RED WAVE: Kevin McCarthy Will Launch 7 Investigations Into Biden Admin If GOP Takes House In 2022 — Lock Him Up?

( Exclusive) – It seems that the GOP is already planning ahead concerning actions they will be taking should they take full control of Congress in 2022, and boy, lefties are really going to have some epic meltdowns if any of these things come to fruition.

According to Gateway Pundit, California House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has already started outlining a very specific set of investigations he will launch if Republicans once again become the majority in the House.

Axios went on to report that McCarthy has started mapping out some very aggressive probes that will take the Biden administration to ask for the course of its last two years.

“So far, the list of issues that McCarthy wants to investigate includes seven major points: the IRS leak of billionaires’ tax information to ProPublica, the NSA, the withdrawal from Afghanistan, border problems, school boards and parents, the handling and origins of the COVID pandemic and the JEDI contract (a cloud-computing contract),” GP reported.

Right now, with the House, Senate, and the White House all being controlled by Democrats, the GOP needs to start making some promises concerning changes that will be coming our way and come out swinging for the fences if they want to regain power in next year’s midterm election.

Right now, the majority held by the Democrats is a very slim one. There are 213 members of the Republican Party compared to 221 Democrats, plus one vacancy.

With the extremely poor job being done by the Biden administration on a number of important issues, like the pandemic, the supply chain crisis, and the border crisis, things are definitely looking good for Republicans. However, the midterms are still a year away.

“Historical precedent indicates that whatever party has the White House will lose seats in Congress during midterms. With President Joe Biden’s low approval ratings, this seems more likely than ever, as NPR reported,” GP said.

Republicans are currently poised to flip a few seats, especially in places where the districts are now being redrawn.

A report from the New York Times from back in November stated that there are at least five seats currently in the House that are predicted to turn Republican.

“The redistricting that has been completed (some states are still in the process) gave Republicans an advantage for seats in North Carolina, Texas, Montana and Iowa. Democrats have lost the advantage in certain districts of North Carolina and Iowa, according to the New York Times,” the report continued.

“With year end meetings, Democrats are starting to predict a rather bleak forecast for Congress in 2022. Instead of fighting for large majorities, Democrats seem to be trying to fight for thinner margins,” the report added.

“Politico reported that party chairs, executive directors and strategists are now trying to determine how to hold the Senate and simply hold back the Republicans from taking too large a majority in the House. Democrats are ‘reframing the 2022 election as a defensive effort, with success defined as maintaining the Democratic Senate majority and holding back a Republican tide in the House,'” GP said in its report.

“Success looks like we hold the Senate and we hold the House, or we narrowly lose it, so if Republicans take control, it’s a razor-thin margin,” Chair of the Kentucky Democratic Party Colmon Elridge went on to tell the folks over at Politico.

It seems that a lot of Democrats are starting to see the “red wave” coming as more than just a prediction, but an unavoidable reality.

“I’m scared,” Peg Schaffer, who serves as the vice chair of the Democratic Party in New Jersey, went on to say. “We need to get the vote out, and in the midterms, it’s hard.”

Something else that is hurting Democrats in next year’s midterms is the number of individuals that are retiring. There are 13 House Democrats that are retiring, while another eight will be running for other offices, according to NPR.

There are only four House Republicans who are retiring and seven running for other offices, with four of those individuals running for Senate seats.

Yes, it seems the Democrats have a lot of work to do if they want to maintain control of Congress. You couple this with McCarthy’s plan to launch all of these investigations, and it seems the Republican Party platform is getting stronger and stronger.

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