SECOND AMENDMENT ALERT! Bipartisan Gun Control Bill Finally Revealed…

( Exclusive) – Some Republicans have reached across the aisle to work with Dems to come up with bipartisan gun control legislation. We’re supposed to believe that this legislation is good since members from both parties had a hand in it.

Unfortunately, the truth is, any gun control measures will just be the beginning of the end of the Second Amendment.

Gun control laws only make it more difficult for law-abiding citizens to acquire firearms and laws can be easily abused by the federal government.

The bipartisan gun control bill has finally been revealed and was expected to be voted on Tuesday evening.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer confirmed that he planned to bring the legislation up for a preliminary vote Tuesday night, the very same day it was introduced.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) pointed out the bill had only just been made available to the public and Senators were already being asked to vote on it.

The most concerning part of the bill is its creation of financial incentives for states to develop their own Red Flag laws.

Red Flag laws are a dangerous slippery slope. They create a legal process by which a citizen can petition a judge to seize the firearms of an individual he or she thinks poses a danger to themselves or to others.

You don’t need us to tell you Red Flag laws are not constitutional and can be easily abused. They will result in innocent Americans being forced to give up their Second Amendment rights.

These laws vary by state and in some states the law includes a process by which a disarmed citizen can get his or her guns back. However, critics argue that these laws allow officials to seize guns from law-abiding citizens without a criminal conviction.

It’s a tough topic because time and time again, the story is the same after a mass shooting. When it comes to the shooters, those who knew these individuals seem to always have the same story: there were signs.

This, however, seems more like a mental health issue rather than a gun control issue.

Nonetheless, the 80-page “‘Bipartisan Safer Communities Act” will see more Red Flag laws on the books around the country.

The bill also would impose new scrutiny on gun buyers under the age of 21, taking a look into their juvenile records during background checks.

Ten Republican Senators were involved in the negotiations for the legislation’s contents and will likely support the proposal. The bill would need to get sixty Senators to vote in support of it to end debate on the proposal to bypass the Senate’s filibuster.

The National Rifle Association announced opposition to the bill just after its full text was released.

Should this legislation make it out of the Senate, there’s no doubt the Democrat-controlled House and Joe Biden will rush it into law.

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  1. Folks they may not be able to get our guns, But just recently in the news they are now trying to go after our ammunition. We cant let them have either one but we cant stay home on election day in November.

  2. Please explain how this violation of the second amendment would have stopped a mentally imbalanced person from killing? The planned parenthood organization kills hundreds of children every day and no guns are used.

    Of course to violate the law abiding citizens rights is the answer?

    How decrepit is the integrity of the members of congress who choose to abandon their commitment to their promise to defend and support the constitution. They have chosen to increase their criminality. How much more will they erase of our Constitution?

    All of it!

  3. The people who are paid to defend and protect the Constitution are the greatest violators of the Constitution. Throw the bums out , then put them in jail for their violations,


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