‘Rigged 2020’: Explosive Documentary Shows How Zuckerberg ‘Funded Plot To Defeat’ Trump

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – A new report from WND has revealed that a spokesman for Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has dismissed an upcoming documentary being put out by conservative activist David Bossie, which charges the founder of the social media giant’s $400 million to fund election operations was actually being channeled to three key swing states as a means of trying to defeat President Donald Trump’s reelection bid, as “neither new or newsworthy.”

“Bossie’s Citizens United Productions is the producer of ‘Rigged: The Zuckerberg-Funded Plot to Defeat Donald Trump,’ which will debut next Tuesday at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, Florida. After the debut, it will be available for streaming at Rigged2020.com,” the report said.

The documentary goes on to contend that the money from Zuckerberg helped persuade governmental entities to put policies in place that would compromise voter integrity, which includes mail-in ballots and upping the number of ballot drop boxes available for use. The $400 million was then distributed through the Center for Tech and Civic Life and the Center for Election Innovation and Research in Wisconsin, Arizona, and Georgia.

Last Thursday evening, Brian Baker, who works as a spokesman for Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan, put out a statement to Fox News referring to the movie as irrelevant.

“When our nation’s election infrastructure faced unprecedented challenges in 2020 due to the pandemic, and the federal government failed to provide adequate funds to allow states and localities to conduct elections, Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan stepped up to close that funding gap with two independent, non-profit organizations to help the American people vote,” Baker commented.

He then went on to make the argument that both Zuckerberg and Chan “announced their support for this effort well in advance of the election, so this documentary is neither new nor newsworthy.”

“They also did not participate in the process to determine which jurisdictions received funds,” he continued.

Folks, it seems pretty obvious that Zuckerberg, along with his many friends in the tech industry, have been using their money and the platforms they have created as a means of pushing forward the progressive agenda, going so far as to cheat, lie, and even steal an election out of the hands of the American people. How much more do people need to see before they finally admit that our election system is compromised?

Baker then went on to make the argument that “nearly 2,500 election jurisdictions from 49 states applied and each jurisdiction that applied received funds, no matter whether they were historically Republican, Democratic or swing districts.”

He then insisted that more funding went to GOP districts than those controlled by Democrats and that majority to areas where Trump or Biden won by pretty clear margins.

“But the documentary, as Breitbart News reported, shows that 92% of the funds went to jurisdictions carried by Joe Biden,” the report said.

Baker then wrapped up by acknowledging that “we’ve only seen two minutes” of the film “so far.”

And yet he’s trying to say that nothing in it is relevant? How could he possibly know that without having watched the whole thing?

He then said that it “appears to feature the same people advancing the same claims that have been debunked by multiple federal and state courts and respected news organizations, only this time, set to dramatic music.”

Breitbart went on to point out that the film has nothing to do with any of the other claims of voter fraud that have tainted the 2020 election.

“The cash flow is verifiable, suggesting that Zuckerberg’s team is hoping to distract from the revelations detailed in the documentary,” Breitbart reported.

Bossie stated that Zuckerberg was presented with the opportunity to respond during the making of the film, but did not do so.

The producer then stated Bossie said the tech billionaire is trying to “hide behind the claim that more Republican areas received money than Democrat areas, but that is purposely misleading.”

“When you look at the actual dollar amounts – not the number of grants awarded – the vast majority of the money was spent in localities that were carried by Biden,” he went on to explain.

“Finally, Zuckerberg admits that he hasn’t seen the film, but denies its contents anyway,” Bossie stated. “He then claims that the facts as laid out in the film have been ‘debunked’ in court, although the points made in the movie were not the subject of any of the lawsuits surrounding the 2020 election that he’s referencing.”

He then said that Zuckerberg’s statement “does nothing to counter the many facts – supported by official IRS tax forms filed by the non-profit groups Zuckerberg funded – we spell out in Rigged.”

“On Friday, Bossie told Steve Bannon on ‘War Room’ that amid so many issues related to the 2020 election, he and his team kept the film focused on Zuckerberg, based on the hard evidence of the IRS non-profit financial forms,” the WND report stated.

Zuckerberg and his cronies have compromised our election system. It’s time for serious investigations to uncover the truth and gather evidence so all involved can be held accountable for their actions. And we must then pass election integrity measures in order to prevent this sort of meddling from ever happening again.

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    • Defender of oBama sure loves FecesBook, most progressive trash cannot live without it for some reason.

  1. How is it obvious when all the proof put forward crumbles to nothing at the slightest investigation? It’s only obvious to those already brainwashed by agent orange. Literally everyone else in the world can see that trump lost and lost big. You see, when you are as aggressive and divisive as trump is, many people will nod along out of fear of your thugs and lackeys but when they get into the voting booth they’re not going to vote for him in a million years. That’s why it was such a shock, because you were not aware of this. He lost in Republican states because people voted Republican all the way down the ballot but couldn’t bring themselves to vote for him at the top. The audits etc prove this. They also prove there was no fraud. The truth is sometimes painful, but there it is.

  2. The word “META”
    Relating to death
    Door of death universe
    Go in, hooked and latched, end is…?
    ZUCKIE will get his karma paid in full very soon
    Watch all the Kleenex coming out…

    • Zuckie attracts queers and derelicts with a phone . Defender of oBama and william lavoie and the other losers in life cannot live without FecesBook .

    • Tear up the passports, delete him and family out of the system
      Transplant them on the island with in outlets not inlets surrounding by sharks

    • I know she’s foreign, and Eatern European but are you saying Melania is actually a communist? That’s heavy. Are you sure?

    • He’s made a killing off of our young’s sorry interests in their products.

      It’s “ FecesBook” polluting our children.

  3. It’s obvious to any rational person that there were gross irregularities. The problem here in SD is, our representatives aren’t the least bit rational. Now, if they would have done their jobs as far as this election was concerned, our economy wouldn’t be in the toilet, our gas prices wouldn’t be the highest they’ve ever been, and our country wouldn’t be the joke to the rest of the world it is because of this abortion they allowed to occupy the oval office. On top of that Suckerberg and his significant other would be facing charges. That, unfortunately, is not the way of the RINO!


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