MUST-SEE: Nikki Haley Vows To Throw ‘Grenade’ At NY AG Over Tax Document ‘Leak’

( Exclusive) – If you’ve been paying attention, you know by now that the Democratic Attorney General of New York, Letitia James, is a political hack out to get conservatives, namely President Trump. However, she’s happy to settle for meddling in the lives of anyone who served in Trump’s administration.

During a Fox News appearance on Tuesday, former Ambassador to the United Nations under Trump, Nikki Haley, slammed James for leaking a tax document in violation of federal tax law.

“Stand for America has a newsletter they put out every day and what we’re seeing is all of a sudden, we get notified that our donors are gonna get leaked to the press, which is a state tax violation and a federal tax violation if that happens,” Haley told Fox News host Dana Perino. “It is leaked, we look at the last page from what Politico provided and it has the New York state attorney general’s office stamp on it. So that office leaked it to the press. And so now we are basically saying we’re not going to cry about this, we’re not gonna whine about this, we’re going to fight this.”

The Politico report Haley referred to was based on an unredacted tax return from Haley’s organization and was published Friday. The Daily Caller News Foundation confirmed that the document does indeed bear the stamp from the Charities Bureau of the New York State Attorney General’s Office.

Haley demanded action from Attorney General Merrick Garland but we all know he’s just as politically motivated as James.

“We are filing a lawsuit against the New York state attorney general’s office, we are going to Merrick Garland and saying it is a federal tax crime and we want him to investigate that office. I’m not thinking he will do that, but we’re certainly going to make him answer for it,” Haley said. “What this means, Dana, is they’re trying to intimidate conservatives.”

Haley also brought up other investigations by James that were allegedly politically motivated.

“I will say every conservative out there, if you are tired of seeing how they are weaponizing government and tired of seeing what they did to President Trump and tired of seeing what they’ve done to the NRA and to our pro-life groups, join us and unite in this fight,” Haley said.

“We’re not going to take it anymore. You don’t see leaks coming out of the ACLU, you don’t see leaks coming out of Planned Parenthood,” Haley told Perino. “You only see these things happening to conservatives they perceive to be a threat.”

Haley promised that the leak was not going to go unchecked.

“The idea that New York state attorney general can violate state law, can turn around and violate federal tax law, I mean, there is no excuse whatsoever for this lawlessness and that’s what we are seeing coming out of these liberal government entities that decide they’ll decide who needs to be blown up and who doesn’t,” Haley said. “Well, you know, we are not going to throw cotton balls at them, we’re gonna throw a grenade and we’re gonna make sure they know enough is enough.”

This is exactly the kind of attitude Republicans need to have going into the midterm elections. This isn’t just typical political back-and-forth anymore. This is war and Republicans have got to get prepared to go to battle and throw grenades.

Enough is enough of the blatant political persecution from the left. All Americans must unite against this tyranny.

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  1. SORRY FOLKS NOT A NIKI HALEY FAN, I remember her caving to the woke agenda when she had statues removed from the CAPITOL BUILDING in SOUTH CAROLINA, Irregardless no one should have the personal information released to the general public in fact it is Illegal and someone needs to be prosecuted, We all know this wont happen. Democrats are above the law.

  2. Smearing the responsible ,hardworking Americans is ALL today’s democRATS seem to have with the president sleepy, sleazy Obiden’s administration.

    Success for the progressive trash is smearing good folks that contribute to society.


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