PA Dept. Of State Issues Directive Prohibiting Election Boards From Cooperating With Senate’s Audit Of Elections

( Exclusive) – The Pennsylvania Department of State has put out a directive that is prohibiting county election boards from giving their full cooperation in election audits ordered by the state Senate.

According to a report from Gateway Pundit, the directive says that election officials are not to turn over election material to any third parties. Any equipment that is then turned over to a third party is not allowed to be used in another election. The state will not be reimbursing the counties for the cost of replacing this equipment (screen shot here).

In other words, they are trying to dissuade counties from doing an audit and ensuring that they keep the current machines to use in future elections, which definitely seems suspect. They want the same machines used in the 2020 election to be used again. Why? Because they are likely programmed to help the Democratic Party pull off victory after victory through voter fraud.

Keep in mind that Texas, along with 20 other states, actually sued Pennsylvania for violating the Constitution due to changes that were made to voting rules and procedures through courts and executive actions. The Supreme Court tossed the case and allowed Pennsylvania and other states to continue this lawlessness.

Another report from GP reveals how Sen. Mastriano responded to the Pennsylvania Secretary of State and this unlawful directive.

Mastriano just initiated a full forensic audit of the election results from last November.

Mastriano then made an appearance on the Bannon War Room program where he went on to give the counties in Pennsylvania three weeks to get things moving and comply. He went on to say that there’s a possibility he might expand the audit with other counties.

The left in the state of Pennsylvania is absolutely terrified by the idea of a forensic audit. That alone should be enough to set off alarm bells. Something is being hidden. Democrats do not want you to be aware of how they cheated.

Instead, they want to keep everyone in the dark so they can continue to cheat, lie, and steal in order to keep power for themselves.

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  1. I find it sickly humorous when people make fun of and deny the reality of voter fraud and mock such a conclusion. They seem to have been flunked their math classes. When there are more voters than there are registered voters up to over 160 % that is clear math evidence of votes that have a questionable source or voter fraud.

    Hundreds of counties had more than 100% of their registered voters participating in the election. When dead people are documented to have voted and had been voting in elections long after the stated death date on their death certificate that is a clear indication of voter fraud

    When “people” vote yet there is no documenttion that the person even exists, that is another hint of voter corruption.

    It does not take a rocket scientist to recognize the problems. It takes a person who has a brain to recognize the problems.

    When these “votes” are counted there is voter suppression, the legal votes are suppressed. And corrupt fools are put in power then we have a government not like a third world government but we have a kakistocracy which is “government by the least suitable or competent citizens of a state.
    “the danger is that voter fraud will reduce us to kakistocracy”,
    a state or society governed by its least suitable or competent citizens.

    Welcome to the Biden so called administration, a kakistocracy!

  2. if these anti American septic tank sludge rat fuks het away with blocking this America is over unless we have a real blood and guts revolution

    • Revolutions only happen when life for people is so bad that probable death is preferable to carrying on under the oppressive system. Why would American Trump followers, many of whom are some of the most wealthy, spoiled and privileged people on the planet, risk their comfortable lives for something that most of them know deep down is a load of nonsense fuelled by bitterness at defeat, and anger at the unstoppable changing demographics of your country? It’s not going to happen. You could get all the assault rifles and home made bombs in the US and feel briefly that you had a chance, but the government has tanks, drones, guns much bigger than anything you can buy in Walmart. Looking at Trump’s rallies, most of his followers seem quite old and not exactly poor. Will they be manning the trenches when it happens? Possibly not I’d say. Probably best just stick to democracy, you’ll have more chance of winning. With all the new laws brought in to stop democrats voting there’s a pretty good chance that Trump will win again next election, and every time I see any militia types or second amendmenters facing off with the authorities it’s not usually long before they see sense, realise they have to get up for work the next day and go home. There just aren’t enough people prepared to die for your cause I’m afraid, because their lives are actually pretty good compared with most people on the planet.

  3. As the Constitution federally empowers a state legislatures to conduct the aspects of state elections for the Presidential election, I see a palpable unconstitutional intent in this State Dept. of States directive (being an Executive organ).
    Stall tactic? Probably! Blow it off as untenable in court.

  4. The bastards criminally cheated. Now they try to cover it up. I never realized how few honorable, and honest people live in this country that are corrupted by political ignorance. These are truly stupid people of the PA SOS, anti American commies with a whole bunch of treason to hide. String ’em up!

    • Hi John, have you seen evidence of fraud that I haven’t been able to see? You seem totally convinced, but everything I’ve been directed to has turned out to be easily checked and debunked. Everyone on here seems utterly sure that the election was stolen, but no one can show any decent proof. Where can I see it please? Genuine request.

    • Sorry John, want to respond to Chopper Pilot but there’s no reply button on his post.
      Chopper Pilot: I’m asking because I genuinely want to understand what is making so many people be convinced of fraud when the evidence isn’t so far up to much. Isn’t it a good thing that people want to try and learn?

    • Chopper Pilot: Also, it’s precisely because I DON’T know everything that I want to learn more. So far asking these really simple questions has got me cancelled by Breitbart, Fox, One America News and a couple of less well known outlets. So many people are so convinced, and clearly they’re not all idiots, so there must be something they’ve seen that I haven’t yet been able to see. That’s what I’m looking for. Still looking btw.

    • I’ve read your condescending trash fake teacher, you’re just progressive trash who pretends to know it all .

      Plus you have Trump Derangement Syndrome , real trash!


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