are you trolling this site? Are you proud of the Left’s agenda with it’s immoral and twisted concepts? The left,,, is derelict in ethics. Their values encompass immorality and socialism. They condone the new woke agenda, and common core concepts. They support full term abortion and allowing men in girls bathrooms.
      The upper left is behind agenda 2030 and the extermination of 5 billion people.
      I suggest you get educated in reality and with what the Left is doing.
      On the other hand,, being one of them,, you support their infection and disease.

    • The only thing little queer man william lavoie is interested is in another man’s income.. he’s just another loser with TDS Rob Lee !

    • Plus she’s suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome like the rest of progressive trash!

      Good riddance!

  6. Liz FAILED her constituents and the losers and failures with Trump Derangement Syndrome like william the little queer man lavoie rejoice in her FAILURES .
    Little wonder why she’s NOW a loser with her constituents!

    • tRUMp wont testify that would involving him doing so under oath and telling the truth which he has no idea of what that is!!

    • Another loser with Trump Derangement Syndrome appears william the little queer man lavoie .can we guess you’re an expert in the truth or blowing another man to satisfaction?

    • President Trump doesn’t need to testify gayBoy . Now , your new hero sleepy Joe Biden JUST might need to testify concerning his family’s criminal enterprise though gayBoy.
      Truth matters , your hero’s oHomo and Bidum are the REAL criminals, of course you DO know that gayBoy ..lying and stealing is an attribute to you losers called democRATS .. that’s the truth no one can deny!


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