Niece Of Osama Bin Laden Trashes Biden, Says His Regime ‘Relentlessly Slandering Trump Supporters As Domestic Terrorists In Order To Persecute Them’

( Exclusive) – You know things are getting crazy in this world when the one person who is speaking absolute truth and making total sense out of the train wreck that is the Biden administration just so happens to be the niece of the most deadly and dangerous terrorist of all time.

According to a report from Infowars, Dan Lyman recently caught up with hardcore free speech activist Noor bin Ladin (watch here), the niece of Osama bin Ladin, in order to get her thoughts on the Biden administration, former President Donald Trump, and other issues.

Bin Laden went on to say during her chat with Lyman that the rights of American citizens are being shredded up by a powerful globalist regime. She also went on to highlight how brutally mistreated hundreds of Trump supporters who are now languishing away in prison ever since the January 6th “insurrection” took place, which is currently looking more and more like something cooked up by federal operatives.

This just goes to show you how far the pro-Trump movement has spread. The former president has not only the support of bin Laden’s niece, but of more and more regular, every day Americans who have been convinced by the evidence piling up that Trump won the election and should be serving as president.

In fact, we’ve been seeing “Trump Won” banners flying around at Major League Baseball games. One was flown during a Mets game at Citi Field. The individual who hung this banner was, of course, swiftly removed from the stadium, but by then it was too late. The message was out and received a lot of support and applause.

There was another banner at Fenway Park during a Red Sox game, and one was also flown at a Marlins game. A similar fate befell these brave patriots as they, too, were removed from the games they were attending.

Trump’s fanbase has also grown to include a sizable group of individuals in Guatemala as well. Protesters greeted Vice President Kamala Harris with signs reading, “Kamala Go Home!” and “Trump Won.”

Something tells me that kind of greeting probably did not give Kamala Harris the warm welcome she was probably expecting, but it certainly is the one she deserves.

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  1. Niece of Bin Laden knew it was a team of real men Americans who took out her uncle . No , it was NOT the first gay potus , Osama Obama that removed this scumbag from the earth …

  2. You guys have to depend on a terrorist’s niece to get support. Hah! You claim that it’s because the pro-Trump movement has spread so much, but it’s really because you’re so deep down in the hole of unpopularity that you have to rely on al-Queda links to get support! I guess the War on Terror still needs to continue until you guys get it into your head that terrorism doesn’t pay!!!

    • Fake catholic has Trump Derangement Syndrome …

      You guys are more interested in a man’s income and private parts …

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