REPORT: Bob Saget Died Shortly After Bragging He Loved Taking Covid Shots (VIDEO)

( Exclusive) – Folks were shocked over the weekend when the story broke that comedian and Full House actor Bob Saget suddenly passed away at the age of 65.

A report from Infowars says that the Orange County Sheriff’s Office made the announcement about Saget’s death via Twitter post on Sunday, stating the actor was found dead in his hotel room.

“Earlier today, deputies were called to the Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes for a call about an unresponsive man in a hotel room,” the post went on to say. “The man was identified as Robert Saget & pronounced deceased on scene. Detectives found no signs of foul play or drug use in this case.”

It’s important to note that during a December 13th episode of his podcast, “Bob Saget’s Here For You,” he bragged about getting his COVID-19 booster shot a few days prior.

“I went to the pharmacy the other day and got a booster shot,” he said. “I should have gotten it in my arm, but I got it in my butt.”

“I try not to preach. I got my booster shot. I got my booster shot the day before yesterday,” Saget went on to say towards the end of the podcast linked here.

The relevant portion is around the 1:35:30 mark.

Back on November 28, the actor had joked about receiving a booster shot in a post on Twitter.

Quite frequently throughout the days of the pandemic, Saget helped promote taking the still highly experimental mRNA vaccine jab on social media.

Last February, in a tweet, Saget seemed to insinuate that the vaccines would wipe out COVID by the year 2023. It doesn’t look like that prediction is going to come true. Especially since previous science and just plain common sense tells us this bad boy is here to stay.

Then in May, the Full House star sat down with the folks at CBS News to discuss vaccine hesitancy and the “real facts” about the vaccine itself.

A Twitter post from August of last year has him declaring, “I don’t wanna preach,” before going on to ask his followers to “please get your vaccine today,” making the claim that they “save lives.”

Saget even made wisecracks about the vaccine.

“We are devastated to confirm that our beloved Bob passed away,” Saget’s family revealed in a statement.

As of now, Saget’s cause of death remains unknown, it seems like there is a strong possibility that the booster shot played a role in his untimely passing.

Just two weeks ago, an editor for the New York Times died from an unexpected heart attack only a day after getting the Moderna COVID booster.

“Meanwhile, as mainstream media ignores the data and Big Tech silences any dissenting viewpoints online, a report from the UK Health Security Agency reveals vaccinated people made up nearly 75% of Covid-19 deaths in Britain from Dec. 6 to Jan. 2,” the report from Infowars said.

This whole thing is a tragedy. One that likely could have been avoided.

There have been plenty of reports that have revealed these vaccines are not what the radical left and the terrified masses claim they are.

A recent report revealed that folks who have been triple and even quadruple vaccinated have been discovered to have no antibodies against the illness.

“A report from Infowars points out that the mainstream media is saying, ‘vaccine protection is waning more significantly over time than experts expected.'”

“Back in July, the jabs created by pharmaceutical giant Pfizer were shown to be only 39% effective against the coronavirus, and then in September the Johnson & Johnson shot was down to just 13%,” the report continued.

“Instead of admitting jabs don’t protect people as long as advertised, the establishment is moving the goalpost and preparing citizens for never-ending Covid shots,” the report noted.

“According to a CNN report that was published Tuesday, some individuals who are immunocompromised are actually failing to produce any coronavirus antibodies at all, despite being given three and sometimes even four booster shots,” it added.

“The story focuses on a 34-year-old man called Andrew Linder who received a life-saving kidney transplant from his wife Emily in September 2019,” Infowars stated in its report, adding, “Linder says he took three doses of the Pfizer vaccine and an additional booster, yet has ‘no antibodies.”

Linder, speaking with CNN, said, “I had no antibodies whatsoever. That was shocking and scary and sucky for sure. I almost feel just as unsafe or if not potentially a little bit more unsafe now than at the beginning of the pandemic, just for the fact that I could get it at this point in time.”

Actor Matthew McConaughey also revealed during an interview he conducted with the New York Times that his 90-year-old immunocompromised mother has no antibodies despite having received three vaccine shots.

People are making the claim that this vaccine is saving lives, but at this point, can that statement really be made? If you’re vaccinated you can still pass it along. You can still get COVID, yes even a severe case. So what’s the point of the vaccine?

There isn’t one.

Don’t fall for it, folks.

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