MyPillow CEO Moving To Take Down FBI In Next 18 Hours

( Exclusive) – The FBI has become the political strong-arm of the Biden regime. It’s not even remotely subtle anymore. They brazenly go after President Trump, his allies and his supporters while ignoring the obvious crimes of leftists like Joe Biden himself and his son Hunter Biden.

America is in a scary situation right now. Our freedoms literally hang in the balance as freedom-loving patriots fear for their rights and safety as the rogue FBI looms in the shadows just waiting to pounce on anyone who gets a little too loud about their conservative beliefs.

The Biden regime is engaging in communist-style political persecution and unless Americans stand up and confront it, it will only continue.

Fortunately, there are brave Americans willing to stand up and fight. Trump supporter and ally Mike Lindell, CEO of My Pillow, has just announced his plan to sue the FBI as soon as possible.

Lindell spoke with The Western Journal on Monday and explained that he’s going to sue the FBI for interfering with his personal business ventures including one that recently fell through. He attributes the failure of the venture to the FBI’s harassment of him.

Lindell set up a “mini-Amazon” platform, called, where US-based entrepreneurs could sell their products. Of course, we all know the Biden regime hates anything that is pro-America so it shouldn’t be surprising that the FBI descended on Lindell.

Four out of five business partners backed out of the deal after they learned about the FBI’s involvement in Lindell’s affairs.

“Four of them called me and said, ‘Mike, we don’t want to do business with you now that the FBI is involved,’” Lindell explained during the interview.

“People now perceive that I’ve committed some kind of a crime or done something wrong.”

A bank also pressured one of Lindell’s partners into ending the partnership, as well, because of the FBI, Lindell said.

“One of the banks for these guys backed out and said, ‘We’re not going to give you money because of Mike Lindell now getting … the FBI stopping him for his phone,’” Lindell asserted.

Minnesota outlet The Free Press reported that FBI agents executed a search warrant while Lindell was sitting in the drive-thru of a Mankato, Minnesota, Hardee’s on Tuesday, during which Lindell was forced to hand over his phone to agents.

The search warrant was reportedly issued regarding an FBI investigation into “a Colorado official accused of allowing an unauthorized person to break into the county’s election system to search for evidence that would validate” claims that the 2020 election had been “stolen.”

Lindell says the FBI has not charged him with any crime yet but their involvement in his personal affairs could cost him “tens of millions of dollars” by putting pressure on potential business partners and vendors to back out of the deal.

“They’re out stealing my livelihood,” Lindell said before declaring his intention to sue the bureau.

“I’m suing the FBI today or maybe first thing tomorrow morning. I’m waiting to hear from the lawyers. We’re suing the FBI and the United States government for violating my First Amendment, Fourth Amendment, Fifth Amendment and Sixth Amendment rights,” he stated.

“This cannot happen in our country anymore.”

Lindell is right. This is blatant political persecution and it needs to be stopped.

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  1. Mike’s taking down the FBI? In 18 hours time? Cool!

    Wait a minute, this story is more than 18 hours old and the FBI is still there.

    Must be like his PCAP evidence at his cyber symposium where he guaranteed he would prove election fraud and trump would be reinstated within two weeks.

    Wait a minute, that symposium was more than two weeks ago and trump wasn’t reinstated. It’s almost as if things Mike says aren’t true. Naaah, couldn’t be.

  2. Enough is a enough!!!!! We have to stand together and fight the democrats/socialists agenda on destroying Americans and American values. I can’t wait for another platform to buy from that doesn’t support open borders giving free housing to illegals and free medical for people that are not legally in this country. I’m sick and tired of this crazy globalist billionaire communist takeover.

  3. WELL MIKE, I wish you good luck, The problem you are facing trying to find Justice is that you have to use a present day Judicial system that has been accused of illegal activity themselves to get Justice from another Judicial system that has recently been accused of criminal activity its like sending a Fox into the Hen house to protect the hens. This is like trying to drain the cesspool in Washington they cant turn on each other because if one goes down they all go down. The only way any of this is ever going to be corrected is to elect a President and a Senate and House that will have the courage to start removing corruption from all the agencies by firing its leaders and bringing criminal charges against those involved in criminal activity. At present we have accusations but no one has ever bothered to investigate to find the truth, We must stop the finger pointing and investigate the real truth and hold those accountable that are found to be breaking the law. ACCUSATIONS mean nothing unless it followed up by truth and accountability The CESSPOOL is MUCH DEEPER than we the people even realize and its not just one political party there is blame on both sides.

  4. The fbi and cia have been doing whatever they want for decades. It’s time to destroy the fbi cia and the irs for good. They are working for the dirty democrats/socialists for many years now.


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