RED ALERT: New Shocking Report Reveals More COVID-19 Vaccine Deaths Last Week In US Than COVID-19 Deaths

( Exclusive) – There are a lot of downsides to having your media outlets basically controlled by the left, like Democrats having full power over the news that’s covered and the narrative that is created by that news, a point made crystal clear by the current push by news outlets to shame people into getting the coronavirus vaccine.

What they aren’t reporting is the number of people who are dying from the vaccine and experiencing all kinds of horrific side effects from taking the jab.

According to a shocking new report from Gateway Pundit, there are currently 9,125 deaths that were caused by the COVID-19 vaccine across the United States.

The number of deaths connected to the vaccines over this last year has gone through the roof. If you take a look at the CDC’s own data, in the first three months of this year, the VAERS website actually recorded over 1,750 deaths that were due to people taking the vaccine.

Last week, they were reporting 6,985 deaths. This week, that number shot up by 2,043, taking the total to 9,048. And it’s gone up again to 9,195 (screen shot here).

“The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) database contains information on unverified reports of adverse events (illnesses, health problems and/or symptoms) following immunization with US-licensed vaccines. Reports are accepted from anyone and can be submitted electronically at,” the report said.

As of this writing there have been 411,931 adverse reactions to the vaccine reported and probably a ton more that haven’t been reported.

Now let’s compare that number to the number of COVID-19 deaths in the United States last week. There were 1,505 deaths caused by the illness over the course of the week.

This means that more people died from being vaccinated than died from the illness. The cure actually has become worse than the disease.

And yet, people like Dr. Anthony Fauci continue to push fear over mutations like the Delta variant as a means to make folks panic and get this vaccine. However, as stated above, the truth of the matter is this experimental vaccine is wreaking havoc on our nation, but since that does not fit with the leftist narrative, you’ll never hear a word about it on the news.

Fauci has stated that the Delta variant is the “greatest threat” to the United States. Why should we listen to this guy after all of those emails revealed that he’s a liar and is essentially milking this pandemic for all its worth.

The doctor says the Delta variant makes up 20 percent of all the new cases of the virus, which is up from 10 percent two weeks ago.

“Similar to the situation in the U.K., the delta variant is currently the greatest threat in the U.S. to our attempt to eliminate Covid-19,” Fauci went on to say.

But of course, there’s no need to worry. Just take the jab and all will be well!

“As worrisome as this delta strain is with regard to its hyper transmissibility, our vaccines work,” Walensky said on “Good Morning America.” If you get vaccinated, “you’ll be protected against this delta variant,” CDC Director Walensky said.

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  1. as the article stated the number of people who go onto VAERS site is UNVERIFIED!! so the numbers cant be trusted but what is a fact that in June 99.2% of ALL COVID DEATHS WERE UNVACCINATED PEOPLE!!!

    • Whine away little queer man , maybe your hero oBama will answer your cries for help ..LOL loser !

  2. When they stop letting illegals flood the border on a daily basis with a pandemic going on in this Country I might believe their bull****. Until then shut the hell up.

  3. The over the top push and cover up of results of the vaccines, that are now killing more than the virus is killing, has a sinister secret that time will reveal.
    The dems want to eliminate the Hyde Amendment that protects citizens from being required to participate in their abhorrent ambition to kill children before they are able to defend themselves which is an ambition straight from hell.

  4. More deaths from the vaccine than the virus it self. Time for the medical community to use medical science rather than political science , look again to save lives and what IS saving lives. . . hydroxchlorofquine .

    • keep spreading your lies and more people will die June stats 99.2% of covid deaths were UNVACCINATED people!!! VAERS sites numbers are unverified as the article states so you need to do your homework and stop spreading your LIES!


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