Maricopa County Audit Report Not Expected For 8 Weeks – A Potential Sign Of Major Issues

( Exclusive) – The Maricopa County audit in Arizona is coming to a close now that the hand-counting portion of the process has been officially completed. Workers are now conducting analysis to determine whether or not the paper ballots themselves are legal and free of manipulation.

This segment of the audit, led by the auditing firm Cyber Ninjas, is supposed to wrap up on June 26, according to audit representatives, but a full report is not expected for another eight weeks.

According to an article by the Epoch Times, the final report from the audit of Arizona’s largest county is not expected to be released until mid-August.

The Arizona State Senate will only have control of the Veterans Memorial Coliseum until June 30 and are expected to vacate the premises by July 1, however, the work won’t quite be done.

Ken Bennett, liaison for the audit and a former Arizona Republican Secretary of State, told the Epoch Times, “We’ve got the remainder of June to do what we’re doing here at the coliseum. Then there’s a few weeks probably of work on checking the envelope signatures, and looking at voter registration anomalies, and this work that we want to do on the retabulation, so maybe that takes up some or most of July, and then the auditors are going to need a few to several weeks to put the report together.”

This audit has been a massive undertaking as Maricopa County isn’t just the largest county in Arizona, it’s also one of the largest counties in the entire country. The 2.1 million votes from Maricopa represent around 60% of the state’s votes.

Naturally, this process is going to take some time to complete, not to mention it needs to be done thoroughly and meticulously.

Another reason the report could require several weeks to produce is because of the obvious problems with fraud and corruption in the county. Democrats and the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors have been fighting the audit tooth and nail since the Arizona Senate issued subpoenas for the ballots and machines months ago.

It was no easy task for the Republicans in the state Senate to finally see this audit come to fruition but now that it has, we’re feeling confident they have uncovered the truth and the truth is very much worth being patient and waiting for.

As the Gateway Pundit points out, if there were no issues and the results of the election matched the findings of the audit, “then the report could be done in a day” but audit representatives aren’t indicating things will be that simple.

On the other hand, if there are a lot of issues, and we expect there to be plenty of missing ballots, fraudulent ballots and missing chain of custody documentation, then it’s only natural that the audit report could take time to properly put together.

The Arizona audit team will need as much time as possible to put together their report as there is no doubt in our minds, nor in the minds of millions of Trump supporters, that the election in Arizona was massively influenced by fraud, corruption and Democrat shenanigans.

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  1. The good people of Arizona are going to be very upset when the audit reveals Mark Kelly lost to Martha Mcsally especially when he is voting on bills the people of Arizona overwhelmingly reject, These good for nothing cheating lying Democrats and their Marxist ideology need to be outlawed as a political party.

  2. maybe just like all political things money offered to stop or delay so more cheating can be done is now being done during the delay, just following the hillary play book ???

  3. I doubt that Chopperpilot has it right, but justice would be served in the end if Biden and Obama along with a number of others went to jail for a long time. The problem is our courts are generally spineless. It is not clear what they fear but something has rendered them mute, especially the U S Supreme Court. What a disappointment the Trump appointees have been.

    • We all know democrat criminals are never charged much less prosecuted including Bath house Barry Soetoro or a Clinton.

  4. Nothing will happen to the Democrats, it will only show corruption they did. It would take proof of the actual millions of fraud voting, to make a difference.

    • Wish that were true with all my heart! The problem with this audit, and those to follow, is that it allows the unelected administration to further destroy the country. They are hell-bent on bringing America to her knees and are well on the way to doing so.

    • It will not change the outcome of the election. Once it us certified by the legislature its a done deal. That is the law, but it will allow for prosecution and prison sentences for anyone determined to have attempted to manipulate an election. It is important to conduct and audit after every election. If you see significant issues…then you formally audit the rest of the counties. That way you can determine how pervasive the problem. Common sense.

    • That would be so very sweet,but really where would you get such tease of information. I personaly do not see anything of the sort happening. BUMMER

    • Not entirely so, Leslie. When a state certifies as true and accurate the vote totals known not to be true and accurate but refuses to acknowledge the inaccuracy, who fixes that wrong? There is a remedy through the legal system, however, to have ‘them’ do the right action is another question.


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