OUTRAGEOUS: White House Approves Biden’s Anti-American Bid To End Trump Discounts On Insulin

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – It’s been glaringly obvious that the Biden regime has no interest in what’s best for America and certainly not for what’s best for Americans. Every single action taken under Biden has been to the detriment of this great country and its citizens.

Now, even more proof that Joe Biden is the most anti-American president to ever sit in the Oval Office.

Back in January there were reports that Biden was planning to end President Trump’s policy that provided lower prices on insulin and EpiPens for Americans. It looks like that is now coming to pass.

This week, the White House gave Biden the greenlight to move forward with ending the Trump healthcare policy designed to make life-saving insulin more affordable for Americans.

Politico reported Monday that Biden’s bid to remove the policy was approved on Monday with the expectation that the Department of Health and Human Services could publish the retraction in the coming days.

Trump signed off on the measure in December and it aimed to require some 340B community health centers to pass on savings to low-income patients for insulin and epinephrine in an effort to make these life-sustaining drugs more affordable.

While Trump’s policy was scheduled to go into effect back in January, it was frozen at that time and has remained in limbo until now.

Who is being helped by retracting this policy to lower drug costs for Americans? Certainly not the American people.

Type 1 diabetes is a disease that requires the use of daily insulin. It’s not optional for T1D sufferers. They will literally die without insulin and Big Pharma has been permitted for way too long to demand outrageous prices for this vital drug.

100% Fed Up reported back in January that while “decades of politicians” have come along saying they would lower drug costs, none of them actually did anything about it until President Trump came along.

“The Trump policy lowered the costs of Insulin and EpiPens and insulin by requiring community health centers to pass on all their insulin and epinephrine discount savings to patients.”

The only reason why Joe Biden would want to end this policy and maintain sky-high drug costs is for the benefit of Big Pharma.

100% Fed Up pointed out that “Biden is in the pocket of globalist big business, including Big Pharma as well as China.”

“Big Pharma gets almost 100% of their prescriptions from China, which Trump sees as a huge threat to our nation. He is right, since China could (and did during Covid) shut us off from vital medical supplies on a whim. America would be unable to support itself during a real pandemic disaster if China decided to behave this way, again, because we no longer have multiple sources for so many medical products.”

Joe Biden is pandering to China and Big Pharma, once again, and proving just how much he loathes America.

Once the truth about the stolen election is finally exposed, we can only hope that this fraudulent, globalist regime is rightly removed from power as soon as possible and America can recover from the damage that has already been done in such a short amount of time.

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  1. president burden has no clue about whats going on around him, its all the other commie demoncraps that are fukin the country

  2. So the Presi doesn’t like people who have diabetes. Well fine and dandy. Why not get together with the GOP and let them know how you feel about that. Add your strength to our, we need it to put this ship out of the bay. Lets gang up on him and big pharma and get the prices down so we can live with it an while longer. Now I am thinking about having my ashes shipped to bidden for him to dispose of.

  3. FOLKS the damage FROM BIDEN just keeps coming there is NO DOUBT this man could care less about America or the American people his entire administration is completely incompetent and irresponsible, We have to remove his support in Congress in 2022 that is our only hope in stopping the damage he is doing. If he isnt stopped the damage he leaves behind can not be repaired. Its very difficult to accept that every day we read where BIDEN and his Clowns have done something else stupid, But we all understand that BIDEN has never been considered the brightest bulb in the box and now he is in a position that can do GREAT HARM and he is doing GREAT HARM.



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