Political Hit? Pro-Trump Portland Print Shop Owner Shot To Death In Nightclub Parking Lot

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – While Democrats are busy in Washington DC condemning Trump supporters over the riot at the Capitol on Jan. 6, actual political violence is occurring around the country and it isn’t Trump supporters enacting the violence.

While the FBI is fervently hunting down and investigating every single Trump supporter at the Capitol on Jan. 6, Portland, Oregon, continues to be plagued by violent riots.

This kind of violence defined 2020 as cities around the country were rocked by violence and chaos resulting in casualties, countless police injuries and over $2 billion in damages.

Portland continues to be the hub of unchecked radical left violence and it appears another two lives have been senselessly lost.

40-year-old William Peters was shot and killed in the parking lot of the Acropolis bar along with his friend Adam David-Lawrence Arrambide. The double homicide took place on Peters’ 4-year-old daughter’s birthday and while police say they haven’t been able to discover the motive, it seems clear that Peters was shot and killed for being a well-known Trump supporter.

Peters was the founder of Portland print shop 503print and was an outspoken supporter of President Trump. He used his print shop to print pro-Trump banners and other imagery causing him to be the target of rabid radical left Antifa thugs.

Reports from friends of Peters who were present when the shooting occurred say that Peters and his friend Arrambide were leaving the bar uneventfully when a vehicle pulled up in front of the parking spot his truck was parked in.

There was an exchange of words and then Peters and Arrambide were shot and killed.

Peters was a well-known Trump supporter using both his business and personal social media accounts to convey that. A bold move considering how radically left Portland is.

It appears that Peters’ reputation was that of a Trump supporter which, naturally, means that he was a “Nazi” and a “white supremacist” in the eyes of liberals. One user on Reddit suggested that maybe Peters deserved to die since he was “someone who supports violent insurrection, death to liberals, being anti trans/black/gay/minority equal rights and all the other hateful crap.”

This particularly unhinged Reddit user seemed to think Peters’ Facebook page was proof of their allegations against him but if you look at his page you’ll see there’s nothing there to suggest any of that is true.

Triggered leftists are so ignorantly blinded by their hatred of President Trump (all because the mainstream media told them to hate him) that they can’t even see just how hateful and intolerant they truly are.

This user suggested Peters’ supported “death to liberals” while he was likely shot to death by radical leftists. How utterly tone deaf is that?

There is absolutely no justification for Peters’ death.

If confirmed to be politically motivated, the shooter deserves to be punished with the maximum sentence allowed by law. This is America. We all have the right to our own personal beliefs and opinions without fear of threat or violence.

Antifa is supposedly against fascism but have proven they are more than willing to murder anyone with whom they politically disagree with. These people are the real criminals and domestic terrorists that the FBI and Washington politicians should be focused on stopping.

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  1. I mourn for these lives lost the hate coming from Antifa and BLM will only lead to more of the killing how long do you think the American people will tolerate the lawlessness

  2. Get job getting the country together Daffy Duck(Biden). You care nothing for the 75 million that voted for Trump while you stole the presidency. You LIE

  3. Pelosi and Dems pay no attention to the rest of the riots and antifa. FBI is not active in going after them. They are not fooling us. She loses power in Nov. 22.

  4. They know exactly how hateful and intolerant they are. The problem is they enjoy it being encompassed in their lives and thought processes.

    • That is because they are all worshiper’s of the devil! The democrat party has become troops for the devil and their goal is to destroy America and anyone who believes in God!

  5. antifa are the real fascists, they are too blinded and stupid to recognize who they are. Reality eludes them, they live in a drug induced brainwashed fantasy land. Reality will come crashing down on them in time.

  6. I surely hope that these homicides are thoroughly investigated by local law enforcement and the FBI. I also think that Christopher Wray needs to stop calling Antifa an “ideology” when the organization was directed during the 2020 election by Michael Podhorzer and his crew to either riot or stand down.

  7. The NATIONAL GUARD are under the direct supervision of the Govenors of each state all they have to do is call them home, DO WE HAVE ANY GOVENORS ACROSS THE COUNTRY WITH COURAGE TO DO SO? We have had only two so far with that type of backbone, Thus far the Washington elites have had them sleeping in parking garages and now they are getting food that is uncooked and with metal and glass particles in it they are being totally disrespected while at the same time protecting a bunch of useless politicians, We know DEMOCRATS could care less about ourr military, But where in the HELL are the REPUBLICANS, and even worse WHERE ARE THE MILITARY LEADERS OF THESE TROOPS WHY IN THE HELL ARE THEY NOT SPEAKING OUT ABOUT THE TREATMENT OF THOSE UNDER THEIR COMMAND? SOMEONE PLEASE INFORM THESE COMMANDERS THAT LEADERSHIP REQUIRES BACKBONE, IF THEY CANT LEAD THEN GET THEM THE HELL OUT OF THOSE POSITIONS.

  8. Hey antifa you suck I love my fellow man that’s a colors I’m so fed up BLM can kiss it you are not that important you are destroying your own people the sad thing about it is they don’t seam to care I will stand beside anyone who condemns you Gods Blessings to all

  9. Another redistribution of our money being done by the democrats.

    “The massive $1.9 trillion spending package being considered by the Senate includes over $1 billion for “socially disadvantaged farmers” and $5 million for commissions to study racial equity issues inside the U.S. Department of Agriculture. . .
    “Critics of the bill,” TRANSLATION: THE CRITICS ARE THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE TO PAY THE BILL BY HAVING WHAT THEY EARNED SPREAD OUT TO THOSE WHO DID NOT EARN IT)”have said it spends too much money on issues unrelated to the pandemic or its economic fallout.”

    PS China is also on the receiving end of this democratic slush fund the democrats have created.

  10. Interesting how the truth about the election theft is slowly leaking out. Judge in Miss. rules that in a local election 78% of he mail in votes were illegal votes. In GA. 440 thousand votes were determined to be illegal because they were not follow security measures for the votes. They cannot validate the mail in votes are from real people.The authenticity of the votes is found to be false. The same is happening in Arizona with the REAL FORENSIC VOTER INVESTIGATION NOT THE SUPERVISORS WHITEWASH AUDIT. IN PA THERE WERE OVER 400THOUSAND INVALID VOTES.


    • You have to remember the “socialist politician” has us paying the national guard to protect their asses and they are ‘indefinitely’ taken away from their families and jobs.


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