Mike Pence Heckled And Booed, Called A “Traitor” At Faith & Freedom Coalition (Video)

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – Mike Pence was met with boos and chants of “traitor” on Friday when he took the podium at the Faith & Freedom Coalition conference in Kissimmee, Florida to address a crowd of evangelical and conservative activists.

Pence was the final speaker following other prominent Republicans such as US Senators Marco Rubio and Rick Scott of Florida, Ted Cruz of Texas, and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina. None of these other speakers took the heat that Pence took when he arose to address the crowd.

While there were scattered boos, one person can be clearly heard yelling “Traitor!” as Pence began to speak and many people even left the conference altogether in protest. Security worked quickly to remove those yelling out at Pence.

Despite the fact that Mike Pence has consistently voted and governed in line with the Faith & Freedom Coalition, many in the crowd were just unable to get past the fact that Pence could have stopped the stolen 2020 election by sending contested results back to the states.

Instead, Pence did nothing and went ahead and confirmed Joe Biden as the president of the United States.

Trump supporters have been slow to forgive Pence for this, if at all.


Pence is expected to run for president in 2024 if President Trump does not but it seems as though he might have a difficult road ahead, especially if he is counting on Trump supporters for their support.

Pence appeared to be a loyal supporter of President Trump throughout their term in the White House and highlighted this during his speech.

During his remarks he touted the success of the coronavirus vaccine and he and Trump’s success in restoring religious freedom. He also took a few shots at the Biden regime for failing to take stronger action to defend Israel and its abysmal handling of illegal immigration and the border crisis.

“When I was vice president, I visited the southern border,” Pence said, referring to the current VP’s refusal to do the same even amidst serious pressure to do so.

Nonetheless, many Republicans just can’t get past the stolen election and why should they? As a result of the election, America has been rapidly plummeted into the radical left’s agenda with the ultimate goal being socialism.

Joe Biden appears to be a puppet controlled by a number of powerful globalist elites who want nothing more than to destroy America from the inside out. He exudes weakness and the world is falling back into chaos and unrest as a result.

How can Trump supporters and freedom-loving conservatives simply just accept the fraudulent results of the stolen election. So much damage has already been done to America. What will this country look like after four years of Joe Biden and the radical left?

Mike Pence could have taken action. He could have done more. Instead he kowtowed to the pressure from Democrats and did exactly what they wanted him to. No wonder many on the right are having a hard time respecting him now.

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  1. chopper it is obvious you have no idea of what you claim is “fraud” surprised im not well keep trying to come up with real examples i can wait to hear your “fraud” excuses!!!

    • Again ,Happy pride month you sad little queer man Low iq . You can’t get enough abuse can you gay boy?

  2. speaking of losers chopper why cant you answer a question about “fraud” w/o insults or homophobic slurs??? It is because you have ZERO!!!PROOF!!!

    • I can answer questions till the cows come home LOSER .

      I cannot COMPREHEND the answers for you LOW iq liberal trash .

      Btw little queer man, HAPPY PRIDE month !!!! This you understand eh ?

  3. keep trying chopper you seem to be more bent out of shape because i call tRUMP the biggest LOSER IN PRESIDENTIAL HISTORY!!! 2 TIMES IMPEACHED 1 TERM LOSER tRUMP IS!!!

    • With you being a LOSER in life I find it hard to fathom Donald John Trump is considered anything like you LOSERS in LIFE .

      Is that a fair statement loser ?

      Btw LOSER happy pride month again, don’t miss your hero’s oBama next parade .. he might throw his panties to you ,you lucky piece of trash.

    • Have you ever noticed LOSERS start a sentence with” as ive said “ l0w iQ ?
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    • You’ve only whined incessantly about the greatest president ever Donald John Trump Low iq .
      That’s a fact huh little queer gay boy..?

      Btw , happy pride month to you and your hero oBama Low iQ ….

  4. the fact that 4 of you cultists choose to insult and ignore the facts about Pence being loyal to the constitution instead of tRUMP shows me all i need to know that you really dont care about it and only are loyal to a LOSER!! FORMER PRESIDENT!!!

    • Listen-up dopey low iq, trolls like you ignore FACTS. Even with irrefutable, undeniable facts in your face, you and your idiot, communist beliefs couldn’t decipher truth. And neither can your lying, brain dead, illegal, laughing stock of the entire world, fool acting as if he is a president! What a nauseating bunch you are.

    • Happy pride month Low iq , let’s never forget this for you and your hero oBama.
      You and the other lgbt freaks are the true cultists . That’s fact which NO one can deny.

