MUST-SEE: “F**k Joe Biden” Chants Breakout Across America

( Exclusive) – Apparently, Saturdays are for chanting “F*** Joe Biden!” Despite the fact that the lying mainstream media has insisted for five years that President Trump was hated by Americans and was incredibly unpopular, we don’t remember a time when stadiums full of college students all over the country chanted “F*** Donald Trump!”

Yet, the “F*** Joe Biden” chant has become a movement, popping up in stadiums, casinos, concerts and any other venue or event that people gather at. There’s no denying it, Americans truly hate Joe Biden.

When President Trump makes an appearance anywhere, whether it’s a UFC fight, a rally, or a football game, he is met with thunderous applause and cheers. The crowds chant things like “USA!” and “We Want Trump!”

It is abundantly clear that President Trump is still wildly popular and loved by Americans everywhere.

Meanwhile, the usurper in the White House, who supposedly “won” 81 million votes in the 2020 presidential election, is being cussed out at events all across the country in what can only be described as a movement.

Another weekend has seen numerous NCAA football stadiums erupt in “F*** Joe Biden” chants. After starting in college football stadiums, the chant is now breaking out literally anywhere people congregate.

This is the second weekend in a row that several videos have emerged of college football fans yelling the now dubbed “FJB” chant.

The chant is popping up all over the country from Penn State University to South Dakota, New York City, New Mexico and Tennessee. Dozens of videos have now emerged of the catchy slogan being chanted.

Concert-goers at Luke Bryan and Brantley Gilbert shows broke out the chant, resulting in both country music performers to join in at separate events.

The chant broke out in a casino for gamblers to enjoy and even join in on:

If ever there was an appropriate place for the FJB chant to erupt it would be New York City. Protesters in iconic Times Square broke out in the chant over the weekend:

A large crowd in Sioux Falls, South Dakota joined in on the movement:

Dayton University students became a “member” of the movement:

Americans’ sentiments towards Joe Biden are pretty clear. Even with all the raging, unhinged liberals who ranted and raved about their hatred of President Trump, there was still never a united movement around the country of angry Americans chanting “F*** Donald Trump.”

The biggest proof that Joe Biden did not legitimately win the presidency has always been all around us. He’s incredibly unpopular and disliked and the lying mainstream media propaganda pushers can deny it all they want but Americans are proving it’s the truth every chance we get.

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  1. This is what happens when the wrong person is deceptively put into a position of power but deliberately ignores his responsibility to secure a Nation and protect its citizens.

    History need to record these events and what lead to these events accurately so that generations of Biden’s heirs know exactly how their grandpa lead a once powerful, proud and respected Nation into a downward spiral that lost the confidence and loyalty of our Allies and strengthen our enemies. That he shamed America on the world theatre by abandoning hundreds of American citizens and Allies in enemy territory and did not attempt to rescue them. That he segregated the population by race, religion, sex, political affiliation and vaccine status. And that he taxed the middle class into an impoverish status and called it equity fairness. He also created a toxic and fearful environment unlike any president before him by allowing criminals not to be punished nor deported. And by allowing the covid virus to freely enter into the US with no regarding nor concern of the American citizens’ health.

    May we learn a lesson of not voting against someone but voting for someone.


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