MUST-SEE: British Health Secretary Coaxes Double-Jabbed Reporter Into Getting Third Shot

( Exclusive) – Some very strange footage just emerged from the United Kingdom that shows British Health Secretary Sajid Javid applying an obscene amount of pressure to a vaccinated reporter to get a third coronavirus shot.

According to a report from Infowars, in the clip, which was shared by Sky News, Javid has a chat with chief political correspondent Jon Craig, who tells the health minister he has yet to get his booster shot, though he is fully vaccinated.

“Have you got the booster yet?” Javid goes on to ask Craig, who replied by stating that he was waiting the recommended six months before getting the next shot.

“But under the new rule you’ll be OK. Come back here later this week,” Javid said to him, making a reference to changes in the vaccine booster program that he himself announced just last week in response to the Omicron variant that now suddenly allows booster shots to be taken after three months instead of six.

″In fact, they might give it to you now if you walk in,” Javid went on to add, pointing to a vaccination center located close by.

“Yeah, just do it,” the health secretary went on urging Craig, adding, “Can you make me a promise? Make me a promise. Just go do it now.”

“After Craig indicated he’d come back later because he was currently on assignment, Javid said he’d ‘tell the [Sky News] office’ as he offered to accompany the reporter to the vaccine station,” the report revealed.

“Come on, I’ll walk in with you, come on. Let’s do it. You ready?” Javid asked, laying the pressure on thick.

The footage then ends with Javid and Craig walking over to a vaccine tent.

“The interaction was criticized on social media, with many complaining the health secretary’s pleadings were too pushy, while others claimed it was staged,” the report noted.


Nothing creepy about that at all, right? What is the real reason these folks are trying so hard to get everyone to take this shot? Could some who are saying this is about sterilization and population control be correct?

Something isn’t right here. That much is for sure.

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  1. What part of NO do you NOT understand?
    Maybe same part of “Shall not be infringed” seems to baffle you?
    How is it “My body, My choice” seems to ONLY apply if I want to murder my unborn child ???


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