    • BTW, very low iq, you have shown that you KNOW NOTHING about the Constitution, and the cesspool democrat party you affiliate with … plus their scummy communist efforts to dismantle that great document. That piece of paper has allowed you nitwits the right to yell, scream and cheerlead for the destruction of our country, America. You miserable, little jerks should be ashamed to be identified as an American.

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      Gotta be Trump Derangement Syndrome with a LGBT twist , you know , an oBama NUT …

    • Just like his hero the sissyman Hussein’ bath house ‘ Barry oBama but WITHOUT the intellect.

  5. Mr. Roberts: I agree with your opinion on this matter and I’m in your “camp”.
    I believe Mike Pence betrayed president Trump! He should have sent this election back to the congress, period.
    I refuse to believe Pence did not know the fraud going on in these corrupt state’s.

  6. I am sorry I think of Pence as a traitor along with most of the republicans and the rncc gop and republicans that want us nmow to give them money to fight what they should have stopped before we got in this state. Anyone who thot Jo and Ho won this election after not getting fore than a few people at their rallies is wrong.


  8. Boo- hisss
    This would not happen under Trump Presidency
    Lacked a back bone then so now all lip services
    Cannot trust you in any form or manner
    You lost us
    Thank is all we can say

  9. his only “crime” is that he choose the constitution over tRUMP and would not back his attempts to override the FAIR AND HONEST RESULTS!!!

    • Happy pride month Low iq . Nice to see you’re still whining about our greatest president ever Donald John Trump.

    • TO: no IQ
      what a wetard nobody is that stupid. you are beyond stupid. you are just stuck with your head stuck up your A $$. cannot see anything but TDS

    • iq , I have come to the conclusion that you are not a human being with a mind to observe outcomes and the activities going on around you. Like a machine you have no access to rational thinking or judgment. Will someone please save the power and take out his batteries.He is not able to learn or analyze, so this is just the output of a battery driven machine unable to think for itself. It prints just does what it is programed to say. A very low level of functioning.

    • NO IQ I dont believe it was a fair and honest election something stinks with this whole mess i do not believe BIDEN is a duly elected President
      as for MIKE PENCE he followed the Constitution as he should have
      If those that want to blame him they should be pointing their fingers at Congress and the RNC that is where the failure occured and it most definently needs to be investigated i do not believe the American people were weak enough or that uninformed to elect this incompetent BAFOON to office.

    • Low iq is an oBama worshipper lins, nothing you say will sway this loser’s empty mind . He wants his hero Bath house Barry back .

  10. Certify has many meanings that Mike Pence disregarded. That is why his position as Vice President is given the responsibility for certifying the states voting which means he was responsible for attest or confirm in a formal statement.
    “the votes which had been certified by the states

    vouch for
    testify to
    provide evidence of
    bear witness to
    bear out
    give proof of
    back up
    Because it was known that several states had brought letters to ask for the 10 days allowed in the constitution to investigate irregularities indicating the votes in these states COULD NOT BE CONFIRMED as accurate. The activities of the people responsible for entering the capital was timed just right as the first state was presenting their letter of request, timed just right.

    Mike Pence did not honor the states need and desire to second look at the election results which was his job and responsibility. He already knew that the data COULD NOT BE CERTIFIED as accurate. Now they are finding out that the vote tallies were corrupted and the looser of the election was able to silence the legitimate votes, giving the most corrupt crowd of . . . . . power to sink us.

    • If Mike Pence had faithfully done his clear job he would have saved America and Americans a great deal of grief and long lasting damage and harm to our lives. Just as clearly, if Fauci had faithfully performed his duties that he was well paid to do, thousands of Americans would be alive and enjoying life right now and businesses would be prospering, not shut down.

  11. I DO NOT HOLD MIKE PENCE RESPONSIBLE ONCE THE HOUSE AND SENATE CONFIRMED AND CERTIFIED THE RESULTS THERE WAS LITTLE ELSE HE COULD DO. If you want to be upset with anyone point your fingers at the House and Senate there is where the failure belongs.We all know DEMOCRATS were not going to question the results their man won, Republicans had their backbones removed a long time ago. What our focus must be now is getting AUDITS all across the country, Im not nor have ever been a conspiracy junkie but there is something definetly wrong with this entire election SOMETHING REALLY SMELLS and its time to find out what it is. It is up to us the voters we wont get any help from the Republicans in congress and its for sure there will be NO HELP from the DOJ, FBI or anyone associated with our Judicial system, We the voters MUST DEMAND a FORENSIC AUDIT all across the country and we must contact our elected officials at all levels and demand they conduct an audit dont expect the Republicans in congress to demand it we must put pressure on them to get it done, The longer BIDEN remains the more damage he is doing.

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