MUST-SEE: ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Chant Erupts At Bedminster Golf Club… Camera Pans To Trump And Tucker Reacting Pricelessly

( Exclusive) – Over the course of the weekend, the LIV Golf Invitational Series was held at Trump National Golf Club Bedminster, which is located in the state of New Jersey. President Donald Trump attended the event, where, during the tournament, folks in the crowd made it clear where their politics stand.

And let’s just say the Democratic Party was not well represented, which in this writer’s opinion, is a very, very good thing. After all, the Democrats have infested just about every facet of popular culture and society already. It’s always nice to have at least one thing that seems to go the opposite direction.

According to a report from The Western Journal, during one point in the final round on Sunday, a group of fans started to chant, “Let’s Go Brandon,” as Trump appeared alongside his son, Donald Trump Jr., and Fox News host Tucker Carlson and several other prominent conservative figures.

“The chant has become a common way for Americans to express their disapproval of President Joe Biden. Trump and Carlson could be seen smiling and laughing amid the chants,” the report said.

Donald Trump Jr. then shared a picture of their reactions to the chant along with a caption that read, “My politics in a single picture.”

Danny De Urbina, a conservative activist, also shared the picture on his own Twitter profile.

“Trump appeared to be enjoying himself throughout the week of the event. In a video shared on Friday by the Twitter account Old Row Sports, Trump bragged to a member of the crowd about a shot he hit,” the report from Western Journal stated.

“You think Biden can hit a ball like that?” he joked.

Biden couldn’t hit a golf ball without a team of handlers, a K9 unit, and a few other escorts holding signs with big arrows on them pointing toward the direction of the tee.

In another video that was shared on social media, a person asked Trump if he would be announcing his plans for 2024 anytime soon, to which he responded by saying, “Oh, you’re gonna be so happy.”

“Trump Director of Communications Taylor Budowich shared a video from Saturday’s second round in which the crowd was chanting. ‘Four more years,’ as Trump stood on the tee box,” the Western Journal reported.

The LIV Golf Invitational Series has been causing quite a stir due to where the funding for the tournaments are coming from. According to a report from The New York Times, the series is receiving money from Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund.

“Critics have said LIV Golf is stained by human rights abuses in Saudi Arabia, and the loudest of those critics has been the PGA Tour, which informed golfers they would not be allowed to compete in PGA Tour events should they join the LIV Series,” the report went on to say.

However, that hasn’t done much to stop many of the biggest names in the world of golf including legends like Phil Mickelson, Dustin Johnson, Bryson DeChambeau, and Brooks Koepka from joining up and participating in LIV Golf.

“LIV Golf has offered players significantly more money than the PGA Tour. This includes both massive signing bonuses and increased prize money for each tournament,” the report added.

Many professional golfers have been displeased with the pay structure of the PGA Tour for quite awhile. Those who are supporters of LIV Golf feel as if the focus on Saudi Arabia’s human rights abuses is just a convenient excuse for the PGA Tour to attack a competitor and to justify their paying players less money.

“In Trump’s mind, LIV Golf is a positive development for the sport of golf. He believes the world’s best players should not be shamed for getting paid for their skills,” the report continued.

“The PGA was not loved by a lot of the players, as you know, for a long time,” Trump went on to say according to a report from the Times. “Now they have an alternative and nobody ever would have known it was going to be a gold rush, like this. I think nobody ever knew that they were going to be paying signing bonuses.”

“The prize money was going to be much higher, you know, four, five, six times higher. So, instead of a million dollars you win five or seven or eight. A lot of money and it’s even going up. But the PGA Tour hasn’t acted well,” the report from the Times continued.

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  1. Voter fraud? Marylands voter process is a farce! they add mail in ballots and start counting them AFTER the in person votes are counted and announced. Good set up for MORE VOTER FRAUd!

    What a joke the election process is in Maryland!

  2. The democrats have very simple minds like children. When the boys were young and after a rain, leaving the ground really muddy they would throw mud balls at the barn wall to see what would stick.

    Not much different than the crooked infantile minds of the democrats who want to soil Donald Trumps image in the minds of unsuspecting and limited and ill informed Americans who have little if any understanding of the Constitution. Their focus groups have fed emotionally loaded but untrue phrases and words repeated over and over to the false information news people fed to them by the Media Matters false information group. Words thrown at Trump to see what would stick to the empty minds that listen to them.

    The question should be who follows the law and who is lawless walking all over the Constitutional protections for the citizens. Another question is who ignores the voice of the people and imposes financial hardship shutting down the energy independence of America? Who has been denying and threatening the freedoms of the citizens ? Who has enabled and supported the flow of drugs into our communities that are killing thousands? Who is the supporter of human trafficking , and the encouraging of the criminal element to do their thing without accountability?

    This was NOT the Trump administration, but the Biden crime administration!

    By the way the boys had to scrub the barn wall. We need to scrub the government of mud slingers!

    • Simple minds like william lavoie the little queer man..there’s little doubt how simple some progressive trash can actually be .

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