MUST-SEE: Ukrainian Drone Takes Out Russian Helicopter As Enemy Troops Unload

( Exclusive) – The war between Russia and Ukraine is not all that it’s being sold to us. Ukraine is not some innocent victim of unchecked Russian aggression. There is so much more to the story than that yet US and Ukrainian propaganda are selling this narrative, and only this narrative.

Remember “Putin bad.”

Whatever you currently think about this situation, the reality of it is grim. Russians and Ukrainians are losing their lives daily and we can’t help but think they’re all being used as pawns in a power game being played by the world’s elites.

Recently released footage shows a Ukrainian drone destroying a Russia helicopter as it unloads Russian troops on Snake Island. We watch these kinds of videos as if they’re clips from a movie or video game but these are real life people who are being attacked and killed.

Wall Street Journal foreign affairs correspondent Yaroslav Trofimov shared the footage on Saturday and cited its source as the Southern Command of the Ukrainian military.

In the video you can clearly see what appear to be Russian soldiers descending from the helicopter shortly before it’s blown to pieces. There’s a good chance some or all of the humans in the video were killed.

The Western Journal notes that the “Russian military’s standard practice of overwhelming the enemy with columns of tanks has proven a flawed strategy against an enemy armed with so-called ‘loitering’ drones, that can wait to engage the enemy.”

The Ukrainian military has also released footage of a drone destroying a landing craft in the same engagement.

The future of warfare lies with drones as the Turkish-made Bayraktar TB2 drones have proven. Their impact on the Russian-Ukrainian war has been significant.

Other footage taken from the air shows Ukrainian aircrafts destroying buildings on the strategically important Snake Island. The Black Sea island provides its occupier with control of both shipping to Ukraine and naval control of it’s borders. Russian moved on this important island on day 1 of the conflict.

Analysis of satellite imagery of the Russia-occupied island show that every structure used by the Russians had been destroyed over the weekend as a result of the attack by Ukraine.

This conflict has resulted in so much death and destruction already. Where will it end?

Ukraine is certainly not the innocent victim they’re playing. It’s time for the US to stand down and stop getting involved. There’s absolutely no chance of that happening under the Biden regime, however.

It feels like this conflict has been in the works for some time now.

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