Members Of Congress Voted To Send Billions To Ukraine While Making A Killing On Defense Stocks

( Exclusive) – Lawmakers were absolutely rolling in mountains of cash due to profits generated by defense contractor stocks after they voted in favor of sending billions of dollars in military aid to Ukraine, according to financial disclosures and voting records released by the Daily Caller News Foundation. It seems that politicians only truly care about two things: money and power. Especially leftists who will take advantage of any situation that arises to gain or keep their position in the government and increase the cash that lines their pockets.

Those who have Ukrainian flags in their bios on social media platforms should be ashamed of themselves. After all, they are the enablers for radical left-wingers who see any and all global unrest as an opportunity to get richer than they already are. It’s not about being morally upright and defending innocent individuals from being invaded and mistreated by Russia. The question a politician always asks before doing literally anything at all, is “what’s in it for me?”

Micaela Burrow, writing for the Daily Caller, says, “The U.S. has delivered more than $20 billion worth of military aid to Ukraine between Jan. 24, a month before Russia invaded, and Nov. 20, according to data compiled by the Council on Foreign Relations, and Congress has approved billions more in spending on Ukraine. To make up for that aid, top defense companies have boosted production, and lawmakers trading on company stocks saw a financial windfall as a result, according to publicly available stock trading data.”

So which members of congress benefitted the most from the aid package? Democrat Rep. Earl Blumenauer from Oregon brought in the highest average returns on defense company stock since 2021 with 40 percent, as per a chart published this week by Unusual Whales.

“While unforeseen demand has left top weapons makers, like Lockheed Martin, Raytheon Technologies and Northrop Grumman, scrambling to meet production targets, defense stocks are performing well overall, according to Investopedia,” Burrow writes. “Former Democratic Rep. Cindy Axne of Iowa sold Lockheed Martin stock for a profit in November, after voting in favor not only of the May supplemental package, but also for a September emergency funding bill that authorized an additional $12 billion in weapons for Ukraine, according to the Congressional Record.”

Burrow continues, “Lawmakers voted with the majority of their party on that measure and the and the omnibus spending bill passed in December, which includes an additional $45 billion in Ukraine aid, the Congressional Record shows. All Democrats supported the continuing resolution in September and all but one voted yea on the omnibus bill, Business Insider reported.”

Democratic Congressman Dwight Evans from the state of Pennsylvania acknowledged a Raytheon sale back in November from stock that was bought before the conflict between Russia and Ukraine even started. This means that he voted in favor of the funding bills while also knowingly having a stake in a top-selling defense company. That’s just a tad bit shady.

“Democratic Virginia Rep. Gerald Connolly, a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee (HFAC), sold up to $50,000 in assets from defense information technology firm Leidos in August 2022 after slowly offloading stocks throughout 2021. Connolly co-sponsored a House initiative to send military aid to Ukraine days after Russia invaded, meaning he held Leidos stocks while advocating to supersize U.S. military support abroad,” the article states.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene made some money off of owning stock in a defense company involved in the Ukraine aide package, however, she voted against its passing, which means she wasn’t trying to play the system and get rich like Democrats were. Another member of the GOP, Sen. Deb Fischer of Nebraska, ended up selling $100,000 worth of Lockheed Martin stock last June. However, the stock was something she inherited from her mother.

The bottom line is that politicians should not go into the realm of public service to get rich. Yet, that seems to be exactly what is happening. This is what leads to massive corruption and the filling of the swamp until governmental positions are so diluted they no longer function in their proper capacity. This has got to change if we want our nation to return to its roots.

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  1. How to become wealthy serving in the US government Senate..See Joe Biden and his hero 0bama’s histories of wealth growth for the perfect example. Two lousy attorneys NO would ever hire for a simple parking ticket, yet they’ve become wealthy “serving” Americans .

  2. We start cleaning our country up first by eliminating the corruption in Washington D.C. The swamp is completely out of control because the corruption is never being punished or even called out, There has been over the years a few brave and honest reporters that have exposed some of it but for the most part our news media is so biased and dishonest they dont bother to even report on the corruption inside the swamp, But lets be honest here its not just one political party its both, We send these people to Washington to represent us they are not there to serve and enrich themselves but that is exactly what they are doing and its never going to change until we demand fair and honest representation from those we elect, It is time for Federal Regulations to be imposed to prevent elected officials from investigating in defense contracts and investing in companies that will directly benefit from proposed contracts from the Federal Government. There is little doubt that a large number of our elected officials are benefitting from insider trading and it has to be stopped. The question is, Will it ever be regulated? Thers is serious doubts, Its like letting someone that has committed a serious crime impose their own sentence. Term limits would reduce a lot of the corruption in Washington but that will never be implemented. Congress will never fire themselves.

    • Start with criminal charges against their hero 0bama and Bydum first . Then Have them shipped executed in the public square on live tv .
      Perfect deterrent for the next batch of lying progressive politicians!

    • ‘But lets be honest here its not just one political party its both,’

      Unusually balanced analysis here from the Lins/Chopper bot. Libs must be the character that allows whoever invented all these people to take a slightly less extreme line on things and create an illusion of variance. Nice.

    • “Let’s be honest” , you’ll never find any liberal truly committed to honesty. If you do’s lying as usual fake Majorie. Surely you KNOW that , your hero Ohomo was the best liar libtrash could ever find .

  3. If Congress used food stamp monies to support the Ukraine war against Russia today’s progressive liberal filth would be destroying ever major city in America as they did in 2000 with their hero’s death, George Floyd .


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