NBC Reporter Goes Into Damage Control After NASCAR Fans Chant “F**K Joe Biden” — See It Before It’s GONE

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – The liberal mainstream media’s tricks have been so repeatedly exposed over the course of the last few years that even average Americans who really don’t watch or read much of the stuff put out by CNN, MSNBC, CBS, and NBC are becoming well aware of the lies and misinformation these news outlets spread on a daily basis.

According to a new report from Infowars, the latest example of gaslighting by a major news network happened on Saturday evening while NBC News was conducting an interview with NASCAR Xfinity Series Race winner, Brandon Brown. The reporter went on to distort offensive chants against Joe Biden and tried to spin them as being chants in favor of Brown.

“During the interview, hundreds if not thousands of fans were in the stadium seating section of the raceway while Brown spoke with the reporter. The chants from the crowd increased in loudness and could be heard as ‘F**k Joe Biden.’ The reporter, quick on her feet, told Brandon and viewers the chants were ‘Let’s Go Brandon,'” the Infowars report said.

Here’s the video clip so you can take a listen for yourself:

“The reporter who acknowledged the chanting either genuinely misheard it or twisted reality for viewers at home by saying the chants were for Brandon,” the report stated.

According to the folks over at RT News, this video clip ended up going viral and was even shared by NASCAR. However, it was later deleted without any explanation as to why.

At this point, it’s difficult to tell if the reporter was knowingly trying to twist the narrative here, or if it was a genuine mistake. However, chants of “F*** Joe Biden” have become a normal occurrence over the last month, especially at public sporting events, having started at college football stadiums around the country.

You know, for Biden to supposedly be the most popular individual to sit in the White House in the history of our nation, it really seems like a lot of folks really don’t like him.

“In recent weeks, new polls by Axios/Ipsos found trust in the president continues to slide. The first real glimpse of Biden’s poll slippage was in late July when a Gallup poll found his approval ratings began to turn lower,” Infowars said.

“Compound the botched exit of Afghanistan, southern border crisis, and soaring food, gas, and rent prices; it is no surprise that the president’s ratings continue to tumble and the ‘F**k Joe Biden’ chants grow louder, forcing corporate media into damage control,” the report added.

But sporting events aren’t the only places this ever popular chant is showing up.

According to Infowars, Protesters in New York City who are against the vaccine mandates imposed by Mayor Bill de Blasio, took to the streets where they also employed the use of the now infamous chant.

De Blasio introduced a new policy over the summer that requires the city’s businesses to request residents provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination for anyone who wishes to enter restaurants, bars, gyms, and theaters.

This did not sit well with hundreds of New Yorkers who participated in an anti-vaccine demonstration in Times Square over the weekend, where they chanted “F*** Joe Biden” and other slogans to express their disagreement over the mandate, even going so far as to connect it to mandates Nazi policies had toward Jews during World War II.

“Footage from the scene has shown numerous demonstrators waving flags and ‘No to the vaccine’ signs in a tightly packed crowd,” the report said, adding, “One woman was pictured holding a poster that read ‘How did the Nazi’s [sic] do it? They said the Jews were diseased’ and another one saying ‘What happened to ‘Never again?!’”

“Reports from the scene claim that there were at least a thousand people who took part in the rally to decry Joe Biden’s vaccination mandate for federal workers and large businesses who may now face disciplinary measures if they refuse to get jabbed,” the report continued.





People have had enough of the mandates and the massive government overreach. It’s time they actually listen to us or they will find themselves out of a job come election time.

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  1. Thousands and thousands of future insurrectionists and not one investigation into these wonderful displays of unity against an illegal president,the crash test dummy Joe Biden..

  2. How stupidly foolish the left/democratic mind set is seen by balanced minded people. They spend so much wasted energy covering up what is open for all to see thus shaming and condemning themselves. ” And not a creature exists that is concealed from His sight, but all things are open and exposed, naked and defenseless to the eyes of Him with Whom we have to do.”

    How foolish the corrupt minds and hearts are to forget that all things are open and exposed, and open to Him with Whom we have to do.” Hebrews 4:13

    People love to pretend what they desire to be true, but God’s word is where truth is found.

  3. It’s not “F” Joe Biden, IT”S “F” the corrupted democrats, Biden is just a smart pill popping half brain dead pawn on their chest board of crimes !

  4. I repeat: Those in control of our lives have gone mad!
    Fauci and others in 2019 at a filmed conference with the back ground with the “Milken Institute” talked about how they would release a new virus that would give control to side line laws and give control of world populations. He described exactly what has taken place. They describe how people would be forced to relinquish their freedoms snd submit to vaccinations. Biden equates the other vaccinations which are true vaccinations with the so called vaccination required in his mandates. Science, true science identifies this so called vaccination as a shot that modifies the immune system so it is unable to function against illnesses. They have gone mad!

    Fauci in 2017 mentioned on film that this pandemic would take place during Trump’s administration, then he tells this group how they are doing it in 2019.

