OUTRAGE: Colorado Governor Says Kids Should Lie And Get Vaccine Without Parents Knowing

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – You know you’re in the midst of a serious and deadly pandemic when massive college and professional sports venues are filling up weekend after weekend and when movies are raking in hundreds of millions of dollars in theaters.

Most cases of COVID aren’t even known about unless a test is done. That’s how serious and dangerous this virus is.

Despite a survival rate of 99.5%, the COVID-19 vaccines are being pushed, nay mandated, on every single human aged 12 and up in the US.

Natural immunity and healthy, functioning immune systems be damned. If you have a pulse, you must get the jab.

What if you have pesky “anti-vaxx” family members who would be heartbroken at the thought of you kowtowing to the demands of the corrupt federal government and Big Pharma?

No problem. Just lie and deceive them and get the shots anyway. Nothing could be more important that submitting to the will of usurper Joe Biden.

Colorado Governor, Democrat Jared Polis, is encouraging people to lie to family members and “privately” go out and get the experimental COVID vaccines. He says people should lie to their loved ones in order to comply with the illegal Biden mandates and the desperate pleas of Big Pharma.

“A spouse, a parent you live with who doesn’t want to get it, is against it… you can still privately get that vaccine without your partner knowing if that’s what keeps the harmony in the family and you are protecting yourself,” Polis said.

The Governor was quoted as saying, “You can still privately get vaccinated without your parent or spouse knowing if that keeps the harmony in your family and you’re protecting yourself. It doesn’t mean you have to share that with those you live with.”

Yeah, keep it a secret that you just went and got the COVID shot even though you’ll be shedding COVID like a dog in the summer and those you live with will, in fact, be in danger. No matter. Do what you must to protect “yourself.”

Fortunately, in the state of Colorado minors under the age of 18 are not allowed to give consent without the permission of a parent or guardian unlike in other Democratic strongholds.

In San Francisco, for example, children are allowed to consent to receiving one of the COVID vaccines if the parent cannot be reached within a certain time frame.

Currently the vaccines are only approved for children 12 and old though hospitals have been told by the government to start preparing for mass vaccination of children as young as 5-years-old soon.

Of course, Governor Polis’ suggestion to lie in order to get the vaccines is a horrible idea and a really, really divisive solution.

“Big Government has no business whatsoever in telling our children to lie to parents, keep secrets, and do as they are told,” wrote a conservative writer at Colorado Peak Politics. “If you don’t believe us, ask the Catholic Church how that worked out for them.”

Ouch. That was a brutal truth bomb and also incredibly accurate. Governor Polis is out of line and so are any other politicians or community leaders who encourage children to lie to their parents so they can get poked with a COVID shot.

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  1. What a corrupt jerk. Undermine parents, you need to be indicted for corrupting a minor. period. What else do you recommend children do to disobey their parents.

    • Welcome to government tyranny….either sit on your asses or do something….after vaxx and mask mandates….then what….they will never stop.

  2. I and many people who have been living what we perceive as a very balanced thinking life have stated with evidence that the dems have gone off the rails, lost their sanity as a result of following the obsession to gain control over other people’s lives while their own life is a dysfunctional mess. BUT we, the sound in mind have not attempted to FORCE sanity on their jumbled mess other than require the rule of law to be the standard of conduct. But the dems determined to erased the law and the Constitution with their thinly veiled and poorly disguised attempt to right the election wrongs they created during the last election.

    The crime of attempting to bypass the Constitution is no different than the corrupt action of by passing parents when it comes to this lie of a “vaccine” which is not a” vaccine”, which does not prevent illness, but apparently weakens or destroys the immune system making people more susceptible to seriously illness, that is, if they survive the “vaccine” and many do not. Take for example the young high school student who got the “vaccine” then developed the heart damage said, he was not told about the possible side affects. Or the young person who again got the vaccine, and his mother found him dead in his bed the next morning.

    So we, who choose to live a balanced life and choose to follow the laws, want these control freaks to start managing their own lives with more care and not everyone else’s.
    As stated before, by many people, the dems have gone mad. The sad aspect is that they will not stop until they have us all submitting to their madness.

  3. HOW did Jared Polis..get elected Goobernator of Colorado…!!?? Talk’n bout being 2 sandwiches shy of a full picnic basket!!… This Polis guy, is the very definition of being ‘the Southend of a Northbound Jackass.
    Should be reprimanded by his peers & or removed fm office, for suggesting undermining parental authority, & soliciting their children to deceive their parents. THIS MAN has NO business being a governor [•]

  4. I guess it’s a good thing that I don’t live in Colorado. If my child got the vaccine,didn’t tell me,and then lied to me about it…first I would blister that child’s behind,then I would head for the capitol to have a “come to Jesus” meeting with the Governor up close and very personal!

    • He’d be saying Jesus alot. And then, he might just go see him. I need to go take a break now. My hands are literally shaking after reading this.

      How is this not child endangerment to even suggest such a thing?

      C’mon man, Colorado, where is Law Enforcement here? Charge this POS!

    • I wouldn’t take it out on the kid by hitting them. My first revenge would be at the Governor snd the school. Nobody has a right to touch or inject your kid without the parent’s permission. That’s assault and battery. They won’t give a kid a Tylenol without the parent’s permission. This madness needs to stop! Parents need to fight this in Colorado. Who condones and teaches a kid to lie? A moron!

    • Glad I don’t live in CO. He did that to my kid, he’d be lying for the last time.

      Toes aiming at the sky.

  5. He’s out of his F-ing mind!!! If if something happens to the kid, he should be held legally responsible. You can’t even give a kid a Tylenol by the school nurse without a parent’s permission but he wants to inject kids with chemicals that can kill them or cause serious harm.

  6. Colorado Governor, Democrat Jared Polis … What a despicable degenerate that needs an accounting for his stupid, dangerous ignorance. If that POS said that to my children … he would be in for a long and sore recovery. A governor no less … dirt bag liar that needs to go!

    • But it’s today’s so called leadership John … if they want to be led off the proverbial cliff ..so be it .

    • Yes sir Chopperpilot, this seems to be the modus operandi of the whacko, liberal trash and their festering, ignorant filled, hollow heads … dirt bags for sure, not honorable people.


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