Shock Claim: CA Rigging The Governor Election Against Larry Elder

( Exclusive) – Liberals are panicking in the state of California thanks to the governor recall race that is currently underway, as it means the state could actually turn red, which is the ultimate loss for the Democratic Party who is looking to maintain permanent power over the government through rigged elections.

According to Gateway Pundit, it seems there are now efforts underway, masterminded by radical leftists, to sabotage the candidacy of Larry Elder and to strike back against anyone who might have voted in favor of a recall against Gavin Newsom, the tyrant who used violated the constitutional rights of his constituents in egregious ways during the thick of the COVID pandemic.

The thing the left does not want to accept is that the vast majority of folks in California actually hate Newsom. It’s just something they refuse to see as the reality of the situation right now. And it’s that kind of purposeful ignorance that has fueled the anger of so many citizens.

Since they cannot conceive of possibly losing this important race, and there’s no way they will acknowledge the way Newsom handled COVID was wrong, they are looking to cheat and achieve victory. It’s what they are best at.

“In this first example, Republican candidate Larry Elder is noticeably impacted by the way the ballot was created and folds added to the ballot. This is a low-tech hack of a ballot,” the report says, adding, “When folds run through candidate vote space it either does not scan and forces adjudication OR outright misaligns and auto-cancels the vote.” (Screen shot here).

Yes, that’s correct, folks. The actual design of the ballot itself will have a huge negative impact on Elder and his chances in the recall race.

“This second hack is referred to as the ‘postman hack.’ This simple low-level hack perpetrated on voters is one of many ways a vote can be stolen. This is just one of them. Think about it if 10,000 of these votes were stolen? This is sometimes the narrow thin margin nefarious actors need to win!”

If there is any way that the left can cheat, they will seize the opportunity and then use it to the fullest extent that they can. What’s truly troubling is the fact that it seems like they have perfected the means to get away with this nonsense too.

And this isn’t the only effort the radical left has put into trying to rig the election in California. They’ve also implemented a way to “audit-proof” the election in order to steal it and seal the deal for Newsom.

“According to a notice by California’s Secretary of State, Dr. Shirley N. Weber, CA residents can now print their own ballots at home and mail them in to the Secretary of State via the new “Remote Accessible Vote-By-Mail (RAVBM). According to her statement, the print-your-own ballot from home program takes effect on August 16, just in time for Newsom’s recall election,” the report stated.

Who thought this (screen shot here) was a good idea? Seriously?

Seems pretty clear that this is definitely not a good idea. It doesn’t take a genius to see all the different ways this kind of thing can be used to help commit fraud during an election. It’s atrocious that these people even think this is remotely okay. It’s not. Not at all.

Election integrity is the most important issue facing this country right now. It is more critical than ever that investigations be carried out into any suspicious behavior that has been discovered involving the 2020 presidential election.

The left won’t stop with 2020. Nor will they only employ these tactics during presidential races. Leftists recognize they have a golden opportunity to take power anywhere and everywhere through voter fraud. They have a taste for cheating now and they are rabid, like a dog tasting human blood.

We must put an end to their stealing and cheating.

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  2. How inept the election process has become when fraud is exposed election after election and those in charge of elections are openly able to repeat the fraud again. The criminals are in charge?

  3. What happened to all the other posts, including mine, that were here? There must have been 10 posts here. They all disappeared!

  4. Hello Teaparty Patriots,

    I found this on FB.

    Stealing ballots has begun…

    And have you heard of a push to cause a food shortage everywhere…

    This video is very unsettling…
    If they all know that it will create a food shortage, why are the farmers all falling in line…

    What is happening to our country.
    I’ve been sharing everywhere.
    Please put the word out of this insidious push before they take us all down.

    Thank you for all your hard work…

  5. For months and years, we have heard from the Left and DemocRATS that all Trump supporters should be arrested. That said, the DemocRAT Party has become nothing more than a criminal, mafia and non law abiding organization and every DemocRAT politician should be rounded up, handcuffed and thrown behind bars. How dare those people try and want to rig another election. The entire DemocRAT Party needs to be eliminated from existence!

    • And our jails and prisons are full to the max with LIBERAL democrats which of course the left ignores .

      Today’s progressive liberal trash want these prisoners to have stimulus monies and voting rights .. crazy and senseless !

  6. Antifa should be decimated and obliterated. They think they can bully and attack ANYONE THEY WANT. SQUASH THEM LIKE BUGS, THEY’RE PARASITES.

  7. remove all the dominion machines! use only ballots in person voting ! mail in only for deployed military & hospitalized citizens! win back our freedoms from the democrats! prison for all who committed voter fraud since OBAMA’S SECOND TERM TO DATE! AUDIT THE CURRENT RACES BEFORE CALLING THE RESULTS!

  8. The millions of us who saw “Cyber Symposium” on August. 10, 11, 12 at Mike Lindell’s FrankFreespeech, learned how to keep the voting machines accountable and tamper proof: I called California’s Secretary of State, Dr. Shirley N. Weber, CA, office and an assistant took notes and was going to “run” it up to her; Here it is: A Forensic Image after the machine is certified for voting, and a Forensic Image done after the election before anyone can touch it!!! However, later I read Newsome appointed this Dr. Shirley Weber!


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