    Now they have raise the debt limit which we the tax payer have to pay to the amount that is the amount spent this year to support the illegals coming across our border. They have gone mad!

  5. 106,000 fan CHEER Trump at College Football game in Alabama. Standing ovation.
    Biden shows up at congressional game in DC, the most left wing city on earth, and gets a HUGE boo bird fly by…..it was SO bad they had to over dub with cheers later to post it.
    Heels Up shows up her alma mater football game, again the cheers were dubbed in. you can see it if you watch the fans while listening. It’s ALL fake.
    But Sippy Cup and the Ho got 81 million votes. Um, NOPE.

  6. To see young folks get pumped up, even by these actions, is a sign that they are fearful of their futures and what may still be available to them.

    • Kind of satisfying to see so many hardworking Americans uniting against this fraud Joe Biden and his team of incompetents .

      Except for a handful of losers like ‘real thang’ , this never happened to Trump.

  7. Fuck Trump. Be careful what you ask for, you will live in a desease riddled country. Normal people will die because they can’t get into a hospital. I think the red states should break away and form their own country and stay out of ours. I’m tired of using my tax dollars for all the meth heads and “single mothers” in your red states. Stupid people with no education who can’t get jobs. Live with your nazi leader and when you want to come to my blue state , make sure you have your vaccine passport. And remember it’s not just yahoo’s that have guns. For a liberal, I’m a real good shot. I’m very happy that Joe Biden is my president. Let me say again. Fuck trump


    • The meth heads, if you haven’t noticed, are all living, and shitting on the sidewalks and in the streets of your beloved blue state. Guess we need to begin calling them brown states. And I don’t live in nazi germany. You can take your vaccine passport and put it next to your head. I won’t be “showing my papers” anytime soon. If you wanna live under communism, go to venezuela, come back in a year or twelve and tell us all how magnificent it is to spend your day searching for breakfast in a dumpster. And if you’re happy a racist pedophile with dementia is your fake potus….. just, wow.

    • Hey “real thing”,,,, your a GOOD little nazi aren’t you. And quite off the wall. So much so that you’d best be a good shot because it is stupid rats like you that are of the dangerous type that need to always be in “self defence mode”. Also I subscribe to bubbajoes’ response to you.

    • The real thing … is pure stupid expressing his insanity, nothing more. Pathetic, ignorant people like this are the reason the country is in such bad shape … like “the real thing”, people of his bent can’t tell the difference from his a$$ and a hole in the ground. Grubs, simpletons who neither have intelligence nor discovered what it is.

    • Hey Chopperpilot, I’ll bet this “the real thing” hollow head spends most of his day sitting on the toilet …. watching his brains go down … if he has the smarts enough to know how to flush. On second thought, probably does it in a hole in the ground while standing in it. People like this were meant for abortion!

  8. Speaking of going into damage control is this reporter that translated the words of the people going to fix the disaster of the border that is no longer there, thanks to Joe Biden. Can she bring back the lives of the people caught up in the drugs coming across that border uninhibited. The government went after the pharmaceutical companies for the opioid over doses. Will this government hold themselves accountable for doing the same thing with the flow of drugs they have allowed to come and destroy lives ?

    Accountability is a unknown entity to the left and the democrats.

  9. The chants that tell the reality is that JOE BIDEN AND HIS CRONIES HAVE F…. THEMSELVES. Some give credence to the rogue imagination of this “news” person’s rewriting the description of Joe Biden’s emptiness of head and disastrous to our country of his so called leadership should be given. Although to use the term “leadership” to describe what has come from his time in the WH, DOES take a good imagination. Crumbling is more descriptive.

    Imagination will be the death knell of the left and the democrats. The people that proudly announce to their world that they are no longer what they were born to be is a prime example. You were born with a gender, anything else is their imagination. They CANNOT change their DNA, period, so they are left with their rebellious imagination which doesn’t change any reality.

    We are weary of the medical practice following the political science not the medical science leaving thousands to suffer a viral infection which their loudly and strongly promotion will not function to protect people from the virus. They contract the illness and often die just as often as the unvaccinated ,but with one distinction the vaccinated are carriers and are shedding it.

    Another example of rogue imagination is that the democratic party believes their “wants” are fully capable of serving as the law of our land, and their “words” or talking points have an ability to create realness. The disaster of this new “want” mentality is pretended to be good judgement and the democratic cities and states are imploding under the thumb of their “wants” ruling .

    Yup, an unbridled imagination is a opportunity for disaster, like expecting a refrigerator to have the same function as an oven and visa versa. Disaster ensues and under the imagination that Biden’s mind and so called administration is functioning for the people is absurd. Bernie Sanders chided the Senate that two senators would be so indifferent to the wants of the other 48. I thought the Senators were there and paid well to look after the wants and needs of the People. It takes a dysfunctional imagination to perceive that the democratic senators are there to satisfy THEIR wants not the needs of the People that employ them.

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