MUST-SEE: Kellyanne Conway Reveals Note Ivanka Trump Slipped Her…

( Exclusive) – Former White House counselor Kellyanne Conway and her husband have been in the spotlight over the fact that while Conway helped President Trump rise to the presidency, her husband, George, is a vehement Trump-hater.

She wrote about her struggles in her memoir “Here’s the Deal,” which was published on Tuesday.

According to the New York Post, in one excerpt she described the complications of having her husband attack former President Donald Trump when she was one of Trump’s key advisers.

That had to have been a really tough situation.

In the book, she said that “for the first time since George and I had gotten serious, I was looking at the possibility that the man who had always had my back might one day stab me in it.”

She wrote about a 2018 dinner at the home of Trump’s daughter Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, who apparently was not a fan of Conway.

“Despite the regular practice of Jared ignoring me or icing me out,” she wrote, Conway hoped the invitation “could only be a positive one.”

While she was optimistic about the dinner, George said very little and after the gathering exploded and fired off numerous anti-Trump tweets.

In an excerpt published by People, she described what happened next.

“I DID GET some much-needed female support inside the White House, including from a colleague who happened to be the president’s daughter,” Conway wrote.

“Ivanka and I had a cordial relationship in the White House, though never as tight as we’d been during the 2016 campaign,” she said.

“Our work didn’t require daily contact, but we stepped in and stepped up together in the foxhole, sometimes as the only foxes in there. On occasion I’d come to her for big decisions regarding her father, and she’d consult with me about how to handle this or that. Ivanka offered empathy and an ear.”

Conway wrote that Ivanka even told her, “I am in a family of Democrats. I get it,” referring to the Kushners.

“In that moment, Ivanka was incredibly kind and supportive, reiterating that she knew how warmly her father and their entire family felt about me,” she wrote.

“A week after that conversation, and based on my stated openness to the idea, Ivanka came into my office (which was next to hers) and handed me a Post-it note. It had the names of two local doctors who specialized in couples therapy,” Conway said.

“I noticed she had avoided putting that in a text or an email. I appreciated the information and her thoughtfulness and wanted to pursue it. After I showed George the names, he rejected one and said a half-hearted ‘okay’ to the other while looking at his phone. We never went,” she wrote.

Conway wrote of another Trump stepping up to support her. She recalled President Trump talking to first lady Melania Trump on the phone and expressing his anger towards George Conway.

“Melania’s calm voice piped in immediately as my mouth closed and my eyes widened. ‘Donald,’ she said, ‘this is not her fault. And she is a big girl. Strong and confident,’” another excerpt said.

According to Conway, Melania added, “‘We don’t control our husbands — and you don’t control us!’”

“Trump couldn’t argue with that,” she said. “I didn’t ask for any of this. I felt awkward and embarrassed that the president of the United States and the First Lady had to spend even a minute on this and yet felt relieved and protected from what was becoming an armful of harmful.”

She also wrote about a confrontation with her husband that happened in July 2019, according to the Post.

“You abandoned me for Twitter and she’s not even hot,” she told her husband then.

Conway wrote that her marriage might be in jeopardy, and that “George and I may not survive.”

Kellyanne Conway was one of President Trump’s greatest advocates and all the while was battling with her own husband. One can only imagine how difficult and exhausting that must have been.

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  1. There is a deep volume of base hate for President Trump which does not have a rational reason or source other than the old practice of children of throwing mud against a wall just to see what will stick. The democrats through tons of mud words and non-thinking people developed an irrational response of distain for President Trump. Not one person can identify any justification for their distain which is telling.

    To view the good that President did has not wised up many of the brains that that have responded on the twisted emotional level are stuck in that deep pit of distain for Trump. The sick aspect of this pit of sickness is that mired beyond redemption in the mire and cannot see the truth that President Trump did good for the American people and this country.

    President Trump is not a perfect person, but none is except Christ Jesus and those that were mired in their own unjustified hate crucified Him on a cross for other’s lawlessness/sins.

    “By the blessing of the upright a city is exalted, but by the mouth of the wicked is torn down” Proverbs 11;11 NASB

    Pelosi’s mouth, Schiff’s mouth, Schumer’s mouth, Nadler’s mouth and the Biden administration have been doing a lot of tearing down and the American People are paying a dear price.

  2. Kelly Ann is one of the most poised and intelligent women I’ve known from what I’ve learned of her. She has got a lot to deal with, particularly from her husband, George, who is a loudmouth jerk, totally inconsiderate of his wife, an extreme leftist who hates Trump and will take every opportunity to blast Trump and his administration which includes KellyAnn.


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