MUST WATCH: TX Man Denied Monoclonal Antibody Treatment By Black Health Care Worker Because He’s White [VIDEO]

( Exclusive) – We’ve all been aware for a long, long time now that the progressives in our government and in our culture have been trying very hard to keep the American people as divided as possible. After all, it’s too difficult to try and usurp complete power and authority over a group of individuals who stand together on principles of freedom.

The left has tried to split us apart based mostly on our race, but now have another new weapon in their battle to keep us at each other’s throats. The coronavirus vaccine and the various treatments that are available to help ease the symptoms of the disease.

According to the Gateway Pundit, it seems liberals are now putting these two strategies together. Earlier in 2021, the Texas Health and Human Services department finally made monoclonal antibody treatments available to those who contract the COVID-19 virus following the Emergency Use Authorization granted by the Food and Drug Administration back in February.

The Lone Star state has since issued tens of thousands of monoclonal antibody treatments over the course of the last several months. However, thanks to shortages in the supply that have been largely caused by the current administration, the agency has started to use segregation as a method of deciding who can receive the treatment and who can’t.

That’s right, folks. The color of someone’s skin is deciding whether or not they receive this potentially life saving treatment for the coronavirus.

The state is only providing the treatments to “high risk ethnic groups,” while refusing to provide this same level of care to people who are white.

“According to Texas HHS, if you are white, you must be over 65 and/or have additional ‘high risk’ factors to receive the same treatment as other American citizens,” the GP report says.

“In one shocking example of this state sponsored racism that was caught on video, Infowars host Harrison Smith visited a Texas HHS clinic on Saturday where he was denied monoclonal antibody treatment simply because he is white,” the report continues.

“Smith, who hosts the American Journal on the Infowars network, tweeted that he was denied the effective treatment for Covid because of his race, and that he was told that if he had been black or hispanic – then he would have been eligible,” the report adds.

Smith then posted the HHS in Texas “state infusion hotline” phone number so folks could call and ask the agency directly about this racist policy and see what they say for themselves.

A former Republican candidate, Dave Reilly, decided to take him up on that request and then posted a video of his own phone conversation with the HHS. And guess what? The employee he spoke with confirmed the policy.

So if you are a healthy, in-shape, Caucasian, and you show up, you are not gonna get an infusion?” Reilly asked.

“Based on the criteria that we go by right now, that is correct,” the employee confirmed.

“Blacks and Hispanics are high risk ethnicities,” the employee continued.

“So if a young, fit white guy shows up he’ll be denied service?” Reilly followed up.

“That’s correct,” the employee said.

It’s absolutely disgusting to see actual segregation happening in the United States of America, a country where we are all supposed to be treated equally under the law. This is a potentially life-saving medical treatment that should not, under any circumstances, be denied to a person due to the color of their skin. This is not communist China.

If the supply chain issues plaguing our country are the root cause of this problem, the solution is not to deny folks medical treatment. It’s to solve the supply chain problem, which is something that Biden can do if he would take his job seriously.

In the meanwhile, Gov. Greg Abbott and his administration need to tackle this issue and do something about this racist policy. It’s inexcusable to allow this to continue. If this guy wants to be reelected, he better take action now to help save lives and protect his people from the deadly dangers of progressive racism.

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  1. The problem with a lawsuit is the person responsible is not held accountable.
    The government pays the fine or makes the restitution with your tax money.

    The person responsible walks away smiling and free to do it again in some other way.

  2. IF his organization is receiving Federal or State funds then its time to withhold those funds, But we have no leadership in this country at any level. DESANTIS in Florida has a backbone but he is about the only one that does.

  3. Hopefully people are more outraged that the policy itself is discriminatory than at her. She is just passing along the information- it’s kind of nice that she admitted to it so people know what is happening.

    • GOOD BUBBAJOE, For speaking out please let the rest of us know if you get a reply, I suspect you want, We have to start electing candidates to office with a backbone.I like the majority of Americans are SICK and TIRED of every thing that happens in our country being tied to RACISM enough is enough. The only RACIST i have seen are on the left and its time for it to end.The left uses race because they have nothing else to use their policies and programs for America are terrible so they use race as a means to avoid their own failures.

  4. They come in all colors …. these dumb, rat-like people. Looks like a major law suit will be necessary to quiet down these racist savages acting like this black, ignorant, female moron.


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