REPORT: Saudi Crown Prince MBS Mocks Joe Biden In Private… Makes Fun Of His Gaffes — Questions Mental Capacity

( Exclusive) – White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was apparently still fuming over the fact that the Saudi crown prince mercilessly mocked Joe Biden and decided to share her thoughts on the matter by tossing some shade in his general direction. As we’ve seen time and time again, this administration cannot seem to get along with foreign leadership. They are truly a geopolitical nightmare.

According to the New York Post, Jean-Pierre ripped into Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Monday during her regular briefing over his “ridiculous” mockery of Biden’s cognitive abilities and his endless production of gaffes.

Initially speaking with Washington Post reporter Toluse Olorunnipa, Jean-Pierre commented, “I don’t have any comments on that” when she was asked about a Wall Street Journal report that revealed insults being hurled in Biden’s direction behind closed doors by the Saudi leader.

However, a little later on, the Biden administration spokesperson changed her tune.

“Actually, let me say something about your first question,” she stated to Olorunnipa. “I’m not going to comment about, you know, kind of ridiculous statements. I’m not going to comment on that.

“But I’ll be very clear: the president has been very clear since the beginning of this administration that we have to review our relationship with Saudi Arabia,” Jean-Pierre continued. “And so that is something that we’re going to continue to review and once we have something to share, we will certainly share that.”

She then added, “The decisions that OPEC+ made recently, we saw that as them aligning with Russia, and that is going to hurt many economies across the globe. The president is going to have more to say on that and when he does, you’ll hear directly from him.”

James Rosen of Newsmax followed up by asking her, “Which statements are ridiculous?”

“I’m not going to give it any more light,” Jean-Pierre responded to the question. “I’m just saying that more broadly.”

“The Journal report, which cited sources inside the Saudi government, didn’t relay specific examples of the crown prince widely known as MBS mocking Biden — but did say that the royal prefers former President Donald Trump and has had a low opinion of Biden since his time as Barack Obama’s vice president,” the New York Post said.

Back in April, a television channel owned by the Saudis put on a comedy sketch of Vice President Kamala Harris constantly having to keep Biden awake and correct his mistakes, which is actually pretty inaccurate considering Harris needs a personal interpreter to translate her rambling word salads into actual, coherent thought the rest of us can understand.

“Jean-Pierre’s rebuke of MBS increases tensions that mounted after Biden returned empty-handed from his July trip to the oil-rich kingdom. Saudi-led OPEC+ on Oct. 5 announced a 2% oil production cut, humiliating Biden, who had sought to improve his relationship with Saudi leaders after average US gas prices hit records of more than $5 per gallon in June,” Steven Nelson of the NY Post wrote.

Nelson continued, “The OPEC+ decision could increase gas prices, hurting Democrats in the Nov. 8 election, and it prompted Biden to say that he would reassess the US-Saudi relationship. Biden then ordered the release of more oil from the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve to offset the foreign production cut.”

Biden paid Saudi Arabia a visit after attempting last year to put MBS on the sidelines concerning the conclusion reached by the United States intelligence community that he had ordered the 2018 operation that killed Jamal Khashoggi, a journalist with the Washington Post.

“Biden exchanged a controversial fist bump with MBS, but the Saudis then resisted his calls to increase production. This month, Saudi officials ignored White House pleas to delay production cuts until after the Nov. 8 elections,” Nelson added in his report.

Republicans in the House have been mulling over potentially filing articles of impeachment against Biden for asking the Saudis to postpone the reduction. Rep. Elise Stefanik, who is the third-ranking member in the House GOP, called the move “very egregious, inappropriate and illegal action by the president.”

“The relatives of US citizens detained in Saudi Arabia, meanwhile, say Biden didn’t do enough to win their release because he was more concerned about securing lower gas prices. Those detainees include Saad Almadi, 72, who was sentenced on Oct. 3 to 16 years in prison over 14 tweets mildly critical of the Saudi government, according to his family,” the story revealed.

“[Biden] sold my father for oil,” Ibrahim Almadi stated during an interview with The Post last week. “He got sold for oil, but they didn’t receive the oil. So there is no father, no oil. There’s nothing — there is only shame, that is what the White House has got now.”

While visiting Saudi Arabia, Biden tried to develop some kind of relationship with MBS, which is why he opted not to fire off any sort of harsh criticism of the prince publicly, though he later told the press that he accused MBS of ordering the operation that killed Khashoggi.

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  1. If you respect lifetime criminal politicians 0bama and 0biden deserve kudos from all of today’s progressive liberal trash in our society !
    Responsible folks will never agree.

  2. LiBTurd Manvigina is an European with Trump Derangement syndrome…

    Most likely an obama worshipper like the other progressive filth in society!

    Anyone who believes biden has respect in this world is absolutely ignorant!

    • Perhaps the left trash enjoy EVERY gaffe this criminal makes . It surely impresses today’s progressive libturds.

  3. Biden is getting big respect around the globe for daring to stand up to the Islamic fascists in Saudi. trump was embarrassing in the way he crawled up SBM’s ass. I think your internet algorithms only send you one point of view or something. You never seem to actually know what anyone outside your echo chamber actually thinks. Biden was laughed at and insulted everywhere when he fist bumped that murdering scum bag so he could get oil. Then the Saudi’s openly decided to side with Russia and since Biden’s been more confrontational with them people around the world are aplauding him. Everyone hates the Saudis you see. Except trump of course, who seems to go a bit highly and weak knee’d in the presence of dictators.

    • you really do need a reality check, you havent a clue what you are talking about
      try getting or researching some facts before you post. Take the time to do a little research your ignorance is on full display. BIDEN is a laughing stock around the world.

    • “Biden getting big respect around the globe “, LiBTurd ,you are not a very good liar you know ? Now , your hero Biden, has been lying for decades , of course you DO KNOW that because that’s an attribute with you progressive trash.

      Stay stupid , the dems need you more than ever!

  4. The entire world is laughing in disgust with this joke Joe Biden who they claim who reportedly received 81 million votes .

    We need another Ronald Reagan or Donald John Trump folks !!

    • “The Big Lie” is residing in our Whitehouse folks . Even today’s progressive filth know that is the truth .

    • We need to realize Biden is the smartest democrat in the party of losers and derelicts too .
      Why else would he be the choice to lead the greatest country ever?


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