Shock Claim: Triple-Vaxxed Cardiologist Transmits Omicron Variant To Another Triple-Vaxxed Cardiologist

( Exclusive) – The COVID vaccines are neither safe nor effective against the current COVID variants found in the US. Now, reports out of Israel are indicating that they are no match for the new variant, being called the Omicron variant.

According to talk on Twitter, the new variant is spreading like wildfire among already fully vaccinated Israeli medical workers who have even had booster shots.

Keep in mind, Israel is one of the most vaccinated places in the world. If the vaccines worked, there would be very few cases of the virus, yet cases are skyrocketing and have been since the introduction of the vaccines.

Now a so-called new variant has popped up on the scene and the vaccines are proving to be totally ineffective. Is anyone surprised?

“Israel is now reporting community transmission of Omicron from a cardiologist with 3 doses to another cardiologist with 3 doses,” reported one social media news gatherer.

Their information was gathered from a report from Israel Public Broadcasting news agency Kann News, which tweeted an alert on Monday about an Omicron transmission between a 70-year-old cardiologist and another doctor at Sheba Hospital.

The vaccines are a total scam and this is further proof of that. Not only does it prove the vaccines are not effective at stopping the transmission of the virus, it also gives quite a bit of credibility to the argument that it’s actually the vaccines that are creating the new “variants.”

It’s clear that instead of stopping COVID, the vaccines are making the situation much, much worse. The only question is, is it by design? We’re betting it is.

Israel has imposed one of the world’s strictest bans on travel within the country due to the new strain. If only they could see it was the vaccines driving the pandemic.

No doubt many do actually see the truth but will not speak up. There are many who genuinely believe that COVID is the biggest threat to humanity since the Black Plague (and “climate change” of course) and will never abandon that narrative.

To these zealots, the vaccines are miracles and our only hope.

The reality is, COVID would have been over and done with last year had medical professionals done their job and acted in the best interests of humanity.

Instead, doctors who were promoting life-saving, safe, effective drugs like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, have been silenced, shunned and ostracized while we’ve been forced to only follow along with the “experts” who agree with the pandemic narrative.

COVID and the subsequent “vaccines” have been the biggest scam ever perpetrated on mankind.

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  1. The “vaccine” is driving the pandemic, and the people selling the vaccine and pushing for world government refuse to acknowledge even though the data which validates this. They are either very, very dumb or very very wicked.

  2. It is not a ‘vaccine’ …. it is a bioweapon. It has been designed to kill, not heal. They just murdered the bio chemist who found what is in the ‘vax’ that is causing the clots and cardio problems. Graphene Hydroxide. Not biodegradable, never goes away, and acts as razor sharp nano particles that sheds the body from the inside … hence the blood clots and bleeding. Those who die immediately after the shot must have hit a vein during the injection. So that is what the bio chemist stated with his proof … and was killed a day after his disclosure. Perhaps the reason Pfizer wants 55 years before allowing the ingredients?

  3. This is pretty simply called – Mass murder on a global scale.
    Want to hear them discussing it? Here ya go!

    – Here is Faux Chi and friends discussing how many body bags they must amass to create a worldwide hysteria for global vax.
    thegatewaypundit dot com/2021/10/explosive-video-emerges-fauci-hhs-officials-plotting-new-avian-flu-virus-enforce-universal-flu-vaccination-video/


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