Pennsylvania Results Show Statistically Impossible Pattern That Resulted In Biden’s Steal

( Exclusive) – Now that a delegation of Pennsylvania lawmakers have toured the Arizona audit operation, people, especially PA residents, are beginning to wonder when the state legislature will move to begin a similar process in the Keystone State.

It doesn’t appear that things will be that simple, however.

On Monday, President Trump issued a statement on Telegram asking “Why is State Senator Jake Corman of Pennsylvania fighting so hard that there will not be a Forensic Audit of the 2020 Presidential Election Scam” and said that he is acting like “a Radical Left Democrat.”

He also wondered the same about State Senator David Argall.

Both Senators are Republicans but it seems they may just be so in name only. Trump aptly pointed out that other Senators in the state want the audit to be performed. Not only that but Pennsylvania residents deserve answers.

Now is not the time for a lack of transparency and resistance from Republican lawmakers in PA.

If we take a look back it’s clear that something is most definitely not right with the results from Pennsylvania.

The results were almost statistically impossible. As the Gateway Pundit reported back in November, Trump was leading Biden by over 700,000 votes on Election Night only for Biden to not only catch up to Trump but surpass him, ultimately “winning” the state.

Even the morning after Election Day, President Trump led Biden 56% to 43%. The fix in Pennsylvania took several days to accomplish but the radical left managed to pull it off nonetheless.

Democrats somehow managed to take what should have been a landslide victory for President Trump and turned it into a sham victory for Biden.

According to Pennsylvania’s election returns website, on election day President Trump won nearly two-thirds of all votes cast in the state. Trump won 2.7 million votes compared to the 1.4 million won by Biden, that’s nearly twice as many for Trump.

Then Pennsylvania began counting the mail-in ballots. On Election Night, there were no reports whatsoever about how many votes were still outstanding in the state. A bit of information that should have been easy to ascertain had things been being done aboveboard.

This allowed Democrats to keep counting mail-in ballots and keep counting … and counting … and counting until Biden had the “votes” he needed to secure his victory.

Even more shocking is the fact that the state allowed mail-in ballots to keep rolling in for three more days after Election Day. No one knows how many ballots actually came in after Election Day and there were accounts from postal workers of being instructed to backdate ballots so that they could be counted.

Then there was the debacle in Philadelphia where Republicans weren’t even allowed to observe the counting of these ballots.

Miraculously, despite Trump winning nearly half of votes cast on Election Day, Joe Biden somehow managed to win 2 million of the state’s unprecedented 2.5 million mail-in ballots.

We’re supposed to believe that the discrepancy between in-person voting and mail-in voting was that broad in Pennsylvania? The left wants us to accept that Joe Biden, who had absolutely no enthusiasm in PA and who constantly flip-flopped on the matter of fracking, won 2 million of the supposed 2.5 million mail-in ballots?

The Gateway Pundit gave a good analysis as to how these numbers are statistically impossible but this information serves as a good reminder as to why a forensic audit is desperately needed in the state of Pennsylvania.

If you live in Pennsylvania, it’s time to put the pressure on your elected representatives. Call, email, or get in touch with them on social media. The time is now. Americans deserve the truth.

Copyright 2021.

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  1. I once had a friend that sorted through ideas and made a pretend god, constructed out of all the ideas that suited her and the life that she wanted to live. She thought it quite reasonable to create a god quite different from the God of heaven, and her creator. She has since had her eyes opened and now knows that the God who formed the human race cannot be made by His creation.

    The fact that the democrats live in a similar pretend world, made up in their minds to suit their priorities by many who are proclaimed to be well informed and educated people. The list of their pretends is long and apparently growing with the passing of each day. They pretend that an unborn human being is not a human being . The pretend that climate which has been changing periodically for thousands of years without mans help is now changing, and man has to knuckle under and stop the changing.They pretend that the outward appearance of a person is the element by which to judges a person as valuable or to be discarded as unworthy. They pretend that laws are options and not necessarily to be obeyed by them, but they can on their own volition modify the laws to manage your life or alter the outcome of an election. They pretend that they have no responsibility to protect and secure our borders or that American citizens should have first consideration. They pretend that our earnings are theirs to use as they want and that crimes of democrats are not to be identified as crimes, but they can create crimes to enable them to prosecute the innocent. They pretend that they are masters and we are unworthy of protection under our laws. They pretend that just a wish or thought can change a person’s DNA. They have so many pretends, but the worst part is that these bullies are working to pass legislation to force and require us to accept their pretends as real.

    Another pretend is that the election was won by a mentally stable candidate.

  2. Each and every elected official that opposes any audit, impedes transparency, or verification of our election system needs to be IMMEDIATELY REMOVED from office ASAP.

  3. If the lawmakers are fighting hard not to have a forensic audit. Then by all means, have the forensic audit. They should have nothing to hide. Transparency, is the key for all voters to know their votes really count.

    • Each and every one of these, or any ‘elected official servant’ that is opposed to any audit, transparency or verification of our election system … NEEDS TO BE ILLIMINATED from their position ASAP.

  4. President Trump was re-elected and that was clear and all involved with the communist take over and all that supported them should be held for treason and executed. This take over must be put down and President Trump start to put America back on track before it is to late. Biden has always been a criminal. He black mailed a foreign nation to put a dope addict and pedofile he called a son in place to make millions and dealt with our enemy communist China against our interest as a nation to make millions more and all while Vice President to Obama another fraudulent President ( non Citizen).

  5. There is something wrong here. If I were a Democrat, wouldn’t I just say ok, let do an honest recount and shut the door on the republican’s accusations and be done with it once and for all. I’m one of those republicans who want to end all this bickering back and forth and get on with running the country, but it will never happen until this controversy is settled honestly. Shouldn’t ALL Pennsylvanians want to know their vote was cast the correct way and that the ballot box wasn’t stuffed?

  6. They said he didn’t have to come out of mama’s basement where he was holed up during the whole election because “They had this in the bag”. If found GUILTY, IT’S WAY past time for Public EXECUTIONS.

  7. The election was, in fact, stolen. It’s time to fess up to the reality, that democrats cheated so big time that any fool could see it. The people responsible should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for violating the most sacred trust of one person, one vote. AND one must be alive, an adult citizen, and a registered legal voter to cast a ballot!

    • I agree 100 percent. We know the election was stolen from President Trump. The thieves MUST be punished. Biden and his controller should be tried for treason and Biden’s election should be thrown out.

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