Michigan Rep. Steve Carra Is Now Calling For Forensic Audit Of Election Results, Which Includes, ‘Making Sure Machines Were Not Connected To The Internet’

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – Just days after the election that took place last November, hundreds of members of the Republican Party and Independent poll challengers filed affidavits attesting to voter fraud or voter irregularities that they happened to witness while they were working at polling places, inside city offices, as Dominion contract employees, and at the TCF Center located in the city of Detroit.

If you remember correctly, the TCF is where early morning dumps of thousands of ballots were made in the seedy back hallways of the counting facility the day after the election took place.

According to the Gateway Pundit, residents in Michigan have signed and delivered a whopping 7,500 affidavits calling for some kind of forensic audit to be done of the election results.

“Lawmakers like House Oversight Chair Steve Johnson, who only last week mocked the Arizona audit in an exclusive interview with 100 Percent Fed Up, have ignored the will of his constituents who’ve been demanding lawmakers address the issue of election fraud in Michigan. During an exclusive interview with 100 Percent Fed Up, Rep. Johnson told us he believes the forensic audit that’s currently taking place in Arizona is “a joke…a wasted effort…a disaster,” adding, “The election is over,…Trump is not coming back into office,” the GP report said.

Well, now conservative Michigan Rep. Steve Carra is calling for an audit as well. He just introduced a piece of legislation called House Bill 5091, requesting that a $2.5 million forensic audit of the election results in the state be done immediately.

“Much like Arizona’s forensic audit, which lawmakers and observers across the nation have praised, Carra’s bill would require a bipartisan board to hire an outside group to conduct the forensic audit. The board would include one poll challenger from each political party from the November election. Michigan’s proposed audit would use Arizona’s audit as a model and cover 10% of the precincts in Michigan’s 83 counties, and audit a random sampling of 20% of the precincts in Detroit, where election results are frequently called into question,” the report added.

Cara recently conducted an interview with Us Against Media and stated that he thinks the forensic audit is absolutely necessary. Carra said, “I think there’s a system created that is very ripe for fraud, and by doing this audit, I think we can expose some of it.”

We absolutely need to have answers concerning all of the irregularities that have popped up in key battleground states. If there was legitimate voter fraud, we need to take legal steps to ensure that an election is never stolen from the American people again.

This is something that every conservative needs to be pushing for. It’s important to preserve the integrity of our election system in order to ensure America exists for future generations.

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  1. This country has been undeniably taken over by antiAmerican,antiConstitution, wicked, godless forces. Our only real help is calling on Heavenly Father, Jehovah God, to get US out of this jam.

    But enough sincere people have to repent on behalf of the USA for its many defiances of the true God such as killing over 60,000,000 children that God created in the womb, sanctioning alternate marriage against what God-created male-female marriage, copious amounts of corruption, violence and perversions in this country, and especially by its leaders.
    No wonder the true God of the Bible left US.

  2. House Oversight Chair Steve Johnson is a bag of dung. This creep has the mentality of a garden slug, and is only a lowly parrot for the democrat pushers for the communistic takeover of America. The people of America need to get a grip on what is happening … the total disregard of the constitution, its laws, and direction for maintaining our liberties, and freedoms created for and by the Republic. This is NOT A DEMOCRACY and was never meant to be one. I for one am sick of these useless traitors in government.

  3. I have another question.

    “GOP Senator John Cornyn Negotiating Amnesty Deal for Illegal Aliens with Democrats”

    Why is it needful to negotiate with a criminal that broke into our country illegally. We are spending about one and a half million a day for the support of these invaders that have come into the country at the invitation of a fraud in the WH, so the whole situation is a crime, pure and simple.


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