NATIONAL DISGRACE: Joe Biden Caught Checking His Watch While Receiving 13 Fallen Military Members At Dover Base (VIDEO)

( Exclusive) – Joe Biden is truly a national embarrassment. He has absolutely no shame.

His mental decline has been on full display since he was just a candidate and while some may have sympathy for Biden, we can’t help but loathe him for the role he’s playing in the destruction of America.

Is he really so far gone that he doesn’t recognize what he is doing to the US is evil and will result in our freedoms and liberties being squashed? He’s really so out of touch that he doesn’t realize he is being a tyrant and a traitor to the very people he’s supposed to serve?

It’s truly baffling. How can anyone have pity on someone who is playing their role in destroying the US?

Joe Biden gave us yet another reason to dislike him after he was caught checking his watch during the reception of the 13 slain servicemembers who were killed by a suicide bomber in Kabul last Thursday.

On Sunday, Biden and several members of his regime including Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley, US Marine Corps Commandant Gen. David Berger, and Secretary of State Antony Blinken, were present at the Dover Air Force base in Delaware to observe the “dignified transfer” of the military members’ remains from an aircraft to waiting vehicles.

Biden, however, had other places to be.

The family of the 13 fallen soldiers were also present to witness the return of their loved ones from Afghanistan and we can only hope they didn’t see Biden disgracefully checking his watch.

If President Trump had behaved in this way, the media would have utterly eviscerated him and rightfully so. What a blatantly disrespectful thing to do when these families are devastated at the return of their loved ones in caskets.

Joe Biden, however, gets a free pass from the corrupt media.

Social media users, however, weren’t as forgiving and many of them pointed out the obvious difference between the disgraceful Biden and the way in which President Trump stood solemnly and respectfully to salute fallen soldiers while he was in office.

Others made fun of Biden and his ailing condition while highlighting his offensive faux pas.

“Matt’s idea shop,” tweeted, “When you’re a national disgrace but Bingo starts in 35 minutes.”

Biden’s watch-checking is sure to bring him even more criticism especially from the grief-stricken families of the fallen. He has already taken heat from the mother of one of the killed soldiers who called him a “dementia-ridden piece of crap.”

That pretty well sums up the puppet president Joe Biden and there isn’t much more we can add to that.

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  1. The disgrace is that those who have the responsibility to guard the election process from being corrupted went out of their way to corrupt our vote and enabled, in spite of the clear and and blaring evidence allowed this sub-standard human being to put Obama back into control.

    Senator Cotton stated the truth correctly when he said,” President Joe Biden chose to break his promise to Americans and keep his promise to the Taliban.”

    This massive scum of humanity called the Biden administration is again betraying America and discarding American lives without concern. They are finishing what Obama initiated.

  2. Per hannity interview 8/30 with two of the fathers of the marines killed , they independently confirmed Biden (Dementia ridden piece of crap) checked his watch multiple times. What a disgrace !

    • The disgrace is owned by the people who pose as honorable congress people and justices who have enabled this farce of an election to stand, who have given the thugs of BLM and Antifa a free hand, and have taken the freedoms guaranteed in the Bill of Rights from law abiding citizens for objecting to the overt and obvious crimes of the lawless democrats and democrats dressed in republican garb.

  3. Wretched, disgraceful, worthless, nauseating, obnoxious, lying, cheating fraud called Joe Biden, but I digress………… a complete racketeer, a POS brain-dead puppet who deserves no respect whatsoever from any America patriot/citizen.

    • But Hunter is so proud of Pop the criminal in chief.
      Most liberal filth never met their fathers, Hunter is so fortunate in many ways.

  4. I hear the reports of people balaming Biden for the deaths and the Americans in a dangerous position to become the captives of the Talaban.

    BUT I blame the deceitful and dishonorable people, republican or democrat who enabled the fraud of the election which put this paper president in office. These people share the blood of thousands on their hands.

    • You are correct. BiDumb isn’t the only one accountable here. Just like the murder of those 3 yr old terrorists. He gave the order, but based on the IC’s “incredible” threat assessment.


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