New ‘Late Exit’ Poll Shows Majority Of Arizonans Actually Voted For Kari Lake

( Exclusive) – Both Rasmussen Reports and College Republicans United put out a “late exit” poll last Friday, where they revealed that likely voters in the state of Arizona cast their ballot in favor of former GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake rather than for current Gov. Katie Hobbs, 51 percent to 43 percent. Well, that certainly seems to contradict the actual results of the election, doesn’t it? It’s almost like there was some sort of fraud that cheated Lake out of a victory that should have been rightfully hers. But I guess we’re not supposed to talk about that, are we?

According to an article published by the Arizona Sun Times, the poll also discovered that likely Arizona voters pulled the lever for Abe Hamadeh and Mark Finchem rather than their Democratic opponents who ended up winning those state races. Again, something is fishy about all of this, wouldn’t you agree?

“In the gubernatorial poll, 5 percent said they voted for someone else, and 2 percent said they were unsure. Women voted for Lake over Hobbs by a 49 to 43 percent margin. Similarly, Arizonans have a more favorable view of Lake than Hobbs. Over 50 percent view Lake positively; 30 percent find her ‘very favorable,’ and 21 percent ‘somewhat favorable.’ In contrast, Hobbs’ favorability is at 44 percent, with 25 percent viewing her as ‘very favorable’ and 19 percent as ‘somewhat favorable,'” Rachel Alexander penned for the outlet.

When participants were asked who they cast a vote for in the attorney general’s race, a total of 49 percent picked Hamadeh, while 43 percent selected Kris Mayes. Along with that, 4 percent voted for someone else, while 5 percent were unsure of who to vote for.

Alexander continued, “In the Arizona Secretary of State’s race, 46 percent said they voted for Finchem to 43 percent who voted for Adrian Fontes. Furthermore, 5 percent saying they voted for someone else, and 6 percent were unsure. Women also preferred Finchem and Hamadeh over their Democratic opponents.”

“The survey also asked voters about election fraud in the fall midterm election. Over 50 percent found it at least somewhat likely that ‘2022 election irregularities in heavily Republican areas of Arizona happened intentionally to suppress Republican votes.’ That broke down to 31 percent who found it ‘very likely,’ 19 percent who found it ‘somewhat likely,’ 14 percent who found it “not very likely,’ 29 percent who said ‘not likely at all,’ and 8 percent not sure,” she added.

When individuals were asked whether or not they believed that the issues in Maricopa County played a role in the outcome of the races in their state, 55 percent said it was likely, 35 percent “very likely,” and 20 percent stated it was “somewhat likely.” Add to that 11 percent who said it was not very likely, 29 percent who said “not likely at all,” and 6 percent remarked they weren’t sure.

“Similarly, about half thought cheating affected the outcome of the 2020 presidential election; 29 percent said it was ‘very likely,’ and 20 percent found it ‘somewhat likely.’ Of the rest, 11 percent thought it was ‘not very likely,’ 31 percent found it ‘not at all likely,’ and 9 percent weren’t sure,” Alexander reported.

The survey asked if voters would choose former President Donald Trump or current commander-in-chief Joe Biden if the election were held today, with 50 percent saying Trump and 39 percent choosing Biden. This clearly illustrates that the vast majority of individuals in this country have been negatively impacted by Biden’s policies and want to elect someone who will help foster economic recovery and the preservation of our liberty rather than continue down the backward march toward socialism.

“Blake Masters, who ran for U.S. Senate last year, challenging incumbent Senator Mark Kelly (D-AZ), did not perform as well in the survey. Voters said they chose Kelly over him, 50 percent to 46 percent, with 3 percent indicating they chose someone else and 2 percent not sure. Republicans were concerned that the Libertarian in that race, Marc Victor, who polled as high as 9 percent shortly before the election, was taking votes away from Masters, but Victor dropped out and endorsed Masters,” the Arizona Sun Times piece noted.

“The poll also asked voters about the congressional races, whether they chose the Republican or Democratic candidate. Fully 9 percent more said they voted for the Republican candidate, 48 percent to 39 percent,” it went on to say.

The poll asked folks who they were backing in the 2024 GOP primary. A total of 33 percent supported Trump, with 24 percent backing conservative powerhouse Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida. Another 35 percent asserted they’d back someone else and 8 percent declared they weren’t sure who they were going to back in the primary.

“The survey included several questions about illegal immigration, revealing a strong dislike for it by Arizonans. A significant 68 percent said they favor ‘immigration policies that prevent illegal border crossings and illegal immigrants from getting jobs in the U.S.,’ to 18 percent who oppose it and 14 percent who weren’t sure,” the report continued.

“Rasmussen Reports has been considered one of the most accurate pollsters by the political site 538, although that rating recently slipped to a B since the accusations of election fraud intensified. In the 2020 presidential race, 538 ranked the pollster fifth in accuracy out of 26 polling companies. The GOP-aligned Trafalgar Group ranked second. Several mainstream media pollsters ranked at the bottom, including CNN, The Los Angeles Times, ABC News/Washington Post, The New York Times, and the Democratic Party’s Public Policy Polling,” Alexander wrote.

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  1. Human nature is either interesting or disgusting to watch.

    It is also interesting how this so called administration is quick to jump at a reason to announce that the law abiding gun owner is to be punish for the acts of spiritually ill and mentally ill people irresponsibly killing a few people. Yet they demand that our legal possession and legal use of guns, which is a Constitutional right , be taken away from us. Yet the same administration enables illegal drugs which have killed tens of thousand of our youth to come across the border and drug cartels to operate with in this countr which is a violation of our laws. Amazing!


  3. It is interesting that Arizona people are smart and recognize the voters have been lied to again.
    The democrats are not smart enough to recognize they are the dumb clucks.

    • Wow John …you always have perfect solutions for today’s America. You must have common sense most progressives do NOT possess.


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